GA Minutes Sat Dec 10 2011

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GA Sat Dec 10 2011

Taken from GA_Dec_10_2011_BostonCommon.txt

Transcribing GA at Boston Common, 7pm, December 10, 2011.

Facilitation team is located on bandstand, members of the assembly (also noted as “crowd”) are located in a sort of semicircle around it. There are about fifteen deep at any given point around the semicircle during the height of GA; you also can’t see the entire semicircle without turning your head.

{Background, we were raided at 5am on Saturday, December 10. About 46 people were arrested; just about everyone has been released.}

This document is an attempt at transcribing. Not entiely successful.

Allison: ...and will peacefullly defend our public assembly at the risk of arrest. We the 99% have had enough. (She is reading a written statement.)

It’s 7:23 PM

Anna: Facilitation decided not to ue the usual process. Instead like last time when the police raided us we want to hear from the people who were affected. We have a stack open. Alex--right here, wave your hand--will come to you. The stack works as follows and is progressive stack. Progressive st, m mm m nn n ack is …

There is a tent being dropped from the stairs area down; “Crowdsurf the tent”

First, stack will include people who were arrested last night. Then people who were onsite but not arrested. Then peopl ho were affected remotely by the police raid. Before we take stack I would like for everyone to talk to each other, help each other facilitate this process and talk in smaller groups so everyone can be heard and then we will open stack. Ten minutes...please tell the ppl next to you about your experience.

(While this happens I am trying to get a count of ppl here.)

Crowd member: “We all feel shitty, getting raided sucks, we need to talk about it....phase two.

(I can’t hear or see anything. I’m going tro try hard to fins a nw space)

ggggg gvggggghv

Angela: There is a large group of us here many of us under stress some of us with little sleep, some of us we know and some of you are the first time we;ve seen you. So as we;ve tried to do through whole occupation we will try to find ways to work together that work for as many ppl as possible. We facilitators are not process dictators, we take a long time figuring out how to facilitate, we make mistakes sometimes. I see hands going (sad fingers), would eveyone just chill out? Nobody’s going to take over GA; express yourselves and go with the process.

David: Can I get a temp check on if uou want WG announcementd firdt? Happy fingers. That look like consensus. Nelson has stack for WG announcements

B from food: I want to thank everyone for the role you had at food tent. I wanted to say since day 1 OB has had food that is because people care, people need food, donations are still needed so if your friends ask what they can do tell them bring food. If you want more information email the food tent, we’ll get back to you hopefully. If we don’t, bring food. Power to the people!

B: since we lost dewey or since they stole dewey wherever we gather whenever we gather that’s where you bring food, all power to the people!

Katie outreach: It’s wonderful to see you all. The last 24 hours have been difficult. But what has happened over the last two months is huge.


...foreclosing illegally on people, paying no taxes in the middle of recess ion...400 people who nubh nmk ghbcontrol 50% of the wealth

Eli from Jail Support and Emergency Media; What’s up! So today I witnessed Occupy Boston 2.0. The mayor police and greenway had a press conference. 12 of us went to that conference. we took a sign, on that sign it said We’re Not Going Anywhere. We stood in front of police headquarters and we didn’t say a word. We stood there for an hour. The police came on motorcycles to intimidate us but we didn’t budge, we moved to the front of the building where the press were coming out and they heard our message. (Cheers) And when we went home we talked to over 10 people and did a mic check on a train, support us, we are bigger than this, we are bigger than Dewey, we have that I lost my voice I have a logistical announcement, we have an amergency text system, if you’re not lon that network pls take our your phones right now and please text @occupyboston to the number 23559.

Kevin for volunteers: Who wants to help us build occupy boston? If you text that number that Eli just mentioned you will get a confirmation. If you want to help build occupy boston reply to that text and give us your name, your email, and how you think you can help., we will get in touch with you, we need and want your help, we need to build this movement if we’re gonna be successful, we’ll be in touch and we’re gonna win!

Legal: Karl: today a bunch of folks were arrested. We bailed all of the bailable people out. There’s still some people incarcerated in boston and that’s a bad thing for anyoen to be in jail so in our hearts and minds we hould have solidarity with brothers and sisters behind bars tonight, if you can tell the police to stop arresting poor and homeless people and people just trying to get by, thank you, in solidarity.

Erica from Legal: We have a fund on the website to contribute to our legal fund. Things have happened, we’ve used the money, we’d like to replenish it, if you can give anything please contribute so we can keep supporting our movement. Thank you.

One last bit, on tuesday and wednesday there are twi more opportunities to move in solidarity, at the Boston Municipal COurt our brothers and sisters and other folks will be arraigned on criminal charges. Boo. (booing) and we can be there and squish in and all 500 of you can go into court and watch people stand and fight the system, solidarity.

Crowd: mic check! legal, we love you!

The arraignment is at 9am.

Justin from ideas: As you can see we have a huge GA which is an awesome thing because last night any of us got arrested and a lot of our stuff got taken and we;re going to continue to grow because of it. The Ideas group is committed to building consensus among large gorups of people so thast we can have effective and productive GAs. We are currently gathering concerns or societal problems that have drawn you to the Occupy movement. You can gie your concerns to us by emailing them to or texting them to 617-942-0492 (noah mic checks the cell number from crowd). On Sunday we will have a meeting at 7pm at south station, we’ll analyze these concerns to hose group discussions and facilitate consensus, please join us because we want to be a good GA. 7pm Sunday.

Ross: thank you for being here. Two announcements. 1> OB radio will go live on the internet at 11am tomorrow. (cheers( at 2pm tomorrow at E5 the radio show will be working group announcements; you’ll have 10-15 minutes for each working group, if you show up at e5 you will be live. second announcement: if you believe you want the responsibility of emailing every working group we will add you to the list of allowed users just meet us at that tree after I step down. thank you.

Crowd; can ppl call in at 2:00

Ross: we don’t know the answer, check the website tomorrow, click radio.

Eden from FSU: (cheers) Education is a weapon of construction. To reach me, Tomorrow here, Adopt an Occupier, presented by Occupy Newton and brookline pax. Our working group meeting is a regularly scheduled 3-5 on Friday. Write to me, and I’ll tell you where, 2 blocks from Dewey. Education is the backbone of democracy.

Fac: next working group captures the mind of people and pictures

Jay from Signs: We now have a mobile signs unit because Menino took away Dewey Sqare. Mayor Menino that’s a big problem for you because now we are everywhere (cheers) Today the mobile signs first thing in the morning after the raid, we got as close to dewey as we could, we had a good time in front of south station and got our message out. After that we were at the press conference at police HQ, after that we were at jail solidarity, we were everywhere because Mayor Menino took Dewey we are in more than one place now, our message is more widely seen. If you’re a WG and you’re planning an action and you need mobile signs unit send an email If you want to know where it is follow us on twitter, occupybossigns, we are constantly updating where we are, we will be meeting Monday, 3:00, as close to Dewey as possible. If we’re in Dewey we’re going to be right where the sign tent used to be in the corner, if not we’ll be directly across the street at the fed, please come we’re having an action, we’re going to have our voices heard again, we will be out tomorrow, follow us on twitter.

Jess from TV group: Hello Occupy Boston I am working with a group who is producing a public access TV show. THis show is run democratically, our next meeting is going to be on Wednesday night at 9pm at E5, we will be shootimg our first episode this coming Saturday we will provide all necessary training for anyone interested in any technical positions and creative positions for this show. Since we are just starting out I don’t have an email address for the group specifically but you can email me directly at there is however a group email for television so I can add you to that listserv if you can’t make this meeting or the show, if you’re interested in participating come talk to me, I will be standing at the bottom of the stairs here and if you don’t find there anyone else here from TV group? Martin? Thank you! 9pm at e5 on wednesday (in response)

David facilitator: POI: E5 is located at 33 Harrison Ave at Chinatown.

Also we need a new computer for ME so I can keep transcribing!

Chris from Anarchist alliance:

(it’s 8pm)

Chris: thank you for being here this shows that the government, the mayor, and the police cannot stop us, on behalf of an anarchist alliance that has been supporting occupy boston I am reading a statement, we are proposing the creation of neighborhood based occupy GAs. and participation in those that already exist incl occupy JP, el barrio, the hood, etc and countless others (somerville too) and these will connect and support existing community groups and will draw in local suppoprters both longtime and new thereby spreading the ideas and activities of the occupy movement, we will strive to federate these gorups and hold summits over the coming months, this initiative will build power over the winter with the intention of allowing us to regroup as a stronger and more united force in the spring against the 1%. We believe thius should be the focus of the occupy movement over the winter, if you would like to join this, start it in your own community, work with existing assemblies, we are all winners and we have no rulers! (chers) thank you! all power to the people, down with the 1%.

Switching computers! I’ll ose you a bit!

I’m back, it’s 8:12 pm

Tom Greg and Rita from FAWG: Come get forms if you want money from the common ot this week. (we missed some of this) We need your support…please donate in cash either to our cacti at liberty bank credit union or at our weepy account, we're ,vine forward. We don't have a cash box, our community has been generous with the cash box, direct donors to the we pay account on the website, and people can mail money to the PO Box, PO Box…I forget it's on the website.


locations for meetings and things like that, facilitation has set up a wiki page and we want everyone who has info about possible meeting spaces for GAs and group meetings to put this on wiki page.

Tom from labor:...the west coast occupies know what eviction means but knows what it means ...we should march their employers and by wallstreet, we should show the city of boston and the world that we are strong and that we will continue until the job is done, the 99% are the only hope that this world has, down with the 1%. meeting time is 5:30 at e5 Tuesday.

Ana Facilitator: e5 is a meeting space at 33 Harrison Ave.

Ana: we’ve been asked to get the WGs to make only their most urgent annoncements so we can have a discussion about this community’s next steps thank you working groups for being considerate.

Joe from Socialist Caucus: Evict the 1%! The socialist caucus at occupy boston is composed of affiliated and unaffiliated socialists and anticapitalists who believe that the problem is not simply greed, not simply corporate personhood, but it is our capitalist system itself. Evict the 1% and their system. Socialist Caucus meeting tomorrow at 4 right before GA, at E5. Among other things we’ll discuss how to build for a monday solidarity and strike rally and march. We are also working to build the jubilee movement and student debt resistance in solidarity with occupy student debt that’s trying to build...we work with Howard Zinn lecture series to put good news articles in the Occupier and whatever else you have for ideas for ridding the world of the 1%, the 99% should rule the word.

Angela: Stick with us! Temp check. Do you want to move to a discussion of next steps? (wiggly fingers) looks like mostly all of us. Consensus! Thanks, I lost the word. So we’re going to move into the format we structure for taking about next steps. As we do this talk to your neighbor, give them a hug or high five, and encourage them to hang in there.

It’ss 8:23 PM.

Brian K: We are the 99%! I’m so happy to see all of you and your excitement for planning next steps. This is strength in numbers and we want to put that to use. We want to split into working groups to plan next steps. I have signs. I’m going to ask volunteers to come up and get them...{names volunteers) please come up for signs!

Sign 1 is called General Assembly Location for winter, we need to figure out where to meet. Nawanta is going to convene the group to talk about this so if you want to join them they will be by that tree.

Outreach: Kevin. Kevin’s going to talk about Outreach. Kevin where are you, come get your sign. You wanna talk about outreach go with kevin to the light pole over there

Next group, discussing last night...

Crowd: POI over here...what other groups do we have to choose from?

Brian: I’ll read list. 1. GA winter location, 2 what to occupy next, 3 outreach, 4 marches and DA and teach ins 5 discussing last night 6 what we’re thankful for 7 media 8 court solidarity and legal support

Brian: discussing last night, susan is leading that group, susan is here and she’s going to that light post over there.

Angela from crowd; can we go on whether we want to break into groups?

Crowd: Our togetehrness is our strength, all the working groups can meet after GA

Facilitator: these are not working group meetings, these are topical general discussion meetings, after them we will come back together to share with each other what we’ve done in the groups

Brian: what do we occupy next? city hall? public land? forecloed homes? what do you think? if you want to talk about that go with rachel, Rachel wil take this sign to a tree over there.

Facilitator: please get off the fucking stairs, tay off the fucking stairs...

Brian: court solidarity and legal support! if you wanna join this group, Esther, where are you.

B (aside) do you remember the first occupyboston at Umass boston? ISO did this.....I’m part of this I’m holding the sign...

Brian: temp check on moving to next steps based on different topics.

Anasstasia: Yes! that’s consensus. (aside) shut the fuck up.

Brian: Mingha is going to lead the what are we thankful for group. Over here.

{Ana and Nelson and B and unknown person are in an intense convo)

Brian: Alex (Pearlman) for media, over there! Lst group, marches, DA, teach ins, at the tree back there with Ben.

So let’s take 20 minutes and plan some next steps.

(People are dispersing.)

AND WE’RE BACK! It’s 9pm.

Anna: We did not progressively stack our working groups, to let the voices of antioppression folks speak to the community so we would like to invite brief and concise and important messages from the campers’ caucus and various antioppression groups, decolonize, antioppression, others, and make announcements, and then logistics will tell us where to find warm clothes.

Angela: To the group back there, are you all wanting to come back? Mic check to the group over there, are YOU wanting to come back? Folks over there, are you wanting to come back? Then come back please! If not please step off far away enough so that your conversations don’t overwhelm the rest of the group. Finally we need to keep this stage clear, we’ve been asking and asking and people are outright defying us. You come up here and see how challenging it is to facilitate this group wen people are rushing you, pushing you, challenging you and simply hanging out.

Logistics: Logistics wants you to stay warm! We’ve brought coats and sweaters, scarves and hats, some gloves, you can find them to the left, please take them if you need them.

John Ford: First I want to acknowledge our disappointment with this group for foregoing announcements from those that were arrested. Second I want all the campers to raise their hands. I want all the campers without a place to stay tonight to raise their hands now. I want to offer an apology from OB for not satisfying your needs, for not being organized and coherent enough to provide you with solutions moving foreard. I hope next time we can provide for you in the safety of the camp from day 1. We need help from everyone here. We need you to care enough to listen to those that are willing to sacrifice everything.

(cheetrs for John ford! We love you john ford! John for mayor!)

Anna: next is jude from anti oppression.

Nothing from Jude.

Susan and Clyde from decolonize: nothing.

David Facilitator: Occupemos el Barrio and Occupy JP next on stack! Please come up!

Stanley: I want to apologize for my broken English. So Occupemos el Barrio and all occupations around the city are calling for a meeting on January 7. January 7, at encuentro 5, we are going to have a meeting to talk about how we’re gonna deal with this movement because we need more cohesion among our movement. One of the things we are talking about is how we can do actions together on a regular basis, so we are inviting all of you to be part of that meeting. I wanted to say something else. Tomorrow Occupy JP has a march that’s gonna be at 1pm we are marching from Central Street, so all of you should go to morrow to JP and show some solidarity with Occupy JP.

Al: Al Juarez. I heard a rumor if I go on the gazebo I will be arrested and my hearing will be Tuesday. I am homeless and have nothing to lose. My voice may fade but revolution remains. This morning I was one of the 46 who were arrested ...with my brothers and sisters. They took our tents but they cannot take our dignity. My experience from Vermont to DC has shown me that BOston is a model, we must do this for the future toward an American spring.

Brian: We are going to move into a share out about what each of the WGs that met talked about.

B (female, Brianne--earlier B was male B. sorry, we’re confusing) : We’ll read the list so you know when you’re coming. You can get on stack with Nelson so that not everyone from the group has to speak. I want to rmeind those of you who are talking about what they heard in their group to represent a diversity. you should let ppl know what were the popular ideas but also what were the more singular voices. This is to share everythng that happened in your group, but please keep it to a few minutes. Here’s the list. (Rereads list--media, thankfulness, court solidarity, etc.)

If you’re speaking from those groups come get on stack with Nelson.

First up Mariama fron GA Locations:

Mariama and Eden: We met and talked about two things, the short term of where we might be next week and the long term about how we determine what kind of places we want to meet. In the short term we have a proposal, because we believe that the temperature will drop 10 egrees tomorrow night and bc we see how many people we have lost tonight we believe it’s really important to move indoors tomorrow if possible. We believe ther is an offer from St Paul’s church to allow us to meet there. We understand therer may be some concerns but our proposal was to go there for that one day so that we don’t lose people as we move to condensus. In order to make sure everyone knows we will be meeting somewhere else we have three things we want to make sure happen. 1. post on ebsite. 2. small team here at Common so ppl can know where to go 3. a banner out front of where we’re meeting so ppl who walk by know who we are and join in. We need to confirm tat St. Paul is a go and we have two potential backups, all walking distance from here, so we want a temp check on if we want ppl to move forward with securin a location for tomorrow. (lots of happy fingers). second thing is we agreed we probably need a WG to figure out the future, so it may not need to be forever but if you’re interested in helping us to secure locations we’ll hold up our sign … if you could also email me, Eden, at occupy, we’ll be creating a list at so if you want to sign up right now we’ll be right there right now.

Kevin and Dan from outreach:

K: outreach talked about three things pertinent to building and strengthening the movement, we talked about action, information, and organizing, For action we talked about actions on the street, on the T, in your workplace and in conversations with individuals. We talked about how it’s important to share information, to get information on OB and where we’re going as a movement out to the public at large and we talked about forming connections with community organizations, labor, religious orgs, schools, individuals. We passed around an email list, we need more ppl on it if you want to help build out this movement and grow it stronger and keep it going until we change this countr and change the world to better the 99% and the whole world writ large email

Crowd person: I want to know why isn’t tere any mention...and more mention of the colonized...

Brian: The people of color working group is meeting tomorrow at 3pm at e5. but right now we’re doing report backs on the topic based groups of which people of color was not one.

Andy for court solidarity:

Fac B: if you were in the thankful group we don’t have a rep for you yet, does someone want to speak for thankful? Get on stack.

Andy for court solidarity/legal: A few brief POIs, more detailed info will go out through media and info tomorrow. First, court dates. Arraignments for the arrestees from this weekend, this morning--yesterday--this morning--will be Tuesda and Wednesday at Boston Municipal Court on New Chardon St. Like every other case in that court they are scheduled for 9am, that doesn’t mean it will happen at 9am. Ppl who come to support should expect the case will be called early or late that day. Trial hearings for October arrests...same fake 9am. Court decorum--behavior and dress. The really short version is if you dress and act like you’re at a funeral you won’t upset anyone. That is the subject of the detailed memo that will go out tomorrow. We do want to emphasize that there will e many other ppl in that court some of whom are dealing with serious charges for themseves and families; it’s important to respect them as well. Does anyone else from our group want to remind me of anything I missed?

CQ: can this all go on website?

Andy: yes! Also pre-trial hearing is FRIDAY.

Oerson: I would just like to say I am Joey Jew Junior and I’ve been here since day 2, I am backing everybody up, all you guys are my frirnds.

Ana: if you are our friend please let acacia speak now they are waiting to hear what media has to say.

(hands are too cold to type perfect)

Joey: la la la la la

Acacia: I’m Acacia, this is Alex. From media. We didn’t use our time too wisely, we did introductions, lots of new people, we talkes about our sub groups within media, we have multimedia, external media, social media, videographers, live stream, and the website. (twitter nad list info) Media meeting is every wednesday at 7 at e5, if you want to join media or have participation in public messageing of OB come to meeting or add yourself to listserv.

CQ: how to add self to listserv?

Alex: email and ask to be added to list, very easy.

(Also gives physical address of e5 again)

Brian: We have a grou pof marches/DA folks.

we have three basic themes. Final one is a march tonight if ppl are down. But first just about what we talked aout. Ppl brought up an action at the court for Monday but we decided we didn’t have ontacts with the workers there ...instead (siren) we are planning an action with occupy JP on Monday and I encourage you to go to it, it’s 1:00 at central street, Monday. (Center street no Central Street.) There’s an action ...occupation of Zuccotti Park, in order to plan that ...second announcement is that we’ll be meeting at 6;00 before the next GA--

No,m the next one will be before the TUESDAY GA not the one tomorrow.

The third thing we talked about is doing something tonight because ppl feel really defeated. If we have the numbers we could do a march tonight somewhere really close since it’s really cold. Temp check?

(9:30 pm)

DA rep: Temp check on action tonight? If this doesn’t get consent, this doesn’t mean we are weak, there’s a lot of shit happening. Today was a day of jail soliarity, I’m confident we did a lot. Temp check on ppl do an action tonight?

OK, not muhc interest in doing that tonight.


Chaser: I was there last night when we were raided. We had members from all over camp that feel marginalized for not being able to share their stories, their views about camp here tonight, so tomorrow, at 4pm, I invite you all, on behalf of DA, to be here, to listen to the stories and the views of those that were arrested and tose who stood on the sidelines during the raide. Their stories are very important. You will not truly understand because you were not there but hearing their stories might help you understand what everybody has gone through and why we love Occupy! (cheers)

Anna: Guys there’s free food! Come take it!

DA: Generally every week let’s have a GA to decide on unified action to sustain the movement through the winter so we have a real surge forward to be a real mass movement.

Apparently the dockworkers are going on strike monday, I just found out. Someone has contacts not in our WG and told me this so we should totally support like Oakland (cheers)

Crowd person: this should be the first point of action tomorrow at GA for discussion

shutting down the west coast ports in solidarity with workers and occupy in the solidarity with these workers and also demanding their rights to reoccupy in Oakland. There was a proposal that we gather at 4:00 at Govt Center in solidarity with the ILWU and with Occupy Oakland. Monday at 4:00 at Govt Center that’s all.

What to Occupy Next: Trying to make steps to find out what is the best solution to keep ppl warm, one of the ideas was to occupy schools closed by city of Boston. Other ideas were to occupy smaller places that were eing foreclosed on. Another idea was to try to lease spaces around the city and develop a way to do it legally. But me personally, I want to try to find a place for people who don’t have a place to sleep tonight. If you don’t have a place to sleep tonight put your hand up in the motherfucking air. These people need a place to sleep tonight. (nobody put up their hands)

(name not known; mohawked guy who was arrested with flag bandana) : Now my voice is gone so help me, be my voice. In respect for these people I would like someone to please help them out. Please come talk to me and if you know these people, on the front lines with them...I do believe

Marla from Thankful: The people who gathered to talk about what we’re thankful for all agreed that we’re not just ineested in alking about what we’re thankful for but we all wanted to talk about what we’re thankful for so we could focus on which parts of the movement we had passion for so we see this as a way to come together to help us direct the way forward and focus on the positive. I’m not going to read you the list ut if you want to look at it get on Twitter and search for the hashtag #OBThanks

Anna: Hey, occupy? You should email to get added to our daily digest. Goes out daily, tells you everything. Can e have a temp check on whether you want to hear from more working groups right now, seven of them, or do you want to talk about the raid, which one first? If you want working groups raise your hands. If you want raid raise your hands., sustainability, library, occupy Umass, students occupy, interoccupy, citizens united, library. (these are the WGs we have left to hear from, I think)

Anna: temp ceck again, working groups or raid?


John Ford: The night before I presented a proposal to peacefully decamp ourselves, I thought that would have taken and assumed the power for us. I went the next morning and I saw the camp had been rebuilt ...linked arms and I was still going through inner turmoil, and I stood up and said I’m not giving police depatment my money ...I volunteered myself to be arrested, what I witnessed in the truck and jail cell was an act of solidarity, love, brotherhood, because our sisters had been excluded from us which melted my heard which affirmed why I am here. When I was let out of jail it was one of the best times I had ever been let out of jail. THere was a whole crowd of people there with food, love, support. And you are here still. I hope you stay with us in the next arrangement, I hope you take the time to learn from the campers, those willing to risk arrest, those willing to risk arrest, sacrifice temselves, 100%, solidarity forever.

(cheers; yeah john, john ford for president)

Noah: The last two nights have been so amazing. The first night we had like 2,500 people out there. We didn’t just occupy dewey square, we occupied atlantic ave and we occupied minds, big time. But a lot of poeple burned themselves out, there weren’t as many people last night, but there were quite a lot, and we had a great time, we cleaned camp, we ceremonially said our goodbyes and committed ourselves to nonviolent civil disobedience. We met police brutality with righteousness and, uh, the police for the most part just followed orders. There weren’t too many people who were out to inflict pain. But i happened to get one of these guy on my left wrist and he did me a good bit of pain. But ultimately I think the victory was ours (cheers!) and we will continue to stand by our claim. Claim isn’t a strong enough word, our assertion that what we are doing here is necessary and right. We must continue, regardless. So that’s why I’m so happy to see everyone here tonight.

Fac Alex (“white alex, “boy alex”) Next, Alex from Media who has experienced...If you are someone who doesn’t often speak at GAs or who is less represented at GA or camp I encourage you to get on stack.

Alex P: Today in the Globe it was obvious on the editorial page that we have a lot of supporters in this city. I want to read to you a short letter to the editor that appeared in today’s newspaper. I reads, I just want to say thank you o the occupiers, those pesky patriots, who camped out in wind, rain, and storm to make a point for all of us. This movement has been a spark of hope in a time of mind numbing cynicism. I see them as the soul of our country, rising up in the same tradition as those who fought the american revolutio. If we truly believed in the democratic values that we send ppl across the world to die for then cities would have areas set aside for protest as a sacred act. I will be watching with keen interest to see where this energy shows up next. To the occupiers I say keep talking and thinking and acting there are many of us who will be there with you. From Mimi Smith. And now from me. Now is the time to be realistic and optimistic. We must rally our supporters and include them in consensus decision making. And be inclusive to the city and communities that support us. We must encourage creativity, courage, and cameraderie as we move forward to the next phase of OB: let’s do this! (cheers!)

Suzi: I was at Dewey square last night until 10am this mroning. I decided I could not be arrested because i have a paper on civil disobedience due on Monday. But I did feel I needed to bear witness to the brutality my brothers and sisters were immintently facing. Last night, this morning, was the scariest moment of my entire life. I have unfortunately lost all faith in my government.


Suzi: I am still more committed than ever to believing in universal love. Tis may be an unpopular opinion but I still hold it. I will love every single human on this planet. even cops. For the rest of my life. Last night I told this to every single cop I could scream at. Some of them seemed empathetic, others of them asked what I was smoking.

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me. I love you all forever.

(swap from Monica as transcriber to Dan as transcriber)

Crowd: our next congresswoman!

Angla: I’d like to try to do this without mci check because you know I wlaked off te stage because I was so overwhelmed and so frustrated and talked with a friend about the years of experience we had. Then I came back and it was us. I know that it needs to be big and broad and there’s something really wonderful about having us here to talk about this. I waited and waited and we speculated. aRe they coming? I’ll wait till 130, 230, 330. Rachel and Eli organied us down on te plaze for one of the most wonderful moments we had simply to tell stories. And we were looking over at the GA area and then we just starte noticing and Cynthia and Jorge and I went to use the bathroom and there was just a feeling that even though we didn’t look ready, we were. It had been my plan to leave at 5, so i watched it in livestream. and there was a moment when i saw duncan going into the wagon and he was just being duncan, and jorge was eing you know, and noah, i saw him being dragged off, and io hope you’re ok


Robin: hi everybody, this is the site of our first GA. i sad welcome to oB, now i saw welcome to OB part 2! last night there was a creepy guy who called me and two other prostitute. i took out my phone, he punched me, and he grabbed my phone. the amazing part is that campers swarmed him. one of these guys was jamaica. i’m hearing that he’s going to be deported now. i will stand behind him everday in court, and i will stand behind him, i will miss work, school, and give up everything

The raid was horrible. i livetweeted it from th remainders of the media tent that i hd helped put hp. i only saw noah, because he was screaming in pain. i also umped hte barricades at ne point, because i watned to be arrested,but they owuldn’t apparently a memeber of tbe media was dragged by his backpack bcauese he didn’ have a press pass.

After hte raid, many of us stayed till way past sunrise. i had nothing to tell hte homeless people who wanted to know where we would camping next. they lost

I have hope. we prepared . some of us still haven’t slept. we’re not going anywhere.


We’re checking to see whether or not we’ll hear more raid accounts or move to WG announcements.

Next on stack: Stephanie

Hi everyboday. Came not as particiapne,t but as observer. But you stolle my heart and i fell in love with movement. multiple cops said to me, just leave. hwat are you trying to prove, what will this do? i gave them my best shit-eating grin and said i won’t leave here by my own will. from inside wagon, us ladies quickly showed solidarity by freeing hands, texting, and lauhing. i couldn’t lauge, my heart was still in dewey. i see many faces who want this movement to grow. if you think you have a future, think again. you don’t unless you are willing to sacrifice everything, including freedom, to defend it. this isn’t shallow, it’s a 10,000 yr old struggle. fight oprression in all forms, never forget what a small group of people can accomplish.


PADDYWAGON. we have video docs that park is open until 11. we will continue.

tomorrow at 1 we will still hold impromptu meeting. please be here because it will warm your heart. solidarty.

If there are still people on stack, I’m happy to faciliate for next 10-15 minutes or so.

Alex: I’m up here primarily because there was a call for people who don’t usually speak in GA. Thats me. I’m one of you, I feel completely, don’t know right verb, in solidarty, with you, with occupation. and i was at dewey at the last 2 evenings, and over last week, more than i had been previously. and the strength and the love and grace that i have seen from all of you is inspiring. thank you for civil disobedience and for your strength.


Paul: My name is Paul. I don’t think I’m a familiar face here. I deeply regret that, and plan to change in the future. As far as my experince, thursday night was incredible, one of happiest nights of my entire life. wish we could’ve had numbers like that last night. We need to be ready in future to face arrests like this morning because we can’t be afraid of police forces. we can’t give them that power. my other deep regret s that i wasn’t three when the arrests happened. i left at 4, was convinced nothing would happne. i realize that was a mistake. in future, i’ll be in those wagons and in those cells with you all.

That is everyone on stack who was here, but we’ll now be adjourning.

We’ll meet tomorrow at 5 the common, but if there’s a change, like an indoor space, a text will be sent over emergency text system.

I talked to financial today. they’re willing to get an indoor space, but we don’t know where, because spaces are too small.

the end!