FAWG Meeting 25 Feb 2013

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25 Feb 2013 FAWG Meeting

Standard Financial Accountability Stuff

We decide that it's okay to start posting monthly reports: P & L, balance sheet, transaction detail. At least one report should include transaction payee.

Linda will talk Kelly, to arrange for a handoff for any remaining paperwork she has. We're gradually scanning all of the old FAWG paperwork and posting it on the wiki (with redactions, where warranted).

The old (personal) CPCU accounts are now closed. We just have the business checking and saving accounts.

Proposals that need to be paid out: Occupier ($2842), Radio ($2625), and StrikeDebt ($900).

We discuss outstanding balances from consented proposals, which are

  • $1,690 for Direct action (Jan 19, 2012)
  • $2,535 for Mutual Aid working group (Dec 20, 2011, Jan 25th 2012, Feb 14th 2012, Apr 11th 2012)
  • $2,842 for Boston Occupier (Jan 21, 2013)
  • $2,825 for Occupy Boston Radio (Feb 5th 2013, Mar 3rd 2012)
  • $900 for Strike Debt (Feb 5th 2013)
  • $1000 for Occubago/Winterization (Nov 22, 2011)
  • $35 for 99% Boston
  • $3000 to cover the next few months of recurring expenses

Total $14,827.00

Current CPCU account balances (via Quickbooks) $18,600.78. (This amount is a little high - we're missing a few transactions from the old CPCU checking account).

We should have a community discussion about consented proposal funds that were never spent; perhaps at a future GA, with some advance accouncement. Our role is to report the current situation, but we can't be the ones who make decisions about it.

Hotspots: we're paying for three. Rene is interested in getting back to doing media work. Could we talk to Rene, perhaps keep one hotspot active, and stop payment on the other two? Eventually we'd like to get off of Quickbooks. There are free web-based account packages that we can set up and host ourselves. That would save us $45/month.

Steve has started talking to Mayfirst, re dowsizing our hosting package. There's a lot of work involved, but it will save us $1000/year. Carolyn's proposal gives us a three month reserve, which gives us a deadline. We'd like to get the downsizing done within the next six weeks; that gives us a cushion.

Discussion Prep for UFE Meeting

We're meeting with the UFE folks next Monday.

Draft contract states that funds must be used in a manner consistent with the cover letter; the cover letter is where we have to spell out our fund use.

We discuss the cover letter, and potential changes to it. There's a general agreement that shorter is preferable.

The document templates we're working with came from a law firm that writes fiscal sponsorship docs; however, they're not what we want the agreement to look like.

Words "charitable" and "educational" should be in the first paragraph (describing our role).

We like the contract to state procedure for requesting funds, receiving funds, delivering receipts.

Linda puts the contract on an Etherpad, so that we can all work on editing.