GA Minutes Sat Mar 08 2012

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GA - 8 March 2012

Source: GA_Minutes_Sat_Mar_8_2012.txt


Occupy Boston General Assembly

notes: marty

started at 5:58p, after announcements

Proposal from Spokes Council


Radical History Freedom Trail Walking Tour

Proposal for alternate assembly on the evening of March 17

CC: No other room for announcements?

WG can get on stack to talk about they do.

CC: "Regular business suspended?"

Announcments, but no decision-making

CC: Why?

For #M17 day of action.

CC: who will facilitate?

Two members of OB. FWG will not take on that role, as a WG.

POI: B/c GA is going to be dramatically different, FWG will not have a role

If individual facilitators want to, they can

CC: When will they be decided?

In the spokes-concil.

CC: Announcements then what?


CC: How does this relate to the parade?

Thats the next day, its something different.

VFP are marching in the parade and have invited OB.

Everyone should go!

CC: If none of the speakers turn up, it would just be Wgs talking about what they do?


CC: purpose?

This would be wrapping up of multiple actions.

ie. FAB is having action 3-5, wrap up at GA.

CC: reasoning behind this format? Why was the GA to be the culmination of this day of action on radical history?

A: This is what spokes council decided.

POI: This is the 6th anniversary of OWS.

[breakout for small group discussions]

aaaaand we're back.

[explanation of process]

SOS: Anniversary, having public assembly

SOS: Great idea, connecting to history.

SOS: People will be on the Freedom Trail, good chance to do outreach

SOC: Opportunity for outreach not being maximized. Have an amendment.

SOC: Banking on speakers, none booked yet. Consider alternative?

SOC: Heard things about how Spokes council has been running, concern about how this is going to happen. Entrust this group to pull off something in the name of OB. Don't want it to be a dud.

SOC: That day is a high holiday for drunken idiots walking around Boston. Security concerns.

SOC: with calling it a "General Assembly" with it not being a GA

SOC: Concern with time left to organize this.

CC: Incorporating black freedom trail?

SOC: Conerned that this is not planned out enough. Cancelling a GA to hold a space for something not planned out.


FA: Qualitative approval with thte understanding that at the next Spokes, will solidify plans. If don't get any speakers by Wednesday, may have to curtail this decision.

FA: Begin altered GA format with open stack, no longer than 30 minutes for speakout of why people are Occupiers/involved with Occupy movement.

FA: Acknowledge and address history of exploitation of Indigenous and Africans.

FA: Change to "Popular Assembly"

FA: Leave room for facilitated speak-out after WG announcements

[break for ammendments]

recap of highlights

we don't normally share minutes

last week:

-taking time at Tuesday GA to talk about Climate change

-Day of Action against the T

-Committment to Anti-oppression

-April 1st meeting at Dewey

would like to do minutes in the future

its all on the wiki


impressed that people are not having side conversations


Talking about General Strike on May 1st. Would think that by now there'd be announcements about it.

Who is working on it? We should start talking about it!!! Important for international solidarity.


It's not a general strike, really. Don't call it a general strike if it's not.


Idea to combine Occupy the T with May Day.

Tell your boss you're coming late because your walking to work, protesting the T.


Use the media request form! Under the contact button on the home page "Media request submission form" for livestreamers, press release, blog posts, tweets, etc...


Jorge is hiking the AT

AAAAnd we're back.


Changing name to "Popular Assembly"


Opening with open mic for Occupiers: Why they Occupy

WG and AGs with 2-3 minutes with how their work relates to political/social revolution

Possibly speakers, if available

facilitated open mic after WGs

holding assembly on Common for visibility and historic significance

inviting groups to come and incorporate plans re: indigenous/African assembly

[no small groups]

SOS: It was great before, it's been approved.

SOC: Having day to talk about radical history, then ending the day with "this is why we're out here." It's kind of redundant. WGs talking about what they do, not very radical. Speaker would be great, but its not set in stone. Open mic twice... why? Whole day talking about radical history, why aren't we informing peopoe that Radical History is not over? It's OK to be radical!

SOC: Again, it's only a week away, seems like its just coming together now. [explanation of block]

no blocks.

Proposal passes.