Flash Mob Ideas

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From Windsurf:

There are two tactics that are easy to do. One is using a large crowd that moves unnoticed to a meeting point like Copley Square, City Hall Plaza, Boston Common, any college campus. People move with their signs under their coats and at the appropriate time take out the signs and shout out their message. After 5 minutes signs go back under coats and they move away in small groups. This will help bring the message around town without all the commotion of a march and surprise people and catch the imagination of people in general and the local media which will start to report on them in their daily news.

A second way is less dramatic but also effective. Use smaller groups 3 or 4 people moving to different street corners, but make all the corners connected, that is put 3 people on each corner of Newbury street or Boylston street for 3 or 4 blocks. At the appropriate and syncronized time the groups pull out there signs shout out their message for 5 minutes then quietly move off. Even people who ignore one group on a corner will bump into another group on the next corner so they will see it is more organized and bigger than just 3 people on a corner. I think it will capture people's imaginations and make them more curious. For safety reason it may be best that each corner be within sight of the next corner so that if there is any trouble people from one corner can come to help those on another corner . You could as example do the corner of Arlington and Newbury, and Berkley and Newbury and Arlington and Boylston St and Bolyston and Berkley St.