Bil Lewis Letter and Pax Centurion Editor Response

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Will the Occupiers return?

Geez, I hope so....

By Jim Carnell, Pax Editor

Recently, the remnants of “Occupy Boston” had another of their stupid marches through downtown Boston, screwing up traffic and ruining the night for thou- sands of people who actually work for a living. And, as usual, like a dog being led by the nose, the leadership of the BPD did nothing to prevent these deranged rich kids and aging hippies from marching- the wrong way- against traffic despite the fact that they had no permit and quite frankly, didnʼt care, because nobody enforces the law any-more anyway – at least when the group vio- lating the law is politically aligned with City Hall and the State House. (Tea Party activ- ists and conservatives are still required to ob- tain permits and obey the law, however...).

Later that night, the media reported that “the occupiers threatened to return to Bos- ton on April 1st”. God bless them: please do. Since the last “occupation”, I have de- cided that “if you canʼt beat them, join them” is the best policy. Give the City and the State exactly what they deserve, and they certainly deserve another dose of having Muffy from Medfield and Biff from Boxboro setting up shop on the Rose Kennedy Greenway, the Common, or the Public Garden.

In fact, I will be proposing that the BPPA donate $500.00 to the purchase of new tents and will assist (clandestinely, of course) in their erection whenever and wherever the occupiers choose. The poor, rich, college kids from Dover, Hamilton, Wellesley, Brookline and Newton have very limited camping skills, and I feel that (being a former Boy-Scout), I could be of assistance. Since the occupiers were told to un- occupy a few months ago, the real professional bums have been suffering. They have been unable to steal wallets, computers and cellphones from naïve idiots who invited them into their tents. Their sex lives have also been greatly diminished, what with the lack of guilt-ridden, stupid college girls who offered themselves willingly to the poor and downtrodden victims of oppression.

And the drugs...Oh, the drugs! When was the last time one of our Pine St. or St. Francis House leeches enjoyed some good ʻshrooms or top-shelf dope like the rich kids from Harvard and MIT brought with them dur- ing “Occupyʼs” glory days. Ah, those were the days, my friend, we thought theyʼd never end, weʼd sing and dance, forever and a day.... (EDITORʼS NOTE: Please hold this thought while I take a few minutes to com- pose a song based on the previous sen- tence....)

So, occupiers, please come to Boston for the springtime. Iʼm staying here with some friends and Iʼve got lots of room. (EDITORʼS NOTE: Please hold while I compose another song.) The patrolmen and women of the Boston Police Department stand ready to serve you, and to hell with the overtime opportunities you will present around the clock, seven days a week. As I often say, the thanks and praise of a grate- ful public are all the payment I need. Per- sonally, I miss the Sunday circle-dances with the crazy new-age music performed by graying, 80 year-old hippies from Cam- bridge holding hands with five-year old children forcibly brought there by their nut- case, liberal Newton parents. (Rumor has it that several level- three sex offenders have organized a new dance club in gleeful an- ticipation of the circle-dancerʼs return.)

I miss the idiots from Concord and Arling- ton pulling up on Atlantic Ave,. blocking traffic at will, to drop off homemade food for the bums and the winos who stole it before the moron college kids knew what was happening. And thereʼs nothing like lis- tening to the occupierʼs “General Assem- bly” meetings where each and every dys-functional psychotic and deranged windbag is allowed to pontificate for hours on end, while morons from Emerson and BU stand around nodding in agreement.

Please come back, occupiers. My peeps will have your tents all set up for you. (We rescued a few from the dumpster the last time we kicked you out.)


LETTER TO THE EDITOR by Bil Lewis, Occupy Boston

Dear Officer Carnell, 18 May, 2012

A friend of mine showed me the January/February issue of PAX CENTURION and I was horrified, disgusted, and utterly confused with the things you had to say about Occupy Boston.

I don’t see how you could say what you said if you spent any time at Dewey square. I spoke with officers regularly and I got a lot of support. Most of them understood why we were there, even if they didn’t agree with our tactics.

If you were there, you would have seen us struggle with building a fair, working society, while dealing with people who were... “less than politically motived.”

You would have seen me, personally, sitting there while drunken, distraught fathers of dead soldiers screamed at me that I was a fascist pig because I would not let them pour out their grief when they wanted to, but they had to wait their turn like everybody else.

You would have seen us standing in the rain, listening to people who didn’t always make the most sense, because we believe that Democracy is more important than our own comfort.

And you’re a union! I saw your protests on YouTube. You’re fighting for the same things we’re fighting for! OB exists because the system has become egregiously unfair to the vast majority of citizens. You’re getting squeezed by the 1% just as much as we are.

As a small businessman a few years ago, I paid a 45% marginal tax rate on about $80,000 (31% Federal, 12% SSI, 2.13% Medicare). Mitt Romney reported paying 11% on $27 million. Warren Buffet reported paying 16% on $100 million. If they paid the same tax rates you and I pay, there would be no deficit. You know that’s wrong.

We cut school budgets to supply a $400 billion tax cut for the wealthy. You know that’s wrong.

Like many of my peers, I took an oath to “uphold and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” I believe you took the same oath. So why aren’t you living up to it? It is your sacred duty to protect the rights of all citizens, even those of us who are being irritating and noisy and uncooperative. As a teacher, I don’t get to choose my students, but I have to do my best for them, even the ones I don’t like.

I cannot believe that a Boston Police Officer could actually so discount the constitution, so disrespect his fellow citizens, and so blindly worship authority. So I assume that we pissed you off real bad and we triggered a bunch of long-seated, irrational prejudices and you said a bunch of stupid stuff.

Therefore I would like to come down and talk to you. I believe that Supt. Evans will vouch for my integrity.


Bil Lewis, Citizen of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts



From the editor.... Dear Bil(L)?,

Thank you for your letter dated 5/18/12, and please accept my apologies for this late response, as I was sorting my sock drawer and counting toothpicks. I was overjoyed to hear that you were “horrified, disgusted and utterly confused”...with the things I said about Occupy Boston in the Jan/Feb issue of Pax Centurion. Hopefully, like all good occupiers, you also wrung your hands, cried, moaned and wailed about injustices of one sort or another. Feel free to organize a community meeting, bang some bongo drums, and invite me as your guest speaker. Iʼll bring the tofu and brown rice. You start the line-dancing with the gray-haired Jamaica Plain and Cambridge aging hippies.

Ahmmm, Bil(L) (I notice you spell your name with only one “L”- the correct and proper spelling –for men that is- is with two, but I shouldnʼt jump to conclusions...), I was at Dewey Square, on numerous occasions, and on overtime, so thank you for that opportunity. It helps with the college tuition I have to pay for greedy college professors and the universities who employ them who raise tuition every year, reward themselves with pay raises, and then point their bony fingers at the taxpayers. (Now thereʼs something to protest about!)

You say you “spoke with officers and got a lot of support”? Bil(L), let me let you in on a trade secret: they were bullshitting you. They were laughing at you while pretending to agree with your stupid group and the assembled morons from privileged backgrounds who took over public property and destroyed it. Ahhhm, Bil(L), I know you donʼt understand the intricacies of police jargon, but sometimes the term “Have a nice day, sir”, means the exact opposite, if you get my drift. Bil(L), itʼs called “good cop/bad cop”. They were playing good cop. I, on the other hand, am evil and bad and have big claws and fangs and write terrible things about suburban nitwits who want to relive the 1960ʼs, beat drums, feel good about themselves, and screw up traffic for people who actually work for a living.

I find utter hypocrisy in nitwits/occupiers (how redundant) from privileged communities like Brookline, Wellesley, Newton and Dover holding cups of Starbuckʼs latte while professing to have solidarity with the working man. The vast majority of “Occupiers” were either spoiled snots playing professional protester or actual bums who were there to take advantage of naïve nitwits. Personally, I give three cheers to the real bums. At least they knew what they were there for, and most of them got it...

Bil(L), let me cut to the chase: you are a hypocrite and a fraud, as are all of your fellow “Occupiers”. I was provided with a wonderful photo of one of your fellow occupiers marching down our streets, befouling traffic for working people trying to get home, screeching about injustice of one kind or another. Then appeared another photo of the same person (“Muffy from Medfield”) as she engaged in equestrian activity, jumping expensive horses over expensive fences in tony Hamilton. I do not know if Muffy took some of the professional bums home to Mommy and Daddyʼs house after Occupy Boston was shut down, (as I had hoped), but I suspect not... theyʼre still there, praying for Occupy Bostonʼs return. As they have told me, they never were fed so well, nor had so many liberal college girls showered “compassion” upon them, in one form or another... Ahem...

Bil(L), I do not need nor want the support of people like you for any police union activity; you donʼt support the police at all, never have, never will. We know that. And Bil(L), Iʼm not “getting squeezed by the 1%”, as you put it. I have been squeezed by your good friends and supporters, Tom Menino and Deval Patrick. Weʼre without a contract for two years (soon to be three) under Mayor Menino, and your friend, Governor Patrick, cut my pay by $7,000 and de-funded our collective bargaining agreement and state law (the Quinn bill). I did not hear any outrage from you or your fellow occupiers. I assume that my confiscated money is now in the hands of some bum with an EBT card or an illegal alien getting free health care, but youʼd know that better than me.

And Bil(L), donʼt lecture me about my “sacred duty”. Youʼre the people who donʼt believe in anything sacred, so shutup. Youʼre the people who recently shouted down an organized, peaceful, permitted (didnʼt get those, did we occupiers?) Tea Party rally on Boston Common when they tried to say a prayer and used vile invectives and vulgarities. (Geez, Bil(L), I thought we supported free speech? Just for you, not for others?) And this might amaze you, but guess what? The first amendment applies to us too! Yes, thatʼs right, Bil(L). We, the police, have rights too! Who wouldʼa thunk it! Most police officers have to remain quiet because of our positions, but I have the luxury of speaking on behalf of what 99% of police officers really think about you and your occupiers. (I guess that makes me a “1%ʼer?)

Bil(L), the great writer and political commentator P.J. OʼRourke was quoted as saying “ At the core of liberalism is the spoiled child—miserable, as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill-disciplined, despotic and useless. Liberalism is a philosophy of sniveling brats.” There could be no truer words written.

Bil(L), why donʼt you and your fellow occupiers go find a sandbox in Brookline or Newton, where you can protest injustices, stamp your feet, scream and yell, and then go home to Mommy and Daddy and eat quiche, brie and have a good long slug of Chardonnay? Leave working people who are trying to navigate their way home through heavy traffic alone, and stop tying up police resources with your childish stupidity.

Finally, Bil(L), I noticed that you identified yourself as a teacher. AHA! No wonder the country is filled with so many young idiots who donʼt know history, geography, math or classical literature, but can sing North Korean-style songs praising Obama! (“Barack Hussein Obama, Mmm..Mmm..Mmm.” Check it out on your primary source of information Bil(L)- Youtube- New Jersey primary school) Perhaps, Bil(L), if you spent less time at Occupy Boston and more time instructing students in how to think critically, we might actually have students who can find Europe on a map. Then again, too many liberals like yourself indoctrinate students, rather than teach matters of substance. Liberals act on emotion and feelings, conservatives use logic and reason.

Finally Bil(L), I donʼt need Supt. Evans to “vouch for your integrity”. I know Supt. Evans very well. Do not “name-drop” in your final sentence and think that that either impresses or threatens me. And unfortunately, Bil(L), I donʼt have the time for you to “come down and talk to me”. Who do you think I am, one of your stupid students you can lecture to? Unlike you, I donʼt have the summer, nights, weekends, holidays, Christmas, February and April vacations off to listen to you nitwits beat drums, hold hands, eat brown rice, perform line dances and whine about social injustice.

So, Mr. Bil(L), citizen of the commonwealth of Massachusetts, in closing...

“Have a nice day, Sir”

James W. Carnell, Editor, Pax Centurion

(also a taxpayer and veteran police officer striving to be part of the “1%” and hoping to retire soon and flee the Peopleʼs Republic of Massachusetts)