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City Ordinance

Depends on if there is money involved

Goes into a committee has to be voted on by committee then full body

Resolution can be brought up by any city councilmen then they vote


State Law (5 years)


On average takes 7 years if non-controversial


Most important thing is the language, fitting it into their fancy style

One city councilor will bring it to the floor, some will sign up to be cosponors, others will just vote on it


Every Weds at 12 noon

Sometimes they like to each have some sort of speech


Want to make sure they have some talking points, if they do talk to the press

So many cities have already done this

What does this mean to the city of boston


Look at media coverage from other cities – was there any backlash?


Diverse group of people

(at least one person from each district speaking to their city councilor)


Boston has two type: District area / City-wide councilor

Each person has one district area, and the four city-wide’s represent everyone


Gunner’s instinct is to get one of the city-wide’s to take lead on it

Whoever has the most will to do something like this – and isn’t all up in the casino stuff


Mike Ross is Eli’s councilman, good guy according to Gunner


Frank Baker is the “new one” Gunner doesn’t know what he’s going to be like


Bill Linahan is south bost and Chinatown


Research on each of the councilpeople


Might want to do Cambridge and Boston at the same time







-       Pull together our ideal resolution [Laura]

-       Talking points doc [Eli and Daniel]

-       Identify at least 1-2 people in each of the districts [Rachel]

-       Phone-in and writing campaign [once we have materials, Gunner]

o   Template phone calling script [Gunner]

-       Research on city council-people [Rachel]

-       Blog post [Laura and Dan?] up by Wednesday

-       Fact sheet [Eli and Daniel]

-       Tentative call to action date Wednesday the 25th