Camp Census and Removal Process

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November 9, 2011 approved by camp General Assembly. It was written to address growing concerns over the health and winter risks on Gandhi Way and Weird St. areas.


  1. There will be a camp-wide census survey starting immediately, and going on until Friday.
  • This census is being carried out by campers from various Working Groups and from the Campers’ Caucus. If the census team finds an empty or hazardous tent in the central campsite area, that tent will be removed.
  • The census survey will be a conversation face-to-face about every camp member’s participation in the movement. If the census team finds no one in the tent, they will tape the survey to the tent, and expect a response by Friday. Everyone who wants to stay in the camp must respond to the survey. If you need assistance, please approach the Census Table.


  1. On Saturday, tent removal begins on Gandhi and Weird St. Tent removal will end on Sunday.
  • The team responsible for the removal decision will include two members of each Working Group: logistics, food, medical, safety, mediation, two campers who are not involved in major groups.
  • The meeting about tent removal logistics will occur Thursday 2-5pm and volunteer coordination will also be discussed at that meeting.
    • At this meeting, we will make provisions for those residents who have not yet contributed in a meaningful way to contribute immediately by helping with the cleanup that will be occurring simultaneously with the tent removal.



    1. To those leaving camp, we will give bedding and tents and resources for where to find shelter, how to join other occupations, etc.