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[Credit Union assets are up!]

[Article about Community Development Orgs] with a definition of different types:

Community development banks provide communities in need with many of the same services as commercial banks and are subject to the same government regulations. Community development banks, however, focus on improving their communities rather than maximizing the profits of their shareholders. They accomplish this goal primarily by providing loans to individuals and organizations that use the money in a manner that will ultimately benefit the community.

Community development credit unions operate much like standard credit unions. They are government-regulated nonprofits, owned and controlled by their members. Like community development banks, these credit unions focus on the revitalization of low-income communities by providing members with loans and standard banking services.

Community development loan funds are also nonprofit organizations, but they are not subject to government regulations. They aggregate loans and investments from socially responsible individuals and institutions at below-market rates, then re-lend the money to organizations working to rebuild the community.

Community development venture capital funds make equity investments in small to medium-sized businesses. The goal of these investments is to create prosperity in low-income communities through an infusion of wealth and jobs while generating a profit for investors.

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General research on Socially Responsible Investing

[Article about "Socially Responsible Investment Companies"]

[The Forum for Sustainable Investing]


[Mutual Fund comparisons by FSI]

[Other suggesteions by Socially]


RAW LISTS/Databases

These are NOT filtered to ensure Occupy social values are prioritized. They are just useful lists to start from, because we couldn't find a rating agency that's rating credit unions:

[This one rates huge banks, in terms of their social value]


NOTE: Note the Federal Reserve Employee CU: the listing says, "*Federal Reserve Boston Employees is classified as* a multiple common bond, primarily federal, state, local government credit union. "

And then look at this one: The listing says, "*City of Boston is classified as* a state chartered natural person credit union.

Very interesting distinction about "personhood".

RTN Credit Union in Waltham is now dominated by Defense Contractors!

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