Concerns Data

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Concerns Data

The Ideas Group has begun the process of surveying occupiers from all over Massachusetts to get answers to the question, "What are the concerns/problems that brought you to the Occupy Movement?" This is a preliminary outline of the data we have collected so far. If you share a concern on the outline, please add an X next to it. If you have a concern not listed on the outline, please add it. The Ideas Group would like to begin to prioritize these concerns based on your responses so that we can start holding concerns-based open discussions. It is our hope that working groups will form out of these discussions, and that from there we can start to build solutions.

Government Concerns

  • Tax Reforms
    • Progressive Reforms xxxxx
  • Small vs. Big Government
  • Campaign Finance Reform/Get Money Out of Politics xxxxx xxxxx xxxx
    • Corporate Personhood xxx
    • Publicly Funded Elections xxx
    • Lobby Reforms xxxx
  • Horizontal Participatory Democracy xx
  • Criminal Justice/Prison Reforms xx
  • Disfunction b/w Branches xx
  • American Ideology x
  • Military Reforms
    • Diplomacy vs War
    • Spending xxx
  • Infrastructure Spending x
  • Social Programs xxxx
  • Justice and Equality xxxxx

Economic Concerns

  • Capitalism xxx
    • Hyper-Capitalism/Greed xxxx
  • Sustainability xx
  • Privitization xxx
  • Wall Street/Financial Regulation xxxxx xxxx
    • Housing Crisis x
    • Debt Crisis x
    • Bank of America/Too big to Fail xxxx
    • Criminal Activity/Unethical Behavior xxxxx xx
  • Unemployment x
    • Outsourcing
  • Wealth Inequality xxxxx xxxxx x

Socialization & Behavioral Concerns

  • Value Based Accounting x
  • Violence
  • Anti-Oppression xx
  • American Exceptionalism xx
  • Wasteful Consumer Behavior xx

Environmental Concerns

  • Air x
  • Water xxx
  • Degradation x
  • Global Warming/Climate Change xxx
  • Sustainability xx
  • Waste xx
  • Food Supply xxx

Education Concerns

  • K-12 x
  • College xx

Healthcare Concerns

  • Healthcare Reforms xxxxx
  • Universal xxxx

Workers Rights Concerns

  • Unions xx