GA Minutes Sun Sep 23 2012

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Location: Copley Square Green
Time: 4:00 pm - approx 5:45pm
Facilitator: Bil
Note taker: Dana


About 24 people attending, including guests from out-of-town who were coming for the SAA to prepare for the Monsanto actions the following day. The GA went a little overtime, blurring into the SAA somewhat as we talked about planning and allocating resources for the Sept. 30th one-year anniversary of Occupy Boston. 2 proposals were passed.

Announcement and Report Backs

FAWG (Linda). Members of OB have been meeting preparing proposals to use United for a Fair Economy (UFE) as Occupy Boston's fiscal sponsor. They plan on posting a proposal to the web soon, so people will have a few days to look at it before bringing it to the next GA.

Monsanto Actions (Eden). Actions are planned to take place at 8:00am, noon and 5:00pm Monday, September 24 at Monsanto Headquarters in Cambridge.

Street Theater (Aria). There will be a Street Theater meeting Wednesday, September 26, 4:00pm at Ula Cafe, 284 Amory St. in Jamaica Plain.

No Room For Wishing A young man created a play in which he performs the recorded stories of 30 different occupiers called "No Room for Wishing". The 90 minute performance has been getting good reviews from Occupiers. Next run will move to theater in Central Square, Cambridge.

Strike Debt A group of debt resistors with a website at have been doing excellent work including the publishing of an "Occupy Wall Street/Strike Debt: The Debt Resistors' Operations Manual" which can be read online and downloaded for free:

Reported Injury We learned that a member of OB had received a concussion when his head was slammed against pavement by cops in NYC over the S17 weekend.


Passed proposals:

Button Machine materials The button machine that has been used to promote various Occupy groups and events is in good working order. It is , however running out of the raw materials for making more buttons. The proposal to spend $106.95 on materials to make 1,000 more buttons was passed.

Funding for S30 A proposal was passed "to allocate up to $500 for S30 spending for a celebration: food, cake, flyers, materials for street theater, etc. with the understanding that this amount may be offset by money from the existing food budget and/or by donations." -After passing this proposal we raised $44 toward the S30 budget by 'passing the hat'.