FAWG Meeting 4 Feb 2013

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Attending: Joe, Kendra, Linda, Steve

Money Handling Stuff

We decide that we should scan all documentation and put on the wiki (but no account numbers).

Of $7811 originally legal fund, $2066 was given to Noah for legal. Track legal separately from S17 funds. That leaves a legal fund balance of $5745.

Contact Eleanor about Quickbooks access.

Delegation of duties (for money handling):

  • Linda will handle funds.
  • Steve will do book entry.
  • Kendra will compile and post financial reports, and check over bookkeeping work.

New FAWG mailing list. Make archive public. When transactions occur, send FYI to list. List is fawg AT lists.occupyboston.org.

Transactions during meeing:

  • 1001 (new checking) Joe Cugini 314.00. Reimbursement for Extraspace
  • 1002 (new checking) Mayfirst 100.00 (Jan 2013)
  • 1003 (new checking) Mayfirst 100.00 (Feb 2013)


We had seven documents sent to us. Three seem relevant to us, and the last document (Fiscal sponsor grant agreement model c) needs the most work. We could leave that as is, the use a cover letter which is broad in scope, and won't restrict what we want to do.

The documents want a description of our governance model. We could say that we're a horizonal democracy with no formal leaders, and the GA is our governance model.

(More discussion about fiscal sponsorship template documents, which I missed).