GA Minutes Sun Dec 25 2011

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Location: Community Church of Boston.

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47 people.

Starting GA Notes at 6:18

David's proposal of adding OB onto the statement to Deval Patrick to not participate with a Federal Law that allows deportation to occur for any undocumented persons that commit a violations, even minor traffic violations.

Place proposal here

cc: what is the details of the law that we are making a statement about? resp: this program was initiated as a pilot program just for violent offenders, and now it is being used for anyone that is picked up for minor traffic violations.

6:30pm breakout groups

statements of concern:

  • the statement could be legally possibly be stronger if it is worded.

statements of support:

  • very alined with occupy boston
  • crossing a border should not be illegal


  • research the ins-and-outs of the issue.
  • use some of the ACLU "watch" programs.
  • note that we are in an experimental state. and we reject our families being a test case.
  • add some economic data as to how much it costs us: how it affects the economy.

33 people.

David will bring this back to the Ocupemos el Barrio

David had an announcement for CityLife that we are working more with them.

New proposal

Economic Equality working group. Proposal:

put proposal here

any purchase or rental or space should not be done with the capitalists

cc: are we saying in this proposal that OB is against capitalism?

ansr: no

cc: what is the actual list?

ansr: it is a non-profit.

cc: non-profit orgs are sometimes doing "good things" and sometimes "bad things", so should that be the best requirement?

ansr: then we pick non-profits that are doing good things.

cc: how about buying from individuals or the government?

ansr: that is also a good idea, and we use the same criteria of them performing "good deeds"

27 people.

Breakout Groups.

23 people.

posing to the GA if we have quorum. No votes yea that we have quorum.

point that facilitation should help out with the proposal writing.

POP that this is not the right time to suggest that.

moving forward with the process.

concern: defining a non-profit. we have experience that some non-profits are very submersed into the capital process

c: there are many for-profits that are doing very good things: Southwest Airlines. Co-ops.

c: there are many people at OB that are "capitalists"

c: this is part of a larger conversation and there are other working groups that should be contacted

c: we don't have consensus as to what we want in terms of location, so this is jumping the gun.


s: support that we raise the value of talking about this now.



a: instead of language of non-profits or for-profits, make a list of appropriate business practices we tolerate in the organization that we will do business with.

a: that it would be month-to-month not a long term lease if we do lease just in case this is a problem, and that the person goes to GA

a: do not put in language that we are buying or leasing at this point/

a: need to have detailed information about the history of the space.

a: language that incluces that whatever deal we go into should follow all of our previous prinicples.

since there is no quorum, then we are done with the process for this proposal.


Individual stack.


reading a passage from a book.


a poetic reading.