Citizens Resolution (Task Force)/01-22-2012 taskforcemtng

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Report back from summit (5 min)

Going over last's action items (5 min)

Timeline / strategy (15 min)

Using tonight's assembly (15 min)

Next steps (10 min)

Report back from summit (5 min)

- came out of the first CU wg, decided to have a summit to educate and act on this

- talk about how it effects other issues, and money and politics

- public financing has to be part of the solution

- a lot of new faces / lots of contact information

- 200 people in and out

- feb 28th a great date to organize around the 772 hearing

- had a conference call with Occupy DC wg, to launch a 7 week campaign of escalating actions (MOP UP)

- important to build coalitions

Timeline / strategy (15 min)

- can we do this? so we don't waste our time

- get it passed by Feb 28th to put pressure on the hearing

- council meetings every wednesday

- if it's going to be easy, do we increase our ask? 

- consensus around focusing this group specifically around a city council resolution

Using tonight's assembly (15 min)

- to do strategy mapping

Next steps (10 min)

- research city council (erica, rachel)

- matching up people with their distracting (erica, rachel)

- confirm with gunner the feasibility of this (eli)

- coalition building

-- POI: move to amend trying to get a statewide coalition going (comm cause, mass vote, ob, move to amend, community labor united, corporate accountability) lee kettleson

- drafting the language (laura, john, heleni)

-- corporations are not people, money is not free speech

- talking points and messaging, answering objections (patrick, john)