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This page is a directory of the Minutes for the Outreach Committee

Agenda: 10.05.11

Housekeeping Items/Other Business (try to keep to no more than 15 minutes)

  1. Call for scribe to take minutes
  2. Call for any additional agenda items
  3. Pass around sign up for email list for all who is not part of the
  4. Google Group
    1. Tabling update?
  5. Occupy Boston Globe
    1. To be printed and posted at encampment every night
    2. Deadline for content is 11pm
    3. -Someone from Outreach should be updating them on our happenings on a nightly basis - Volunteer??
  6. Updates from last 2 nights of Working Groups
    1. Union/Labor update?
    2. Neighborhood update?
    3. University/Campus update?
    4. Community Organizations update?
  7. Split into working groups and orient new members
    1. Please be sure to have someone take minutes of the Working Group meetings
  8. Report back at 6:50 before GA.

Agenda 10.06.11

Housekeeping items/Other business

  1. Call for scribe to take minutes
  2. Call for any additional agenda items
  3. Pass around email sign up sheet for any in attendance who are not on the Google Group
  4. Update on moving site?
    1. Has anyone had a change to speak with logistics?
    2. There should be more room towards the main entrance of the site, since some of the cobblestone is now being occupied
    3. Still in need of a table
  5. Occupy Boston Globe
    1. Outreach had our first submission last night
    2. We need to be sure to submit something new every night by 11
    3. What do people want to include for tomorrow's edition?
      1. Ideas: 9th grade class will be visiting the encampment tomorrow morning on a field trip to learn about modern day civil disobedience in the spirit of Thoreau (outreach contacted), we have made a call out for submissions from folks who have been personally affected by recession/victims of economic injustice, update from the labor working group, meeting at SEIU tonight
  6. Teach-in this weekend with veteran organizers
    1. Cynthia Peters and others are looking to come and share their expertise in organizing/coalition building with the Outreach Committee
    2. We will formalize a time tonight for Saturday or Sunday
    3. Send this to the Globe?
  7. Updates from Working Groups
    1. Minutes came in last night from Labor Working Group
      1. They are now meeting every Wednesday at 3pm
    2. Comm Organizing Update
      1. Database nearing completion
    3. University/Campus Update
    4. Neighborhood Update
      1. Beginning to identify hot spots where canvassing trips should take place
    5. Break into Working Groups (if volume is high enough) Orient new members

Agenda 10.07.11

  1. Housekeeping
    1. Call for scribe to take minutes
    2. Call for any additional agenda items
    3. Pass around sign up for Google Group email
    4. Tent site update?
      1. Any luck with a table?
      2. Will we be moving?
    5. Other items
      1. Skill share as form of outreach (Katie)
        1. Can we provide her with good contact for Arts/Culture or Free School?
      2. HS student field trip update (Christine)
        1. Recreate with other classes?
      3. Employment center canvassing (Christine)
        1. Report back
      4. Western MA outreach (Courtney)
        1. We need a liaison
        2. They want to come to Boston for training
        3. AFSC Contact needs to be connected to UNION/LABOR (point person??)
        4. Occupy Rideshare
      5. Outreach/Media task force (daniel)
        1. Needs to be developed for printing/communication
      6. Occupy Boston Tool Kit (Brian)
      7. Adopt a protester tent (Deb)
    6. Working group updates
      1. Union/Labor -> point person?
      2. Community Organizations (Yaicha)
        1. How can we best direct them when they want to partner up?
      3. Neighborhoods (Sandy/Brian)
      4. University/Campuses -> point person?

Agenda 10.10.11

  1. Housekeeping
    1. Call for scribe to take minutes
      1. Call for any additional agenda items
        1. Pass around sign up for Google Group email
      2. Other items
        1. Tour guide idea
          1. How often to run tours?
          2. How to staff?
        2. Anti-oppression group formed
          1. Idea grew from discussion at meeting yesterday
        3. Liaison meeting update
        4. Flier printing update 2 names so far: Katie from SEIU (, 617-878-7434), Sam Novey (
        5. Info table sign up sheet
      3. Working group updates
        1. Union/Labor -> Jake
          1. March on Wednesday
            1. Do we have fliers?
          2. SEIU 888 Meeting on 10/24 Can we get someone union to attend?
        2. Community Organizations (Yaicha)
          1. Discuss cold calling template
        3. Neighborhoods (Sandy)
          1. Report back from Saturday morning/weekend
        4. University/Campuses
          1. Today's march
          2. Connecting with StudentsOccupyBoston group?

Agenda 10.12.11

  1. Housekeeping
    1. Call for scribe to take minutes
    2. Call for someone to make report back to GA tonight
    3. Call for additional agenda items
    4. Pass around Google Group email sign up to new members
  2. To discuss
    1. Tour system
      1. Separate from the school tours
      2. How do we staff?
      3. How do we formalize?
    2. School tours spreadsheet
      1. Due to high demand, spreadsheet has been created to list schools who would like to come for tour
      2. Please take time to look at letter for teachers and make necessary edits
    3. Anti-Oppression Group
      1. First official meeting is Thursday at 6pm
      2. Located on North Side of building, Atlantic Avenue side
      3. Someone needs to announce at GA and connect with Anti-Racism/LGBTQ Caucus
    4. SEIU Meeting last night
      1. Did anyone attend??
    5. Flier update
      1. We have identified three sources for fliering
      2. Daniel will update with information and this has to go out in the minutes
    6. Outreach kit
      1. Review ideas from last night
      2. We should begin to put together ASAP
      3. Draft letter to Menino - suggestions? (add paragraph on the raid)
    7. Working group updates
      1. Union/Labor -> point person??
        1. They should have met today
        2. Union march today or Thursday??
      2. Community Organizations
        1. Spreadsheet is continually worked on
        2. We will be meeting next week to discuss script and begin making calls
      3. Neighborhoods
        1. New interest over email
        2. Point person??
      4. University/Campuses
        1. There is already a StudentsOccupyBoston
        2. They have their own tent/having a GA tonight
        3. We need to reach out and collaborate with them

Agenda 10.14.11


  1. Call for scribe to take minutes
  2. Call for someone to report back to GA
  3. Pass around sign up sheet for any new Outreach Google Group members
    1. Also email update to Occupy Boston Globe?
  4. To discuss
    1. Anti-Oppression first meeting report back
    2. Tour Guide system
    3. School tours
      1. Report back from today
      2. Can we make any improvements on method?
      3. Coverage for next Friday?
      4. Need a point person
    4. Outreach kits
      1. Meet to finalize?
      2. Discussion of Menino letter?
    5. Outreach graphics discussion (Chris)
    6. Remote volunteer tables in neighborhoods (Christine)
    7. JP Forum next week
      1. Either on 10/17 or 10/19
      2. They invited 2 reps from OB to come and present
      3. Can anyone commit?
    8. Report back on Alliance of Community Organizations (George)
      1. Meeting on Tuesday 10.11.11 @ SEIU was attended by 2 reps from OB
      2. Another meeting next week?
      3. Also discuss role of Outreach in the OB Statement of Purpose
    9. Neighborhoods/CommOrgs Point people?
      1. Yaicha has stepped up as CommOrgs
      2. Neighborhoods?
    10. Working Groups
      1. Union/Labor
        1. Ben/Jake?
        2. Report back on march Thursday
      2. Neighborhoods
        1. Spreadsheet is available to update
      3. Community Organizations
        1. George would like to discuss the following:
          1. Teach-ins, invitations for groups to come visit the encampment
          2. How best to share info?
      4. Campus/University
        1. Eli has been point person
        2. How can we coordinate better with Students Occupy Boston, which is established?

Meeting Minutes 10.05.11

= =
In attendance: 12 total, 6 returning, 6 new

  1. Initial proposal by Christoph (new to group)
    1. Protests can be limited
    2. It is important to canvass and reach people on a somewhat neutral level when speaking to them. i.e. not approach with discussion on economy or overtly political issue
    3. Recommended starting with a focal point that is neutral and discussed his own pitch that begins with talking about censorship of a film
    4. It was determined that his efforts would be best suited to the Neighborhood Working Group and he was given contact information
  2. State of the Outreach tent
    1. We would like to shift the tarp on the tent to open us up to the sidewalk
    2. Currently, we are too hard to get to behind a row of tents
    3. Can someone speak to tactical about this? We need some assistance in making the change*
    4. *ALSO, we need a table. Does anyone have any connections to one that folds up possibly?*
  3. Working group updates
    1. Community Organization update
      1. We are working on creating a database of local organizations to contact
      2. Once this is created we will begin cold calling each organization to develop connections
      3. We explored further the reciprocal relationships
    2. Campus/University update
      1. Student walk out
        1. Eli reported back from Tufts group
        2. They were excited to have a rep from Occupy Boston Outreach at their meetings
        3. He will continue to act as liaison
        4. Monday afternoon students will again rally at 2pm
        5. Student group has been added to Outreach Google Group
      2. New Initiative/Idea
        1. Connect university professors with the Free School University on site
        2. Recruit them to come and teach free classes
          1. Historical perspective was specifically mentioned - i.e. Global Protest in '68
        3. Eden coordinates Free School so she is best to contact email: []
    3. No other updates from Working Groups
    4. Miscellaneous
      1. Relationship with Take Back the City has been mended
      2. Begin contacting Social Workers
        1. Experience the reality of economic injustice with clients/patients every day
      3. Discussion of going out to career centers on Friday (i.e. Jobnet, Career Link)
        1. Outreach to unemployed
        2. If interested, please express to Outreach Google Group to organize
      4. Outreach to surrounding buildings and workplaces
        1. Develop an open GA at lunch so people who work around the area can feel welcome and come to share ideas and air grievances
      5. Parents and families
        1. How can we make this a more kid-friendly environment?
      6. Tour guides
        1. Wearing specific t-shirts, wearing placards
        2. Can show new people around
        3. Possibly forward this idea on to logistics?
      7. Rename park
        1. Zinn Square Park??

Meeting Minutes 10.3.11

Convened at roughly 6:05pm.

Pitch: Break up into 4 working groups focused on priorities:

  • University/Campus Communities
  • Union/Labor
  • Community Organizations
  • Neighborhoods

The issue of contacting small businesses was brought up. This job will be handled by the Neighborhood Working Group.

Housekeeping items:

  1. We may be moving the Outreach Tent more towards the South Station side of the encampment.
  2. We need to STAFF THE TABLE

Outreach to virtual community was brought up. At this point we asked the group if everyone was on the Google Group. Those in attendance who are not provided their email addresses.

(Note: These email addresses were emailed to Nicole and will be added ASAP)

At this point an agenda was created for the meeting. I was kind of running around trying to gather emails so missed a bit but the items were as follows:

  1. -Establish a calendar
  2. -Establish consensus on the 4 working groups
  3. -Create some kind of sign up system for TABLING

Calendar went unaddressed.

4 Four working groups were agreed upon and we all split up.

Working groups met for the remainder of the hour (roughly 30 minutes). After this, the GA started. At that point, I ran around and tried to get folks to sign up for tabling. I have some and will send this out separately.

Meeting Minutes 10.12.11

Meeting began at 6:15pm
In attendance C, C, Y, B, D

  1. Tour system
    1. Continued to brainstorm best way to set this up
      1. Try to enlist people on-site to participate
        1. Announce @ GA tonight and one-to-one engagement with occupants
      2. Put together an outline for how best to run tours
        1. Provide this to those who are on site
      3. School tours spreadsheet
        1. Completed and was emailed out, please add any others interested
        2. Announce tour this Friday to GA
        3. Inform those at the INFO table
        4. Teacher letter
          1. Has been edited and is ready to be circulated
          2. Please send out to any interested teachers
      4. Anti-oppression Working Group
        1. Meeting tomorrow at 6pm (North Side of building near Atlantic Avenue)
        2. Will announce at GA tonight Need to coordinate with anti-racist group and LGBTQ Caucus
        3. The actual direction of the group is still unclear
        4. To be discussed tomorrow
      5. Community Org meeting at SEIU
        1. Unclear to anyone in attendance at tonights meeting if there was OB representation at this meeting
        2. Can anyone else clarify?
      6. Flier update
        1. First request was made to SEIU for printing today
        2. She was extremely accommodating
        3. This is the first request she received so we need to tap into this resource
      7. Outreach Kits Receiving great response when mentioned at info desk
        1. We should utilize SEIU supplies for putting these together
        2. Include a "How can OB help" sheet - to begin to get a sense of local demands
        3. Canvass training
          1. Possible connect with UMass Boston professor who had training Monday afternoon on non-threatening ways of approaching people and how best to prompt questions
      8. Working Group Updates
        1. Union/Labor
          1. Still no real point person
          2. Ben volunteered to field initial requests for involvement and initial reach out to union/labor org.
          3. March scheduled for Thursday
          4. SEIU 88 meeting on 24th needs to be attended
            1. Connect with Jason from Iron Workers who is often on site
        2. Community Organizations
          1. Beginning to establish connections and are inviting org's to come for workshops
          2. Discussion on creating some kind of central calendar where org's can post their events for us to support
        3. Neighborhoods
          1. There is a tracker for where people have gone Courtney will email this out
        4. Campuses/Universities
          1. We need some kind of liaison to bridge with the Students Occupy Boston folks
          2. Reconnect with Eli?

Meeting Minutes 10.14.11

I wanted to thank you all for attending the Outreach meeting on Friday 10/14. It was a HUGE turnout and extremely productive. Here's what was discussed, and please feel free to add your input as I could not have written down/captured all that was expressed during the two hour meeting.

Introductions from New Members
Before we got started, Ravi from media introduced himself to the group and expressed that he was enthusiastic to be a liaison for the media to outreach. He can help us unite any overlapping efforts, assist with tech needs, and would be obliged to have a meeting between outreach and media in the near future for brainstorming purposes.

Eric from the tech committee also introduced himself, expressing that he would like to be added to our group, help with wiki updates on behalf of outreach, and assist with other tech needs that may come up.

Anti-Opression Meeting Liaison
No one at the meeting had attended the first Anti-Oppression meeting on Thursday evening, and we would appreciate anyone who can, to write up a small summary of what was discussed. Keeping in mind, everyone is in agreement that Outreach must make sure oppression and diversity issues are of priority ASAP. A liaison, or "diversity Officer" within the outreach group would be ideal (making sure our language, focus, and materials are supportive and encouraging to all communities). If you are interested please contact Courtney, Christine, Daniel or Katie.

Tour Idea
Christine discussed the tour guide idea, framing this by two sub groups, yours for curious folks on site, and planned tours for school groups.

Individual Tours: There is already an Occupant who has taken on the role as an unofficial tour guide for individuals. It was clear that taking on a role of organizing tours may be outside of Outreach's hands given our other priorities. Courtney will discuss with the Welcome/Info table how we can potentially formalize this as a role. The idea of tour guides was announce at the GA on Thursday by Christine. Christine has expressed that when she has the time and is on camp, she is willing to do tours when necessary.

School Tours: Christine has created a googledoc for incoming requests for school tours. It would be great to have volunteers for this. She will keep us updated on the needs of this. Katie and Christine had successfully given multiple school tours thus far. If interested, please contact Christine for more information.

Outreach Kit
Katie reviewed her progress re the Outreach Kit. The outreach kits will sit at the info table. The will be for people on the outreach committee as well as folks looking for a way to help that cant be too involved. When they say 'how can I help' we will say take this outreach kit, it includes flyers to hand out, FAQ's for you to refer to when people inquire about the movement, a sheet on 'ways to help out', and a letter to Menino which is currently being drafted, stating support for Occupy which will be ready for people to sign and send in. Katie is open to more suggestions on what the kit may include, however we need to get them out ASAP so the first version of them might be general and only include the above.

We would like to include a Community Feedback Document as well. Further steps that need to be taken include a translation of the documents and suggestion for further materials included.

Christopher who is part of tech would like to help with the kit in regards to graphics, creating buttons, and including a flyer with a direct invitation to attend the GA.

Creating T-shirts was also suggested however we need to establish the wording as the word "Occupy" may be offensive to some communities given the history of political/military occupations in their home countries.

Volunteer Site Tables
We then discussed remote volunteer site tables. It was mentioned that having outreach table in neighborhoods and at community events might be difficult to staff. Instead, we agreed it might be better to send delegations from the Community Outreach team to appropriate community events. In supporting the events of the community, we would hope that they would support Occupy.

Pat, who is part of the new group Occupy Everywhere, the volunteer team for Occupy, would like to see some discussion regarding reaching out to the community and their events, as that is OccupyEverywhere's main goal. We would like to have a meeting with OccupyEverywhere and the Community outreach team to discuss the roles and purpose of these two teams. Teaming up to reach out to community events would be ideal.

Christine has created a google doc list of interested organizations who would like to mutually support Occupy and their own cause. Lisette from Right to the City volunteered to help maintain this list.

We also need to create a list of community events, as well, which Outreach can attend. ARW, CPI, SEIU615, CityLife also expressed a dire need for making a connection and relationships with community organizations.

Guest Representative: City Life
City Life was in attendance to support the Outreach team and look for mutually beneficial actions. Rose from City life, a resident of Malden, told her story about the foreclosure of her house happening on Monday. She was asking if we could get volunteers to help with an eviction blockade. Dominic and Rose from City Life, went on to announce this at the GA.

Outreach also identified this as an action we would like to help out with if possible and announced at the GA.

Does anyone know what came of this?

Solidifying Connections between Community Orgs and OccupyBoston
It was further discussed that community organizations such as ARW, CPI, SEIU615 and CityLife would love to solidify a mutually beneficial relationship with Occupy (all representatives were in attendance for out Outreach meeting, which truly showed their passion). CPI introduced themselves and discussed the resources that they have to offer.

George discussed that organizations already have established members who trust them, materials and resources, established outreach processes, civic engagement, and infrastructure in place to help us out if we are to support them.

We need to make sure these folks are on our Community Organizations contact google doc and that we follow through with them. Any volunteers from the Community Organization Outreach group to be a point person for them?

Perhaps Yaicha can contact Lisette ( to discuss this further?

Homefries (sp?) reinforced the importance of hooking up with Community Organization to be our main way of outreach, as outreach coming solely from Occupy, may even be harmful to our cause given the name we have established for ourselves (good, bad or indifferent).

Next Week's Meeting
We then decided that the MONDAY OUTREACH COMMITTEE MEETING WILL BE HELD AT SEIU615 AT 6PM, 26 West Street, Boston. Questions about location can be sent to Ben of SEIU615.

Please contact me for his cell phone number. At 7 pm, we will sit with them to discuss more collaboration. A big thanks to SEIU615 for all of your work, support and enthusiasm to work with us.

Contacting the Outreach Committee
As brought up by Homefries, it is difficult for the public to find out how to contact the Outreach committee.

We may consider creating a triage account for people to contact us and then we can add them to the google group.

Any volunteers to create/manage this triage account?

Speaking at JP Unitarian Forum
Christine, Courtney, and potentially Ben will be speaking on behalf of Outreach at a JP Unitarian Forum on either Monday or Wednesday to answer their questions. If anyone else would like to attend or speak, please contact Christine.

That's All Folks
Please let me know what I missed in these meeting minutes or misunderstood any of the above.

Awesome discussion everyone, lets keep this momentum up!

Remember we have set meetings Monday through Friday at 6 pm in front of the outreach tent, right next to the Ghandi statue.

And, Fridays at 6 pm are the big meeting we shoot for everyone to be in attendance.

Meeting Minutes 10.17.11

Expanded Group Meeting with Local Community Org’s

Apologies for the latent time.

On Monday evening we met at SEIU615 at 6 pm for Outreach and then with a large group of community workers at 7.

We can't thank them enough, not only allowing us to use their facilities, but also for their generosity and support for the Occupy movement.

CityLife Eviction Blockade
During the Outreach meeting, we were updated on the CityLife eviction blockade that occurred Monday afternoon.

A group of Occupy joined with supporters in Malden to help Rose, in a direct action to keep from foreclosure of her home.

Unfortunately, the Police used some illegal tactics and changed the locks behind the backs of the supporters.

We also discussed needing a new process for getting DA folks and other volunteers to action sites in a quick manner.

There also may need to be a discussion around Occupy's behavior and responsibility when assisting other organizations, meaning following their lead.

All were very appreciative of our help and look forward to more collaboration.

Outreach Kits
We then were updated on Outreach Kits by Katie. Many of you have seen the progress via email updates, and they are looking great.

Printing can begin with many of the materials and both seiu615 and 1199 offered services if we need them.

Katie, can we do anything for you at this stage?

Also Joanie from 1199 would like to be sent then kit materials (I don't have her email, anyone?)

School Tours
The group still needs assistance with school tours, however there have been numerous successful tours by outreachers for scheduled field trips.

All volunteers are welcome. Please contact Christine if interested. She has sent out a letter to a small group of teachers welcoming them to visit camp with students which will open up even more interest.

The info table has become more established and will be in contact with us for coordination of individual tours as well as distributing outreach kits.

Logan Airport Mobilization
Miguel updated us on the mobilization action he was coordinating at Logan airport amongst workers. Christine or Miguel, how did it go??

Outreach Efforts With Community Orgs
We then began discussing coordination of outreach efforts with community organizations which lead into our meeting with the larger community organizers.

Additional Notes

Introductions – 30 attendees? Representatives from Alternatives for Community and Environment (ACE), The Welcome Project, CISPES, City Life/Vida Urbana, New Organizing Institute, SEIU 615, MassUniting, Survivors Inc., 1199 SEIU, UNITE HERE Local 26, Spare Change, Dorchester People for Peace, Right to the City, Partners for Health, Project Hip Hop, Boston Interpreters Collective, Community Change, Whose Foods, City School, National Lawyers Guild

Recap from Anti-Oppression Training – overwhelmingly positive. event was great and well-attended (though notably, not necessarily among all the white men) Discussion is ongoing about whether to run another one – potentially also of running one specifically for working groups? High demand, with many people asking when the next meeting will be – also a lot of work in preparing (18 facilitators, multiple meetings, time-consuming to put together). Also discussed doing other trainings on gender, class, etc.

Short discussion of this weekend's Immigration Forum – Danielle is the contact (]) – event is scheduled but currently underpopulated – need more speakers! Made a general appeal to community groups and provided danielle's contact

Teach-ins at Occupy Boston – It would be great to coordinate with community orgs for specific trainings around organization, anti-oppression, community outreach, etc. SEIU can contribute space for these, and we can also coordinate through free school university. We should discuss these on an ongoing basis – Sunday's training was a big success, more opportunities for this kind of collaboration.

George Lee would like to have a tent at OB for community groups! Outreach would also like a tent! Can we coordinate to get 6-7 people to staff through the week? What's needed: A place for people to crash when they need to, for outreach and community groups to both have an onsite presence, for people to go when they need to get in touch with us specifically

Visits to organizations – This is a high priority for us – Christine and others are already doing this, at the moment we can send individuals but it's hard to send groups (see CLVU report back). Need to streamline our internal logistics before we can really do this on an ongoing basis, but we are taking first steps (re: last Friday's discussion, choosing and prioritizing one group visit a week to try to get more things happening offsite). NOTE: Community group reps who are interested in helping us coordinate this will meet with us at 6 p.m next Monday before the big group meeting to strategize

Occupy the Hood!! – I wasn't here for this part of the meeting – can someone update on what was said? Here are the notes from Mary's email.

  • Event: This Friday - March from Dewey to Dudley Sq., educational issues discussed when they get there
  • Concerns from the coalition
  • Lots of white folks invading Dudley, bad 1st impression of OB for Dudley community
  • Blocking traffic during commute time? another bad 1st impression
  • How does the action end? No end plan
  • Lack of democratic process when planning the event

Can someone clarify? We haven't discussed this much at all in outreach – would be helpful to get a stronger sense of these concerns. First event is happening very soon (Friday), and is already being well advertised, would like to touch base to see where we are on this, if we're doing anything, what we're doing, what our role should be, etc.

Next meeting. Monday October 24th at 7 p.m. at SEIU 615 (regular outreach meeting at 6 at SEIU 615 with community members who want to coordinate on offsite events)

Based on: Outreach Minutes at wikispaces