GA Minutes Sat Dec 03 2011

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GA Sat Dec 3rd 2011

Taken from GA_Dec_03_2011_PM.txt

These minutes finish a bit before the end of the GA. Typos have not been corrected, but know that "pole" usually means "people," etc.

December 3rd, 2011 - Held at Copley Square

General Assembly Minutes

Facilitators - David, Allison and Angela

Stack Aides - Greg and Patty

Site monitor - Jorge

Minutes - Matt

David: Thank you for coming to GA.

(Allison explains roles)

Angela: And then there's you, which is the whole point of us doin this.

(Angela describes General Assembly, process, structure for new friends assembled here today)

(Bongo introduction da-dum-da-da-da-dum…)

(Angela refers to history of the General Assembly a sa way for whole community to come together to make decisions)

(David explains hand signals, Angela confirms this isn't a cult)

(David makes note of Livestream)

(Allison checks for number those present who have never been to a GA)


Peace Action - Siham and child: I am speaking to you on behalf of three working groups. the first one is Peace Action. I just want to announce this new working group that is mainly created to focus on the war and the US foreign policy and the US imperialism that has affected other countries around the world. We welcome volunteers, we meet every Sun at Dewey by Gandhi at 2:30. We discuss several subjects and we're moving towards a proposal for the amendment of the constitution. I don't know if it'll pass but this is our mindset. If you care about peace around the world and are passionate about it join us.

Second announcement is telling you about Faith and Spirituality program. We have a beautiful tent that is always maintained and usually it is just a place for everybody to go and spiritually rejuvenate it welcomes and receives every religion as long as you have peace in your heart.

Third thing - day of solidarity scheduled tomorrow at dewey square from 4 to 6. We're going to express our solidarity with the Middle East and North AFrican countries that started this struggle way before us and continue to give to this cause from their blood not only their voices and have lost so many people in the process. I think it is fair to acknowledge to a certain level that what we're occupying here is merely getting a whiff of what they did and it's gotten to us and it's empowering us. (Alex interrupts) So basically tomorrow is going to be their solidarity. GA is at 6pm tomorrow.Please come.

volunteer coordination - Kevin: I wanted to welcome all our new friends to Occupy Boston. i wanted to let you know we need your help. Every working group needs more volunteers. Occupy Boston needs volunteers we want you to come down tomorrow Sunday at 12pm we're having a volunteer reception. If you want to help out with OB come down at 12 on the main plaza. We'll talk to you about all the different working groups we have and how you can help. Check website or email if you can't make it.

Free School University - Eden: We could definitely use your help. We have a work day on WEdnesday from 10 to 4. So far we've scheduled 125 teachers. We have 20 videos on our website or our wiki page. Please check them out, please tell other people. I'm leaving in about three weeks. Free School Universityreally needs a point personl We also need help with all kinds of little tasks. Please come on WEdnesday or send email to tomorrow ther's a class on security communities known as S-Comm, this is killing our immigrant population, it's not fair, it's unjust, it was started by clinton it's being ramped up by Obama. Our Democratic politicians are actually being worse than our Republic politicians on this issue. Please come to learn about it tomorrow at noon.

Media - David: I live on site, I'm there a lot we get a lot of reporters on site and do a lot of interviews if you'd like to help with this I'm doing a talking to press training. we want a lot of good faces on the camera all the time. We don't want anybody stealing the spotlight. if you're interested, come see us, we'll get you on camera in no time.

Martin: I'm here because I want you to be reporters for OB. We will help you do this by giving you professional training to do really awesome videos. Anyone who wants to learn how for free come to media tent at noon or email

Eli: Today the BPD put a notice on the wall at Dewey Square. would yo like me to read what it is? (Reads bill) I've seen people already desecrating these and I understand why and I'm just speaking as myself and i'm not sure that's the message we want to send. We can oppose some of the things it says here without appearing completely disrespectful to some of the other things it say s here.

Emergency Media WG: Eli - To join gth emergency texting system, text OccupyBoston to 443322.If you do not get a confirmation text, come see me and I will manually add you. This is for emergencies like a raid. so we can make sure that if you'r offsite, you'll know what's happening.

Radio - Jorge: I'm speaking on behalf o f radio WG and nonviolence WG. OB Radio will have their third organizational meeting this monday from 4 to 6 pm we meet at Gandhi. We're in need of audio submissions or podcasts for this tuesday's launch on livestream. 2j-our show and any audio clips. No music please for now. Email is at And please don't mind me I'm just doing some field reporting (Jorge is recording with phone)

Facilitation - Patty: We are facilitation and so are all of you, please come to meetings participate and feel free to do what we're doing.

Announcement #2 We agreed that in the event our camp is shut down or raided we will do two things the following day. #1 we will meet at 8:15 at New Chardon Courthose to appear at arraignment of anyone who is arrested to show our support an solidarity That night we will meet at Boston Common on the bandstand to hold GA and decide what to do from there, b/c they may be able to take our cap but

FAcilitation - Bill: Weekends GAs are now at 5-oclock not 7. Weekday GAs are still at 7. Tuesday and Thursday. And we have had a request to have our ga TOMORROW AT 6o'clock. may I have a temp check.

- Angela: For those of use who are occupying we have GAs as well on Monday and WEdnesday at 11:30 and Friday evening at (we'll talk about it). There are people onsite who work so we thought there should be at least one GA in the evening.

health Justice - Liz, jess and Jacob - WE believe healthcare is a human right an dall of the social economic issues we fought against today and yesterday and tomorrow are about health. if you 're impacted by these and you are a health worker and you want t organizize come see us. Check us out online e or come talk to us after.

Women's Caucus - tomorrow is the OB Women's march and we are still marching b/c no poster taped up by the BPD will change the fact that economic justice is a women's issue. Women are disproportionately represented among the chronic and extreme poor. Women are leaders in this movement and are vital to this movement. So come tomorrow and march for this movement. We meet at Dewey at 12 we come backa t 2 for music and spoken word.Open toall allies of fmeinisms.

winterization - Eric: I have a quick logistics announcement. This morning we spent $100 at HOme Depot on duct tape and string. Now e have a winterization announcement. We have one tent that's ready to come onsite its a military style tent with vinyl walls that have been fire-tested we want to bring that in at 12noon on monday. We want the plice to know we want the fire marshals to know we want Mayor Menino to know. We want them to be there, look at the tent and see how safe it is. We want peole there to bear witness. We don't want to confront. We want to ask the police what they think of our awesome tent. if they say no, the judge will know, and they'll look like the asses they are.

Jhn Ford - ON emir thing, we're going to send some people down to N CArolina to purshacse $12000 worth of tents and bring them up in a haul. That's the fastest and most cost-effective way to get them up here. If you're in town, the time to bring them in is f12noon on Monday. Tents are temporary structures.

Noah: My name is Noah i'm in Ideas we are currently working on a way to focus debates I shouldn't say debates I should say discussions around specific topics we're basically collecting peole's grievances, you can submit online by emailing with the title "Concerns." There's also two other ways to contribute, there's whtieboards at Dewey and there will soon be a dropbox, We meet Wdnesday sat six and sundays afters the General Assembly which is around 8 at Gandhi at Dewy Square, and then we go inside from there. next Sudnay we are gonna take al the info that we have gathered and tat you are going to give us over th next week and figure out how we are going to structure eth info they will take place Monday Tues an dFri until further notice. We hope you cowme to our meets

(Tree lights up)

Bros' caucus - Alex: Let us all get out there an support the women's caucus tomorrow. The bros' caucus or as Daniel calls it, the friends family an fun working group meets on mondays and fridays at 8. we are trying to install a little bit of fun and family atmosphere at Dewey Square. We are going to have fun, lots and lot sof fun. Acts of Random Kindness is meeting tonight at Dwey Square. i you have anything you think we could go out in to the community and do, that would be awesome. As John Lennon would say, all we need is love.

Street Team WG - Ben: Who here tok part in an action earlier today. So that's what we're all about is going out into the community to bring our message to everyone. All the other member sof the ninety-nine percent that maybe can't come to Dwey. If you are interested in doing that kind of work, talk to me and we'll get you on the email list or something. Thanks.

Food - B: I've been involved iwht food group for a while I'm here to do a little report back. the ther night we tried to brine g a sink in, that sink was payed for by the food working group. we spent 250 dollars on it and the police took. Pt your hand up if you're upset keep em up if you're willing to start doing dishes. We still struggle with volunteers washing dishes. If you're there handgun out wash some dishes. We also need healthy food. We need good healthy meals. So if your friends ask how can I help, cook a meal, brine the meal, serve the meal, wash some fucking dishes. Wash your own dish. We have a meeting tomorrow, scratch that monday I thicken it's six. Come and partake in that. We need a lot of volunteers. Come and help, thank you.

Transgender and Queer wg - ANGELA: I'm a lesbian, I've been out for over 40 years and I've watched our movements transition and continue tob e more inclusive, thoughtful and proactive really lepton people decide how it is that we think about our own sexuality and gender. so I've been on my own learning curve. Meeting with the QueerTrans group are on Thur and Sun at 5:30. For now we still meet down at Dewey Square in the Queer Trans tent of which I am the caretaker it salsa has room each night for up to 2 other visitors who are lesbian gay bisexual transgender and or questioning to have a safe space to stay. I have been missing seeing my lesbian and gay and transgender folks down at Dewey. So please where are you?

Twitter wg - Robin: Twitter is now a working group, we are livetweeting gaS n owon Twitter. You can follow that at @DeweyGA, and at @DeweyGA3 if @DeweyGA goes into Twitter jail. let me know if you're interested in livetweeting. "At" us if you're interested.

Occupy Quincy - : Occupy Qincy is having its second ga on Decembet 9th at 6;30 at Quincy Center, peas make it if you can. thanks.

Cppa - Allison: I'm here to remind y0u that one Mondays at 5pm we meet at Gandhi and we go out together for a cupppa something. WE are doing this just to hang out with one another, come sit with each other talk to someone you don't know get to know them as a person, so that you're more connected to each other when you're working on OB. We have a really nice time and we have a subsidy for people who kneed a little financial help. Hope to see you there.

David: Ther's nay one person/goup that stayed for organization announcements. They stuck around all this time to make an announcement and I'm gonna help them out because they are a great organization and have an announcement to make

Dawn: I'm a volunteer with the Eastern Service Workers Association. when I go around Dorchester with this tag people don't know what it means so we need you guys to come down to Dorchetster so we can organize the poorest of the ninnetyinepercent who have been waging this fig tin Boston for 34 years. this wdnesday we're mobilizing a delegation to testify before the department of public utilities. Because they're let national grid and NStar keep raising the rates. And every day in our office families walk in the door who have to choose between heat and food. and that's wrong so our members are going down on Wednesday to tell the DPU to live up to their mandate to protect consumers so no one has to chooseo between heat and food. WE're meeting at our office ein Dorchester at 11 WEdnwedsay december 7 or at Occupu at 1. The DPU's office is right across the street from dewy square 2nd floor of South Station. So we need you guys to join us to demand the state does its job. If you can't make it we're in Dorchester everyday ou can come down and help organize the poorest of the 99%. You can see me or Ben or call us at 6172659200. We always answer the phone.

(Angela checks in about cold, mentions it's not raining or snowing, b/c we stand out in Dweey Square rain or snow)

Individual Announcements

B: Right now I'm representing about 20 defendants who plead not guilty when a number of us were arrested at Dewey on Indigenous Peoples' Day. I'd just like to see rigth now if we have solidarity with those who plead not guilty. The charges wer unlawful assembly and trespassing. I think we can take this opportunity to make lot of public announcement through mead about what's happening with our preliminary hearing the preliminary hearing s on December 16th it's at 9 in the morning at 24 New Chardon street. that's a frdiay first it would be really great if lots of peel ecame and occupied the courthouse with us. Secndly we can strat a group to produce press conferences, maybe letters or statements about how occupy Boston feels about thosecharges a number of the defendant san donjon else who wants to be involved will meet on Monday night at 6p at th eGandhi statue and probably meet inside somewhere from there. If you're unable to ake this meeting and you'd like to be involve I'm going to stand over there come quickly and talk to me.

Eden: I'm with FSU, I'ms tarigna website, been worrying on it for six weeks, it's going to be an interactive school to bring free school to anybody with web connections. because this is an offsite working group I can't get funding from so we're up with with a WePay button. I need a computer, please contribute to that. I'm leaving in three weeks, stopping at Occupies between her and San Francisco, and then San francisco to Seattle, I've been workingwith the InterOccupy group, gathering connections for other Occupies that have free education. Some of them don't, just being asked do ou have free education they say what a great ida, soy work is buidling, please if you're able to contribute go to and contribute to the WePay. if you have web development skills, if you have editing skills, if you just wan't to support me, someone to talk to, someone who has really great stories about how you're being really effective on a movement-wide scale, if you have connections with people at other occupies, please I want them. I will give you an orange card with websites and emails, I want them, thank you. Free education for all. This is the heart of democracy.

Robin: Open media Boston and Encuentro Cinco OpenMedia Boston has been rally supportive and has hosted a bunch of things They're hosting a social for us on Monday from 7 to 9, they're going to have snacks for us and soda and stuff. At E5 on harrison AVe.

Jose: This is about the DC trip. Some pole were under the misconception that you could sign up online. That was just applying for more info. If there was anyone who all they did was sing up online they can come to info at noon tomorrow and sign a form and be on your way.

Noah: I'm working on a Priority Process Proposal for next Saturday. We will hold this open meeting and hold consensus on it and move to the front of the Stack for next Saturday. The proposal will be that we organize to march to DC on March ?? and that we start to act on cogent active demands to bring to our government. WEdneesday night at 8pm at Dwey is the open meeting where I'm going to present he proposal in its entirety and ope it passes. 8pm Wednesday at Dewey, public meeting.

John Ford: I am announcing the new formation of a new working group: the OB boycott list. A list of organizations where hopefully we can agree they don't get our money. As an organization and preferably as individuals as well. I can be reached in the library.

(#JohnFord legends)

Joh-John: I see 150 people who want ot save the world and you're beautiful and I love you. WE have something exciting coming up. the Occupy Boston TEa Party. It's in two weeks. A lot of people came up with this idea separately. Decorate a box with something you don't like. Greed, war corporatism, sexism other bad things. carry them around town hand out papers saying what the heck we're doing and then we dump them in and then we drag them out because we're not polluters then we take them up again and put them somewhere and maybe someone will remove them and that will be par tof the art. what I like is someone can hear about this from as far away as New Hampshire or Nova Scotia and if they show they're 100% a part of this. We'll be working on details, this is kind of a DA thigng. The anniversary of the Tea Party is Deember 15th, which is a Friday, this a family-friendly event, we'll invite media, would it be better to have this the next day on Saturday.

(audience mmber brings up D17 on same day)

(Temp check on if Saturday is better day than Friday for this event,

John Ford: I had to use th bathroom a inute ago and I went ot Wendy's, they made me buy something, I felt disgusted so I took all their plastic forks and knives.j

Shane: I just wanted to read a message that I received from the Syrian girl over there. She handed me this bottle an ditto says. Jihath Martir got killed under torture doing just that, handing jfwater bottles to the Syrian Army and organizing peaceful demonstrations. Didn't that just send you back? I am hear representing one community's sole family and our organization is to bring about peace around the world. I you would like ot reach us go to our website The organizer is Jody REdhawk.

lEric:The tent that we're bringing in was donated by Lenny berry graciously. He's concerned about the tent being confiscated the same way the sink was. If the police say we can't have it let's not hold onto it, let's take it back and think what we can do with it and not the police take our tent. I also want to talk abut a law that our government has. It's called the clean Hands law. If the authorities wan tot impose regulations. they have to let pole conform to those regulations. This law is aptly named. Kevin announced Volunteer coordination . One of the key things we need help with is tidying up the camp. If we can get all hands on deck if will be a really easy ssjob.

Angela: In addition to the many working groups tha have talked about hat their projects are there are also several groups that are trying to address issues of oppression not only as it plays out in pour country but also internally within our own movement heaven forbid. there is an anti-oppression working group which is a general coalition of peol ein solidarity of addressing and looking for ways ot solve problems both institutionally and…aortand the whole range of …there is also a white anti-racist group, a people eof color group…please find more about these groups and take it on as your own.

Working Group Proposals

(Allison, David and Angela explain consensus)

Outreach - Katie: This proposal is very simple: it's a variation of a statement hat has been made many times by many people, everyday at OB. And as someone who's working goutoutrach for th past two months a lot fo what we do is talk to people who will nerve come to OB who will never come to a GA who will never bin a working group meeting but are still part of the 99%. This is the text of a statement of solidarity with 20 daycare workers that we met two weeks ago the day that OB was clearned. I'm passing around copies, what I would like to pass is not this statement specifically, because the text of this statement still needs to run by them, fac-checked by them before we put it out, but what I would like to pass is a statement of support for these 20 fworkers, who are not an organization, are not a group, are a set of individuals that got fucked over. I'm going to read the statement (reads statement about Millennium Daycare workers)

Q: When is it coming back to us?

A: I'm asking for a statement of support from OB.

Q: Is ther a timeline of some kind that you're working under?

A: I wanted to pass this two weeks ago and stuff came up, so the timeline is just to make sure it happens.

(Temp check on moving directly to concerns, objections, statements of support

(Moves to objections)

Concern or Objection: I'm a little concerned with the specific and final statement, but I will stand aside I'm okay with it overall.

(Temp check on skipping discussion, move to statements of support)

SS: This sounds fantastic, I think I've been waiting for this, I strongly support it..

SS: I think solidarity statements are a very powerful way for us to communicate our sense of right and wrong and our vision for society, so I support this 100%.

SS: I hate employee-at-will contracts, and almost every job I've applied for recently has had them ,a nd this is a symptom of a much bigger issue of mass exploitation and denial or our rights.

(Temp check on breaking into groups before amendments, move directly to amendments, no amendments, move to blocks)

(David explains blocks)

(David asks for consensus)

(Proposal passes)

(Allison asks crowd to respect facilitators doing their jobs)

Logistics - Eric: This proposal is to have some space offsite to help out with the onsite occupiers with things like food and storage and dishes and laundry, so what we propose is $1000 per month for an apartment that will have a kitchen, an laundry room, a bathroom and 2 rooms of storage space. We want this to be near Dewey Square, so that when we make food in the kitchen we can bring it right over.

Q: Would this be a contract-based apartment, meaning that we would have to have a lease lasting a determined amount of tie, or we would we be going through a person who is sympathetic to the cause who would not have us be there for a certain amount of time.

A: Let me add some info Angela just offered. For some time the logistics and other groups have been offering offsite space like this. Angela just offered her space, so I'd like ot table this proposal.

Individual Proposals

Bobby: I have a proposal. There is no downside to this proposal. It's a win-win situation. The American Constitutional system is the bet in the world. WE can change nothing. Witness all these protests we've had and all the marches, suffrages, women's movement, but we have to change the MO of this operation. the City of Boston, Mayor Menino, the Boston Police, and the court ss have shown u stood will and faith and patience. I propose that we reciprocate and show the city of Boston that we have good faith and good will and the restraining order the courts have issued there are emergency clauses. the police can bust up the overnight campa t anytime. the civilian authorities say it's unhealthful, unsanitary and proposes ciriinal vandalism jproplems. Witness seattle, Berkely, LA and New York City. Let this city set a precedent. let us continue to be the revolutionary city with a shining light. th proposal has two parts the second part will be marches to the Boston cCommon during daytime. no one will evice us from the Boston Common. The first part susceptible to objection, the firt part is to voluntarily dismantle the overnight camp at Dwey Square to show our good faith and good will to the city. I propose we then march on two or three days a week to Boston Common, invite speakers and I think rekindle the light that is the revolutionary city of Bosotn.Aas I say, there is no downside to this proposal. It's a win-win-win and safety for all. I want to prevent the actions that have taken place all ov earth country.

Q: What do you propose happens to everyone who has nowhere else to go.

A: That is not my problem. There are facilities in this city that could provide.

POI: People on site, including myself are doing everything ot make th camp safer and more sanitary and I don't see why we should just give up because the city says so. I think it's giving up.

POI: We have never actually voted on this proposal with quorum, so that is why he's bringing it again, let him bring his proposal, answer our questions and then we can have another vote.

POI: at the beginning of this occupation we were considering moving ot the commons, but we can't because of the park rules. Also, the cops in my opinion are not our friends. They've harassed me, when they arrested me over at Burger King for looking sketchy because I had a mask, though several other people in our marches od the same thing. I don't think this proposal is copliant with Occupy boston, it's just doing whatever the police tell us to do.

Q: What makes ou thnk that the BPD and the City of Boston have shown and will show good faith given that in other occupations across the country there have been levels of brutality and oppression that show very clearly that they are not interested in being our friends and while the authorities in Boston have shown more restrain I do not see how they are actin gin what you call god faith.

A: Seattle has been busted, Oakland has been busted, Los and glees and berkeley have been busted, I'm talking about th overnight camps, in New YOrk. The court has an emergency decree iin it an daytime Mayor Menino can ask you to move the overnight camp. this camp has lasted any longer than any other camp. Thath proves (their good faith). I say we reciprocate the good faith and good will.

Q: You say the city has shown good faith. However, the fire marshall has prevented and blocakged any tent materials from coming into our camp. I shows a dysfunctional city system or lack of good faith on the part of the city. So why do you say the city will now or in the future show us good faith.

A: I said they have shown us good will good faith and patience. if it becomes unhealthy, unsanitary that is the emergency clause. the courts have also shown good faith and patience.

Allsion: as a facilitator I'm trying to clarifty what seems to me a miscommunication between the questioner and the responder. What I'm hearing him say that is different from what you're saying is that you're saying they've already shown good faith. He's expressing an experience where they have already shown bad faith by telling us we need to do one thing and then impeding us from doing it. That is a setup and it shows bad faith. That's what he's trying to get thtrough to you.

bobby: The camp is still existing, that's the good faith and good will of the City of boston of the police of mayor Menino and of the courts.

POI: First pOI is that the other occupations that have been cleared out are experiencing difficulties in keeping cohesive in keeping communication strong and keeping their energy high. WE are still able to keep our community together because we have a site. In court it was stated that the Green way is legislated to be an area of free speech and the Greenway is a mile long and we are occupying a tiny portion of that greenway. Also the only place that is legally permitte dot camp in the city of boston is on the harbor islands, so if we go anywhere else we're gonna have the same problems.

Q:Would you clarify for people that you do not mean that you intend for peole to camp at the commons, that you intend for a few marches a week to assemble there only.

A: ou keep your headquarters at Dewey Sqaure, no that eovernight camp.

POI: This movement is not a competition between cities about who can cap longer in public. This movement is much larger than this. Nonviolence does not equal compliance.

Q: I'm curious as to how we could maintain facilities at Dwey Square (media health safety etc.) without living there? If we leave on engirt, everything would be gone th next day.

A: Your committees are tremendous, they'll figure this out.

(Angela asks crowd to step back)

(Angela asks for temp check on

Angela: It seems to me that any continuation of this part of the process may not e that productive.

(Angela does a temp check on moving to amendments)

POI: We approve autonomous actions. Even if we pass th;is proposal the campers can still stay.

(General discussion among facilitators and separately among crowd members)

(David confirms that we will go through consensu process)

(No concerns or objections)

Statement of Support: First I want to thanks for having the courage to speak his mind. To encounter resistance to and do it peaceful.

SS: I don't want him to feel alienated, because I want to encourage him to bring other proposals, even though I don't agree with this one.

SS: I respect that there are people in our group who are looking out for our safety and for our minimization of conflict with the police or any members of the ity, and I appreciate thinking up different tactics to do so. But I think we could work on getting gbetter tactics.

SS: I support a portion of Bobby's proposal. I think what happened today in Copley Square was beautiful. i thicken we should all talk about having more actions offsite. I absolutely support the proposal to do marches in the common, the proposal to hold gas in the common, so I would like to supper that portion of the proposal and encourage Bobby to bring itseparately another night if this proposal does not pass.

(Move to amendments)

Amendment: I wold ike to amend hit proposal jot only the rifest part, that he said first, which is the second part, that we hold marches offsite. I'm done.

(Angela explains amendments)

A: I'd like to propse that we not include Eden's suggestion so that we can put more thought into that portion of the proposal that she was encouraging. (Eden agrees)

A: I would ike to propose that if we're going to consider self-eviction as a tactic that we attach certain specific conditions that we could use it it, for instance, th eoccurrence of major crime or other instances along those lines, where self-eviction might be a powerful message.

A: I would like to amend that if we do evict voluntarily that we have another site that we can occupy.

(bobby gets time to restate)

(Bobby incorporates no amendments): The proposal is to voluntarily dismantle the camp. It's an up-and-down vote by all the citizen sof the city. We are all the 99%. for the safety of all, I propose veryone vote to voluntarily dismantle the canp.

(Allison suggests we move directly to talking about consensus, asks for temp check, gets consent to move to consensus)

Point of process: if you skip to voting, you're skipping blocking.

(Allison explains that's not the case)

(Angela explains consequences of the block)

(Proposal is blocked successfully)

B: My proposal is regatrdig a young man who had a ticket written to hi today in the amount of $100 for allegedly skateboarding during the unity event. My proposal is that we provide the $100 to pay the ticket to this 15-year old so that he and his family don't have to do it. They just have to pick up the skateboard.

Q: Do we know how to contact this kid and his family?

A: I have the NLG lawyer/legal rep who was working closely with this person. I also have in my hand the ticket.

Q: Would you be paying the ticket directly at the city or providing the money to the family to pay the ticket themselves?

A: Ideally we would just be paying the ticket ot he courthouse because this individual lives outside the city.

Q: There was an impromptu collection and he got a few dollars, do we know how much?

A: That money that was collected was returned to the pole who collected it because they were trying to pay the ti cket at that moment.

POI: Asa this was happening, I tweeted it. We could about $65 in pledges. Perhaps we could bring this up on twitter or whatever and people could donate the money on their own.

(Temp check on moving past small group discussion)