GA Minutes Sun Nov 25 2012

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Minutes for 25 Nov 2012


Location: Community Church of Boston
Time: 4pm - 5:42pm
Facilitator: Bil
Stack: Julia
Note taker: Kevin


We passed one proposal this evening: to reduce the frequency of GAs to twice per month. GAs will be held on the first Tuesday and third Sunday of the month.


November 28th, Wednesday- Jeremy peas, annual fundraising (VFP) from 7pm-10pm, Johnny D's at Davis Square

  • nobody gets turned away! More the merrier
  • $15 dollar ticket on a sliding scale
  • 60 prizes

Book group on December 10th, location TBD

  • Monday, 17th: community gathering ."dinner and debt" at 565 Bolyston at 6:00pm
  • Kendra will be helping out

December 17th , Richard will be working with Follow up with Venezu

Sign up for Veolia Transportation, will be delivered on December 5th

Budget for All coalition

Bob: Occupy Boston Radio 6-7 pm for anyone who wants to be on the radio to discuss anything you want! Email Richard at if you're interested!


  • Bill and Michael: attended event by congressional representative Markely
  • Linda: Occupy Sandy, Transparency in Occupy Wall Street
  • Bob: occupy Boston radio, see more people listening, open invitation
  • consistency of the GA meeting


  • Mold Issue (occupy sandy)
  • Changing the Church
  • Time of GA meeting
  • Extended the meeting time to 5:30 ( just for today)
  • instead of utilizing GA time to share information we should have more community gathering to share information instead
  • Extended meeting to 5:45
  • Sundays 3:30pm-5:00 instead of 4:00pm-5:00 to avoid running time into SAA
  • Richard suggested 4-5:30 on 3rd Sundays, 7-9:30 on first Tuesday (PASSED!)


  1. discussion about changing the meeting for GA to two times a month, Tuesday in the first week of each month and Sundays every 3rd week of each month. PASSED
  2. GA be held at Emmanuel Puppet Cooperative (Emmanuel Church) contingent to Sarah's availability. Proposal tabled until a future GA.

Meeting ended at 5:42 pm