GA Minutes Mon Oct 10 2011

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Mon Oct 10, 2011, Morning


Detailed Minutes

(11:20 Oct 10, 2011 - GA begins, people are called to assemble)

Diana: We're going to start with working group announcements. We will let you know what happens, but we need more people. We are in the process of learning and building community

Someone Else: We are marching to the common at 12:30

Diana: First up, safety

Scotty (safety): Safety tips to share: No smoking in tents, no fires. Take care of your trash! Let's keep it up! Noise is getting better every night. We are getting some good rest. If you're putting up a tent, and using materials, please put the materials back where you find them. We have a new bike rack/security fence out front! Wooo! Today we're getting rid of a lot of small tents. When you march, do not leave your belongings in tents. That's it! Have a good day!

Diana: Can I get Elizabeth up here?

Elizabeth (): We need to be nicer to each other. We need to be especially careful of safety. STAY AWAY FROM HORSES!. Listen to direction. It is important that we remember why we're here and stay a community, especially while marching.

Diana: Next up, spirituality

Spirituality: Heather: In an effort to maintain an eatp=mosphere of peace and compassion, we invite people to the spirituality tent. Please come join us after the GA. at 5:30 liddy is leading a bible discussion. at 9:15 there is a yoga workshop. At 9 there is a labyrinth talk and walk.

Logistics (Stephanie): Logistics needs volunteers today! If you are not going on the march, or if you're going late to the march, or coming back early, please go to the logistics tent. (gives directions) We really really need you today. And it's fun!

Medical (Sandy): Hey guys, temperature check on feelings today. Medical volunteers have red crosses. Make sure you have sun block. we have chapstick, deodorant and toothbrushes available. Also mouthwash. Parents, please write your cell # on your children's arm in sharpie. Help us out. Medics all have sharpies. We have a lot of water. We need runners for volunteers today. In terms of preventative, keep your socks clean and dry. There is a free market tent where you can get some. It is important when marching to keep your feet healthy. Make sure you're not staying in nasty socks all night. Keep your feet clean and dry.

(crowd waves to the channel 5 helicopter)

Diana: We have a stack and if you want to say something you can get on it. Facilitation can also use volunteers to get people on stack. You can person the megaphone.

Direct Action (): If you have one of these tents and these are yours, can you please come talk to me after you're done.

Diana: Thanks for volunteering Julian! (much applause)

Outreach (): We've put up a nation-wide food drive website for halloween. You can sign up to be a canbassador. You can designate drop-off locations. is the website

Food (): (no announcements)

Facilitation (Diana): Quick announcement. We need people who want to provide input on the process. It is today at 5PM. If you like the sound of your voice, come help facilitate. We need people to help run the assemblies and we need other sub-groups. Does anyone want to get on individual stack?

Individual: When everyone isn't here, please try to spread the word about the fact that we're here. A lot of people don't understand why we are here. spread the word.

Individual: Whats up people? Today we have a group rights of the city coming. I went home last night and felt uncomfortable there. I wanted to be here. On the labor front, we have full support from labor. Sometimes they have their own process, so it may take a while for them to really understand what we're doing. Our movement is nation-wide. We went from a little flicker to a flame. I want to keep peoples' spirits up. Thanks for coming out today. It should be a big day! Were doing big things. thank you very much!

Question: where does the march start, and at what time?

Direct Action:

Individual: Students are meeting at the common at 1:30, marching here at 2. Leaving here shortly after 3.

Indivdual: Don't we need a lot of people to stay here to keep us secure?

Diana: Direct march questions to direct action:

Vicky: two things: 1. the food group is doing a great job. please thank them. If you have free time, they always need volunteers. 2. The dishes to not wash themselves. Some volunteers spent 3 hours washing them this morning, so please wash your dishes as you use them, there is a station set up.

Beth: Just a quick request: we have some free software here. Please bring your OS install disc to the media tent.

Jerry: Good morning. I want to think you guys. I am homeless, and I run a site and I write for spare change. We occupy Boston all year round. Seeing everyone here is awesome. I like to use social media for homeless empowerment. People were asking how long OB would be allowed to stay. There is no telling now. On behalf of the streets of Boston, thank you.

Raquel: Mic Check. I have lost a black and silver GE camera. If you've seen it or have it, please return it to me in the media tent. Thank you!

Diana: Our GA is officially over!

(GA closed at 11:43am)