GA Minutes Sun Nov 11 2012

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Minutes for 11 November 2012


Location: Community Church of Boston
Time: Approximately 4:30 - 6:00pm, followed by SAA
Note taker: Dana -|- Stack: Bobbi -|- Facilitator: Rich


We passed two proposals:
1.) To allocate $175 dollars to hold a public live-streamed viewing of the StrikeDebt "People's Bailout Telethon" , November 15th, 2012.

2.) to allocate $500 to be donated in OB's name toward the Nov. 15th. Telethon.


We had 17 people.


FAWG (Linda) FAWG is in communication with the Tides Foundation as a potential model for how to implement the OB agreement with United for a Fair Economy.

Emergency Funding Allocation (Linda) A group of people from OB including Logistics arranged, after some online communications, to use $900 of OB funds for relief for victims of Hurricane Sandy (truck rental, gas, transport of materials from storage, etc.)

Social Media Workshop (KC) KC will lead a workshop after GA and SAA (November 11) on effective use of Social Media

In-Reach Buttons (Bil) The new materials for producing buttons have been secured and are working.

InterOccupy (Aria) The next national conference phone call of InterOccupy will be 9 pm. Monday, November 12. It is a weekly phone call. Everyone is invited to get involved. info

Talk in Venezuela (Rich) After an invitation to participate, Rich was in Venezuela for 8 days which included talking about the Occupy Movement on the 'Telesur' television program which has a viewership of up to 300 million.

Street Medics (Linda) A number of Street Medics from Boston have been going down to NYC to help in relief efforts after Hurricane Sandy. Occupy Sandy has received a good deal of favorable mainstream press for its community work in the aftermath of the Hurricane.

Bank Working Group (Linda) A subset of the Bank Actions Working Group has been continuing work on the idea of a "Public Bank" and on creating a State Bank for Massachusetts.

Workers Solidarity Friday (Linda) November 16, Davis Square in Somerville, there will be a demonstration in solidarity with the workers of Diva's, of the One World Cuisine restaurant group. Details from Centro Presente at (617) 629-4731.

OB Outreach (Eden) An Outreach invitation and information was included in the program for the post-election event, Thursday Nov. 8th at Old South Church which was well attended. (Aria) An Affinity Group Formation meeting for will take place November 20th at the Democracy Center in Harvard Square, Cambridge. Also there is the New England Climate Convergence November 17-18.

Proposal 1

To allocate $175 dollars so that OB can hold a Live-Streamed event with a public viewing of the OWS Strike Debt "People's Bailout Telethon" to support the "Rolling Jubilee" -Campaign to Buy Debt, Then Abolish It.
$100 is for food, refreshments. $75 is to pay for the space: Hope Central Church, 85 Seaverns Avenue, Jamaica Plain.

Proposal 2

$500 to be given as an OB donation to the "People's Bailout Telethon"

Both proposals passed, remaining 'in the bucket.'

Personal Stack at end:

Michael expressed concern about the ability of OB to reach out to broader population than just an extreme left. He is thinking about the implications for his personal participation.

Several people expressed feelings that the process for the emergency allocation of resources supporting those in need after Hurricane Sandy could have been better and done without language in online communications that was felt by them to be disrespecting of the GA and other people in OB. Also a desire to hear report-backs on how that support work (the driving down, interactions with Occupy Sandy, etc.) went.

GA ended, sometime around 6:00.