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Included here: FSU Meeting times, Needs List, Volunteer Questions, FSU URLs

Site-Support Meeting 3pm Friday,  Working Group Meeting 4pm Friday, meet at 470 Atlantic Ave, Boston, 2 blocks from Dewey Square. And by appointment contact:

  Free School University needs volunteers for the following:

  • Site assistants: people to meet & greet educators, get them the microphone or help them find a place to teach. Gather white board, announce class with the microphone +/or people's mic.
  • Post schedule signs: make signs for up & coming classes. Post & organize FSU at the InfoTent.
  • Friday 3-5:00pm scribe w/ a computer
  • Financial liaison, research the items on the 'things' list below so FSU can make requests.
  • What do 'users' see? Look at our exposure on the ground and on websites.
  • Forum coordinators: Immigrants, Ecology, Civil Rights ...
  • Videographers and, if you have video of any of our classes plz send URL. Likewise, photos etc...
  • Web & socil network help with wiki, list-serve, website developer, twitter, YouTube, Flicker
  • Organizing all of the above.
  • Create a Soap Box  for Free School University. Our colors are bright, orange and black. We began with the Soap Box and plan to reinstate it when we have more volunteers and a good location for the Soap Box.

 FSU needs the following things:

  • bull horn,
  • phone for on-site ... a site!
  • office supplies
  • clipboards for sign-ups
  • Bright orange anything to designate our space: parachute cloth, flags ...

'Please come to the ground-support volunteers meeting Friday 3:00 & then,' 4:00pm Working Group meeting. 470 Atlantic Ave, enter from the rear of the Independace Warf Building, the back Southeast corner, the Oublic accomodatons Meeting room. Contact:

To the best of our ability FSU notices are on bright, orange paper, look for them.

Please come and see how you can help in either big or small ways.

Please answer these 7 questions in bold and email to me:

1. name and best contact info


2. Your main interest in FSU


3. skills: web support: wiki, groups, list-serve & web development (big word for editing & entry).

                Organization of people or tasks.

                 Videography on your equipment.


4. when are you on site


5. When are you never on site


6.Would you prefer our mandated public meeting be on Fri at 4pm, as it is or on Wed at 3 or 6pm?


7. Times you could meet other than FSU working Group meeting

Thank you for your interest in FSU

Most updated list of classes are at: Occupy Boston's calendar,FSU classes exclusive are listed at WIKI, and look for us on social netwarks, 'OccupyBostonFSU': Twitter, Facebook, and on YouTube

May your labor be fruitful, may democracy prevail and non violence win the day, eden