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Dev/ is a convergence point for working groups whose discussion is focused upon the evolution of strategies to alter society.

Dev:Strategies (Formerly SPP)

"The SPP working group is dedicated to discussing societal issues, determining their root causes, and responding with actionable proposals."


A brainstorming group


Developing actionable plans for public events and rebellion against status quo.


"A group to discuss what we can do about dominant-culture-privilege and its effects on dynamics at Occupy Boston, having grown out of an outreach meeting about such things, in a largely-though-not-exclusively racial context."

Dev:Civil Disobedience

"The Nonviolence and Civil Disobedience Working Group supports the spirit of nonviolence that underlies Occupy Boston through personal, strategic and collective approaches to nonviolence. The Working Group is a resource and part of the network for practices, discussions, trainings on what it means to be nonviolent, modes of civil disobedience, creating community and how philosophies of nonviolence in the tradition of Barbara Deming, Martin Luther King and Gandhi can be practiced by Occupy Boston."

Dev:End Political Bribery (Citizens United to -)

"Citizens United to End Political Bribery (CUEPB) is a Working Group formed to pursue goals related to getting corporate money out of politics. We will focus on realistic actions in Massachusetts, but will also extend our efforts to nationwide politics when we can. This wiki page and its subsidiary pages will be our place to collect information and discuss ideas before bringing proposals to Occupy Boston General Assembly. Everything here should be considered a draft, unless conspicuously labeled otherwise. To participate, come to one of our scheduled meetings or comment on the discussion tab for a page. You can also edit a page, but we'd like to know who's involved, so please introduce yourself somewhere in some fashion."