GA Minutes Sun Oct 23 2011

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Sun Oct 23rd, 2011

Tonight the general assembly was a short one. One proposal and the whole thing complete within a half-hour. The proposal was created by a pop-up working group called the "Statement of Purpose Working Group" which was created today specifically to catalyze the GA into accepting a statement. This group was disbanded after its success, and the future is open to those who wish to come forth with their own proposals. The accepted amendments proposed by the general assembly were grammatical. The amendments denied were not necessary for GA approval.

This proposal was democratically voted by consensus of near 100%.

The proposal is as follows:

"We the people who have occupied Dewey Square, under the name Occupy Boston, have done so in order to maintain a place, where all voices are welcome for the open discussion of ideas, grievances, and potential solutions to the problems apparent in our society. We are and will be holding general assemblies where proposals may be brought to the group as a whole, to be consented to. We have and will continue to occupy this space for the purpose of DEMOCRACY."

Two representatives from the Homeless Working Group got on the open mike after the GA to tell their stories of poverty. This was followed by a musical combustion on stage.