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The super officially [Occupy Boston calendar is here], look to the right of the page after you click on the link, but don't neglect to check out those below here because there is a LOT more "unofficial" stuff going on

[Rule 19's FANTASTIC calendar], perhaps the best one in the state for's not specific to any one venue or group. GET ON IT! The corresponding email list (which doesn't always have everything on this calendar, by the way), but the email list "to be on" is the list. Thanks to PF Soto for keeping this calendar stuff to the gils with great stuff to do!

[Encuentro 5's calendar] is primarily stuff at that location or that the org is co-sponsoring, but still great. That page also has other calendars to check out. We can't keep up with them, so make sure you do!

[Jobs With Justice] workers rights calendar

['s calendar] if you're interested in divestment from fossil fuel, their main gig right now, and protesting fossil fuel use. If you are interested in other environmental stuff that may not be on their calendar, try, for things like Rights-based-ordinances, Western MA pipeline resistance, etc.

[Democracy Center] calendar of lectures, concerts, meetings, etc

[Community Church of Boston] calendar of lectures, workshops, meetings, etc

[Lucy Parsons Bookshop] calendar of lectures, workshops, meetings, etc GREAT vegan potluck...CHECK IT OUT!