Concerns Outreach Letter

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Subject: Occupy Boston requesting input from the 99% of Greater Boston.

Dear Occupy Boston participants and potential supporters,

Currently the Ideas Working Group is collecting the major concerns and societal problems that have interested you and your communities in the Occupy movement. We respectfully request your input as we gather a broad spectrum of concerns from individuals, working groups and community organizations. In the near future, we plan to begin holding public discussions on topics which reflect information we are gathering. We’re inviting related Occupy Boston working groups and supporting organizations to help organize and lead these discussions.

ABOUT THE IDEAS WORKING GROUP OF OCCUPY BOSTON: We are committed to building consensus among the 99%. With your involvement, we could truly be part of a global revolution that takes back the control of our lives from the 1%. We want to build a stronger and broadly shared understanding of the world we want to build together and therefore we are working to ensure that perspectives of ALL oppressed and marginalized groups are central to this dialogue. Our activities include outreach, data collection and inclusive discussion. It is an ongoing “collect and reflect” process that may help support the movement’s thinking on goals, strategies, tactics, solutions, etc.

Collecting and building consensus on ideas is an ongoing process, but we would like to proceed to the next phase of issue-based discussions as soon as possible. PLEASE SEND your concerns to the Ideas working group at if possible, by January 31, 2012. Send a single item or a list of items; we want to know what is meaningful and important to you. If appropriate, we would be happy to come and meet with you or members of your community or organization to to listen to your concerns and discuss Occupy Boston and the goals of the Ideas working Group.

We welcome people to not just give input but to actively help lead this process. Please also give feedback or ask any questions about our process, so that we can make sure that it works well for everybody involved. To get involved, please contact us and attend an Ideas Working Group meeting on Wednesdays at 6 and Saturdays at 2:30. Contact us at for more info or meeting locations.

We appreciate your input and hope to see you soon.