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Category Tags

This: Category:Working groups|<name of group> does not work. I would like some working groups I work with to appear in the list of working groups with both their full name and the acronym that is often used, and that worked just fine, when it was manually entered, until this new "improvement" to list things based on this categorization code. I've edited the category code on one WG page to contain both the group's full name and the acronym, and it makes NO difference, which makes it harder for people to find our pages.

I have also been telling people they can find the list of working groups on the main wiki page, and now that's no longer there, either!

Working Group Census (Jan 2013)

This space is for notes on the Jan 2013 WG census. srevilak (talk) 22:15, 22 January 2013 (EST)