GA Minutes Sun Nov 20, 2011

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GA Notes 11/20

[missed first 30 minutes of announcements]

~60 people in attendence


A speaker is coming in to discuss public speaking.  Learn how to speak clearly and be more confident infront of others.  11/21 @ 8:00pm


Indigineous Solidarity and Outreach Working Group  Proposal
Looking for funds to cover transportation costs for transportation to Plymouth Massachusetts on November 24th.  Includes a cap of $300.
PASSED by consensus on Sunday November 20th @ 7:40PM

Non Violence Working Group Proposal
Proposal will be added shortly.

Clarifying questions
- No working definition of what types of behaviors are considered non-violent.
- How is this enforced?
response: It’s a statement representing us as a movement.  Not enforced.
- You mentioned that it included “all beings” - In the proposal it says people.

Points of information
- Was at one of the first GA’s where non violence was discussed.  Had decided that they couldn’t come up with a definition of exactly what non-violence meant that everyone would agree with.
- What I just heard, was the beginning of a definition of non-violence. I thought that the definition of non-violence wasn’t going to be discussed in this proposal?

**Break for small group 7-minute discussion**

Concerns & Statements of Support
- Various statements of support citing examples of non-violence and it’s infl