GA Minutes Thu Jan 26 2012

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GA Minutes January 26th, 2012

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Outward Bound Land

There is a prime location that people requests that people come to a meeting 5 PM Saturday E5.

Occupy Boston Skill Share Meeting

Shirt/Sweatshirt/Bag screen printing - bring stuff

6-8:30 E5 Monday (On Calendar)


Needs Donations: Fabric, Banners, Posterboard, Markers

Bring to GA or E5

Wants to make awesome signs

Mutual Aid

Tail End

If you want Mutual Aid write out your own or fill out a form

Response Notebook is being passed out for future improvements/critiques/criticism

Street Theater and Flash Dance

Meeting: Action Summit - Sunday Night

Lots of leaflets - new song

T riders meeting

Impact of cuts are heart-wrenching

Occupy has had a unified voice at the meetings

Attend to show solidarity and support

Call for escalating actions

Occupy UMASS has an eviction notice

Go there and support with presence

Idea: Research on what a spokes council is

Public Meeting: Saturday - 10:30 AM at City Place

Discussing: March 17th - evacuation day, St. Patrick’s, and Anniversary of Occupy

Modify the Assembly Process

Meeting Tomorrow 6 PM South Station Upper Mezzanine level

Work towards more engaging GAs and more reflective will

Currently: proposals belong to the proposer

creates dictorial power?

Future: depersonalize the proposal process as well as allocate power to the collective


There is a donation box


Notebook - We are unstoppable...

Write in it or flip through - apparently it’s awesome

Occupy Providence

Saturday 3-8 Art-olution

Includes a March from the encampment - People’s Park on Washington Street

Occupy the Cape

This weekend

Needs more People

Sleeping situation unclear

City Life

Auction Protest

Canvasing Next Saturday - more details next Thursday

284 Amory Street 29th 1-4

Walking Distance from Stoney Brook on Orange

Training and Prop Making event for Monday’s Rally - “Underwater mortgages”

Start: 50 Rowes Wharf continuing past Fannie Mae and end at Bank of America at 100 Federal Place

Financial Accounting Working Group

Slide show started with a dope picture of Dewey


Occupy Boston Financial Report

Slide show will be posted on wiki

  • financial accountability tab
  • scroll down - statements can be found there
  • essentially we need to maintain and continue to gather funds/understand that we need to be exceedingly scrupulous with the funds we currently have as to not run through critical assets for overhead: GA’s, community gathering, storage for logistics, etc.

Participatory Budget Process

Initial Workshop

February 4th

Every Working Group should send an ambassador

Homework: Read Literature

  • Identify needs and priorities as a group
  • prepare to discuss what strategic goals will be accomplished via these expenses
  • We can use this same process to allocate our other resources: human hours, solidarity, etc and how we can take our budget/resources and how to accomplish all that we want over the course of the next month
  • the workshop will be online - WE CAN BE PIONEERS


Sherry - Thankful Thursday

  • To have a more positivity
  • There are so many great things that happened at OB and we should celebrate them
  • POI - Facilitation added addendum to each meeting to discuss how it went and any other miscellaneous

Tactical SuperworkingclusterforceEXTREMEtemporaryworkinggroup

  • In anticipation of an American Spring and the need to re-establish a public encampment - seek to exercise our rights! we need a public space for increased donations as well as eliminate cost for a greater number of people in the public forum - general assembly cannot take on all of the responsibilities of the entire movement.
  • begin meetings to discuss future actions
  • $7,000 set aside - ear marked so that it can be spent - for March 1st to invest in future of occupy boston in order to assure available funds
  • military tents
  • fireproofing
  • making camp up to code - no violations
  • maintain security culture
  • controlling the flow of information where it needs to go
  • give enough information to maintain trust without blowing cover
  • meetings will be on calendar for how budget will be delineated in the future
  • this proposal will carry over to Saturday’s GA