GA Minutes Thu Oct 20 2011

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Facilitator Introduction -- Alex C

explanation of GA procedures, hand symbols


-The GA ratified a proposal by the Facilitation Working Group:

  • The Facilitators Working Group (FWG) proposes, starting on Sunday, October 23, that OccupyBoston move to a schedule of conducting General Assembly on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM, and in case of emergencies.
  • The FWG proposes that all Working Groups hold at least one publicly accessible, weekly meeting -- except Legal WG, whose meetings are necessarily confidential. The day and time and place of the meeting is to be posted on the OccupyBoston website, and made available to the Info tent and the Media scheduling boards. The meeting will be facilitated as a horizontal democracy using a consensus decision-making process. During the non-GA evenings, there will be facilitated discussions and debates starting 7pm, on issues that interest the Occupy Boston community. Topics for these non-GA nights should be proposed in advance by individuals or Working Groups during General Assembly.
  • The FWG offers its services to all Working Groups who wish to be trained in a consensus process, and, if needed, can help Working Groups with the facilitation of their first scheduled public meeting.

The GA passed a resolution in solidarity with Occupy the Hood (see


  • Tech -- Sat from noon to nineish we'll be training WG to set up email lists, addresses, domain names, etc.
  • Outreach -- there are flyering kits for various events at the flying table. Contact us at, also at the welcome area
  • Occupy boston globe -- Kickstarter is close to 6K of 8K! still need presses to donate printings or discount printings. if anyone knows of any presses please come find me!
  • We also need more writers, we need profiles from the camp, local stories, stories of economic disenfranchisement, disconnect w/ elected representatives, and Occupies around MA. Also we need liaisons from WGs, we need info from you to post. When we print dailies, this is how to get info out! Email us at, or e-mail me at
  • DA has two actions planned this weekend. Friday we are going to this thing in MA. Meet here at 4:30! We'll take the silver line. Saturday we will be doing something in cooperation with OtH at the police station by the Ruggles stop. It is National Stop Police Brutality day. Meet here at 11.
  • Free School University: Meeting sat at 3p; we need more volunteers and someone here Tue Wed Thurs for daytime help. Even one person any day, half a day, whenever you can be there.


Anna A -- Facilitation

Starting Sunday, 10/23, OB will move to a GA schedule of 7 - 10p on Sun Tue Thur Sat

All WG will hold at least one public meeting during a non-GA evening or weekend afternoon.

Date/time to be posted on OB website and made available to the info tent / media schedule boards

Meetings will be run via horizontal democracy using a consensus decision making process.

Facilitation WG offers its services as training to all WGs who want it, and will facilitate their initial public meetings if needed.


What if it rains? Would we have a makeup day?

We considered weather problems; we expect to make these decisions as we go. So we don't know, but we welcome feedback.

Why is suggested not required for WG to meet on days there is no GA?

Actually, I meant WG should meet in a physical time and place; so if you approve the proposal, then WGs will have to meet at least once a week.

Are there enough slots on non GA days to have public meetings?

Right now, GA runs nightly and WG meet at 8 or 9; that's a problem, and we haven't seen many WG ppl here, so that is what we're trying to solve. We welcome WG to schedule meetings at other times and attend GAs.

Is the schedule rotating every week? Will it be different nights different weeks?

It will be Sun Tues Thur Sat.

I'm wondering why you settled on 4 per week, isn't it drastic to nearly cut GAs per week in half?

We think WGs desire time to meet, and also nightly discussions and debates (like the antiwar workshop the other night); that's why we want only 4 GAs per week.

  • (disruption)*


When there is a disrupt to the GA it is all of our responsibility to bring order to our own meeting; we have agreed that if someone disrupts, if you're comfortable, you silently surround the person and stand there until the disruption no longer interrupts the meeting; by no means should you engage or try and calm down or try and answer their questions.




A lot of times we don't get through the whole agenda, leaving a lot of proposals / people hanging; by cutting number of meetings, wouldn't that drag it out?

The media might make something out of having less frequent GAs for the general public.

It seems that going down to 4 instead of 7 might be seen by outsiders as a loss of momentum to the cause.

I see it as everyone should be here 7 days a week to get shit done; this is a serious matter for our children's future we shouldn't take three days off a week

I am concerned that WG are autonomous; requiring to use the same process, especially if the groups are small (4 ppl) may be self-contradictory.

Strong Support

Having public meetings of the WG might actually be seen as a gain in momentum.

I think that as we evolve our process we should also evolve our strategy. I think that this is a strategic move to layer our use of our process; I don't think it should be interpreted as us losing momentum; we are evolving our strategy. Also, this will allow us to get more done. We'll know that on some nights we'll be making decisions, and other we'll be learning how to support / what's happening with the WGs.

I support this proposal because if we were in school and we had an assembly every day we don't get any school done! The GA is supposed to be the end of a process for proposals. One of the reasons we don't get through proposals here very efficiently is b/c there is not enough time and public accessibility to WGs to get more input into their proposals b4 they bring them to the GA.

In my opinion, this proposal solves 2 problem; the first, b/c we have a very limited # of facilitators, having GAs every day puts those same people up there every day, which is a problem for them and for the GA. 2nd, currently the WGs are not as transparent as they ought to be. This addresses both of those problems, hooray!

I strong support this proposal b/c it gives WGs time to put together adequate proposals to bring to GAs.

I support this proposal b/c there are many ppl who have things to at night, like work and care for kids, and I think that if GAs are on certain nights, it might make it more accessible for more people to fully participate in this process, especially ppl from more marginalized communities.

The WGs need more participants; the GA needs more participation from WG members; I think this solves both of those problems.

Having a GA every night dilutes the importance of any single GA; spreading them out over the week allows ppl to prioritize their time.


I love this! This group should organize and encourage WG to have one of their mtgs at 7p right here every night, so that there is always something at 7 right here, and ppl can show up at 7 to learn about the WG w/o knowing the schedule; that's what we're trying to do!

While this addresses many concerns, many ppl come here w/o knowing what's really going on. A purpose of the GA is to make announcements to update ppl on what's going on; I amend that this aspect of the GA stays and then working group/individual proposals are replaced with this proposal.

I propose to amend the statement that WG will have a public mtg once a week to WG will have a public mtg once per cycle; per cycle as enough days for all WG to have a public mtg.

I propose that the day before or earlier in the day of the GA we have a way to look up the proposals that will be presented at the GA so that ppl will be able know what proposals will be proposed.

I was against this at first and have since been convinced of its general utility. However i still think that 4 days a week is too drastic. I amend that instead we meet 5 days a week, it will be less than drastic and still give WG a chance to have public meetings.

I amend that this proposal include a way for WG and other groups to propose certain nights to be dedicated to certain discussions. Something I'm hearing in the camp is a desire to have a space to discuss social issues, like wars, jobs, education. Currently, this would not create that space. I'd like there to be an amend that during GAs ppl can say "Next Fri 7 to 10 we should meet as a large group discuss wars." It doesn't mean that WG shouldn't meet then, but that they wouldn't meet at the stage.

I propose that announcements go first. Most ppl tonight left before announcements; tonight there are meetings coming up with 2 hours that we won't get to b/c of announcements! problem.

Propose to allow for WG to opt out of public meetings if they already have a good reason not to meet publicly.

Propose we create a way for there to be more than 4 meetings if necessary.

POP: Separate amend to a proposal is fine; we CANNOT have adjustment to proposals.

If ppl think there might be a need for another meeting, you can have emergency meeting for a particular vote.


Tech -- Sat from noon to nineish we'll be training WG to set up email lists, addresses, domain names, etc.

Outreach -- there are flyering kits for various events at the flying table.

Contact us at, also at the welcome area

Occupy boston globe -- Daniel Joshua Schneider

Kickstarter is close to 6K of 8K!

Looking for a few things. We have a website, but we still need presses to donate printings or discount printings. It's often prohibitively expensive, so if anyone knows of any presses please come find me!

We also need more writers, we need profiles from the camp, local stories, stories of economic disenfranchisement, disconnect w/ elected representatives, and Occupies around MA.

Also we need liaisons from WGs, we need info from you to post. FSU has been good about it, also concert ppl, but we want updates from all WG. When we print dailies, this is how to get info out!

Email us at, or e-mail me at

Free School University -- Eden

We've been two ppl here at FSU, we've had some volunteers. Meeting sat at 3p; we need more volunteers and someone here Tue Wed Thurs for daytime help. Even one person any day, half a day, whenever you can be there.

We're making a website for interactive learning. There's info on the wiki about our classes, also a WePay account. Rachel is scheduling (we'll get her email). Thank you John for our online security! For now we are the bright orange sign that lists our classes, tomorrow there is the Wall St Complex; ending war as a political tool; Chomsky @ 530p or 6p on Saturday; beginning forum on immigration 12 to 3; there will be signs around for that, please take a look and see if you can help out.


To address concerns and amendments:

I can't accept any amendments right now, I want to address concerns now. hope you'll consider my response.

I'll bring things to table tmrw night at facilitation mtg. We'd like WGs in the mtg to practice consensus process -- media and transparency have been doing this, we really want to teach you and offer trainings! so WG can do things their own way, yes.

We think WGs should NOT opt out of public mtgs; they're all here for everyone. We want them to be accessible…BUT facilitation should NOT legislate when WG can meet, that's not our job to tell them. We don't have time to create a complex WG schedule of who meets when, I expect that WGs can work this out among their groups and autonomously decide WG mtg times. I want to bring to facilitation that there should be SOMETHING happening 7p, i.e outreach discussions, mission-directed debates about banks jobs etc. BUT that facilitation should not legislate what happens when. It's up to the WG.

If there's an emergency we will absolutely hold a GA, we're all part of this community -- many of you are competent facilitators, we can find facilitators for an emergency. We're all the same community we can definitely have emergency meetings any time!

We don't accept that there should be 5 or more, we really think WG need time to work out their own mtg times, more transparency will mean more things for WG to do, we stick to Sun Tue Thur Sat.

I will add emergency language, but that's all. I hope you feel that we are all one we are all facilitators of the consensus process, obviously we'll meet when we need to!

(rereads the proposal)

POP -- did you just officially add that language? or will you do that later?

answer -- wanted to say that facilitation is experimenting, we'll be thinking about these things in the future; the proposal is NOT changed in that regard

ONLY have added emergency language -- "Emergency meetings on off days if needed."



What has been put in writing?

Only the statement about emergency meetings.

(POP -- clarifying consensus process)

Why are you feeling that you're not able to amend the proposal? Facilitation group put the proposal towards us, so you can change it if you want to… you said that you don't have the right to mandate the WG rules? But as a GA, we do have a right to legislate these things!

(clarifying her question) We should add on to the proposal a consensus to legislating discussions on other topics on another nights.

I'm fine with this, I just want this proposal to pass -- temperature check? Do we want anyone to be able to add political discussions?

POP -- there's something happening here…what it is ain't exactly clear.

Clarify -- you have restated, let's go through the process again. Continue with Qs.

Do you plan to limit the GA to 7p to 10p as your proposal states?

No. We were just hoping that GA would be more efficient, so we don't think they would be tend to be that long.




The language about the emergency meeting suggests that facilitators could call an emergency meeting on their own will, rather than through the consensus process at a GA… (seemed to be retracted)

We're still unclear on our process…so eliminating GAs where we learn about consensus and direct democracy is not a good thing to do.

A lot of things were brought up as amendments and were not considered in the restatement. They've been promised to be addressed; basically, there is a huge problem that ppl's concerns promised to be addressed but aren't addressed here but aren't guaranteed to be addressed later.

I believe that the amendments that everyone will have diff ideas and opinions (POP -- not on topic)

I object to proposal as stated b/c of issue of public mtgs; for instance, legal team exchanges confidential info and shouldn't be required to meet publicly.

What happens on nights off? I think ppl will still come and if my group is meeting and south station, like other WGs, ppl will think nothing is going on.

If off days are exclusively for WG activity then we miss a great opportunity to hold mass mtgs to discuss why we are here, what we want to do to change the effing world. We need that space, if GA is not that space. I write emails full of passion, but it's not the same as the GA. I need your passion and want to hear what you have to say, and want it to be regular! I want space not taken away as soon as we make it!


I support the idea of weekly public mtgs of every WG. If that WG needs to discuss private things, they can do it at one of their other meetings.

Similarly, if you want to hold a rally full of passion and ideas and debate it can happen at 6p! or 4p! In my opinion that is a function separate from general assembly.

I believe by condensing GA process into fewer days, we'll be more capable of making informed decisions. I really like this proposal.

Friendly Amendment

Amend that we make the sound equipment including mic available at 7p on all WG nights for anyone who wants to meet here.

Amend that we allow legal mtg only to opt out of public mtgs so that we can continue to function as a WG.

I don't need a part of an agenda during every GA for ppl to propose passionate rallies, but we should include (in addition to public WG mtgs) that we'll hold open discussion on topics that interest the 99%.

Addressing concerns:

Question for legal -- can you not have a public mtg once a week, like training or public issues?

We're concerned a required public mtg just to have a public mtg adds a time burden. Legal is full of lawyers and law students, as well as activists, and I think that extra trainings, workshops, etc. every week would be arbitrary.


facilitation WG propose starting sunday 0/23 OB move to a steed of GA 7 to 10p Sun Tue Thur Sat and emergency nights as needed by community; propose tha all WG hold at least on publicly accessible mtg on non-GA evenings (except LEGAL); the day and time to be posted on OB website and given to medi a and scheduling boards; mtgs facilitated as ABOVE; facil offers to all WG who want to be trained help, also with running first public mtgs

anyone can propose nightly discussion on non-GA nights; there shall be equipment for all these evening


(explanation of blocks)



(explanation of consensus)


(Individual?) Proposal -- Ryan

(we make some noise b/c we like what just happened)

(we make some noise b/c we've heard of Occupy the Hood)

We are the 99%!

We are the 99%!

Occupy Boston!

Occupy Boston!

We are the 99%!

We are the 99%!

Occupy Boston!

Occupy Boston!


Initiative to address of absence of minorities, i.e. the Check Your Privilege WG.

(we make some noise b/c we want to diversify the movement)

Whites make 20x blacks, 18x hispanics.

Disparities on education, health care, jobs, housing, etc.

There will be a rally tomorrow (Occupy the Hood) to bring the movement to communities of color.

It'll be in and around Roxbury, Mattapan, etc.

Propose that OB stands in solidarity w/ Occupy the Hood rally tomorrow, 6p Dudley Sq.

Therefore we will send volunteers to support and assist the rally.

We hope to see OtH grow into inclusive and democratic step to uniting all the 99%.

We recognize that our support for these initiatives is a process of learning from, listening to, and deepening our connections with many local communities.


Food -- ppl are eating our food but not returning our plates and cups. If you eat and drink, bring them back! We're running short.


This could be just a bunch of illiterate baloney, but when reading on an online forum about Ocupy the Hood, there were some ppl claiming that leader -- I can't remember his name -- there was a claim made -- that he boycotts white business. Confirm or deny?

POP… This -- just…no.

Is OtH an organization separate from OB? Or is it the event tomorrow?

There is a lot of energy around this initiative. We don't know what it really is, yet. Tomorrow is the first public thing it's having. It's not really a separate organization, but we're just having a rally. The proposal is to support the RALLY not the organization.

Are other organization besides ours sponsoring this event?

Yes, others are supporting. City life / viva urbana; others have members attending but haven't gotten around to officially supporting us.

If a smaller organization wants to sponsor this event, then what is the process and how do we go about that?

POP not relevant to proposals, talk to this guy later.

Will this statement of solidarity be presented formally to OtH tmrw night?

…sure, why not?


FYI the rally tmrw night, even thought it's OtH, is not going to be an occupation. Think of it more like the very first mtg that OB had at the gazebo.


I support the proposal in one sense. We do have to diversify the movement, but my concern is that many organizations that are based in Dudley have not had an adequate amount of bridge building and consensus about what this means for Roxbury. I think if that doesn't happen, this could be a major step backwards. We need to think about this, especially as a group of white people NOT from Roxbury. I'm speaking for myself here, and I'd like to encourage those who are with me on this and NOT a PoC or from Dudley to challenge their white privilege while bridge building happens with those organizations in Dudley.

I agree with what she said, I don't think we should bring it to one particular neighborhood, one particular area, especially the area i've been around a number of times, I know it's complete unsafe, and that's a fact.

I don't understand why is that we exclude so many other communities. I speak for the muslim american community. Every time I bring it up, it's not heard for whatever reason…what's up with that?

POP That's not relevant to this proposal.


I strongly support this b/c it doesn't exclude anyone, we're not organizing OtH, other ppl are organizing it. This proposals just shows our solidarity and our support to PoC who have the right to organize. I hear the concern it's going take a while for many organizations to come around this (or not). But as OB we met in the commons when we didn't have support of anyone. Once we became an occupation, some joined us, some didn't, so I strongly believe that we can pass this proposal with lots of respect and humility, and watch our privilege in our comments. And not call communities unsafe even if we're feeling racist.

I'm hearing ppl ask why african-americans aren't coming here…we need to show up to Dudley!

This is an exciting, even historic development. As OB we cannot expect to dictate or determine in advance the forms that other people -- oppressed ppl -- devise to express their discontent, outrage, need to contest this racist capitalistic system. We still need to be able to support ppl's right to rise up, even when we're not sure where it's going to go.

Even though these ppl we're talking about haven't built bridges with community groups yet, I think this is a great start to build that bridge.

We have lost many opportunities since the beginning of our occupation to reach out to support communities who do not have adequate representation at OB. It has to begin somewhere, and tmrw is as fast as it an come. And that's awesome!

I believe two weeks ago that the urban youth asked this assembly for their support in them joining the 99%. I think it's time that we cash in that check; that's what this means! That's only what this means! Anyone who says that they want to be part of the 99% will be admitted. That is all.

I teach at one of boston's most urban colleges. We have 13000 students. 70% are students of color. Almost all are low income. They think I'm crazy. By and large, my students have only come to OB when I have dragged them. They think change can't happen. This week, I told them about OtH. They said, "For real?? This is happening? You're crazy!" I said this is happening. You should be there. They're coming tomorrow!

Just wanna say this movement has to spread in order to survive, and it is! We may not organize but we are definitely with it, and those in Dudley who are organizing deserve our support. OB just like OWS, has been a spark that has lit a prairie fire, so let it spread!

Don't think that we should blow this out of proportion. This is a just a statement of solidarity. We're not solving our problems of outreach to communities of color yet. However it's a simple statement. If we can't pass this, then we're completely impotent.

I come to you in behalf of OWS. I was there from 3rd day, every day until today, because I wanted to spread out love to you and show you how we appreciate how much you care. I want to make this short, but want to share with you that the whole world joined you when we marched on Time Square. You are here in Boston while the rest of the world stood up in defiance of the oligarchy that oppresses us. I stand here in awe with amazement, with pride and in dignity and solidarity. I thank you all for this beautiful experience.

The issues that have been raised in the OtH proposal represent the democratic aspirations of a segment of our city which have been for too long been left out of the conversation. Despite the concerns I have had, and the concerns that have been raised in other circles about the undemocratic way that OtH was organized, I am satisfied with the language in this proposal which meets a good balance between our hopes for how it turns out and some accountability for the organizers. So I hope we pass this statement tonight.


I want to amend that we would specifically meet at 5p or 430p, make signs that specifically identify us as from Dewey Square in support of the hood; that we go as a group. I think it would be powerful for Dewey Square to be a recognizable contingent in respect of this independent action in the hood.

Amend that OtH -- why stop there? Why is that we just go to the hood? Then what?

I amend that we strengthen the language around respect and humility so that with good intentions we do not have hundreds of white people marching into a black community. It is their event, we want to show support, but they need to be empowered to rally their event.


Legal -- will have a public mtg sometime Sat between end of OtH and Chomsky.

Tonight 10p, Know Your RIghts. Training for interactions with the cops, come by legal tent 10p we'll go somewhere and teach.

Legal observers, remember your notes must be confidential. UTMOST IMPORTANCE. YOU BE A NEUTRAL OBSERVER. No hugging friends, no talking to the cops.

Jenny -- we are reviving the mediation working group!

We would like to hold a meting to talk about how we would like to handle tension and deescalation. We will be meeting by Ghandi at 10p. Hope to see you there!

Anti-oppression working roup

Sunday we had an anti-opp workshop, no regular GA. More than 250 ppl came and participated, learned definitions and historical facts. We also shared our experiences w/ oppression.

Many ppl came from different communities, some oppressed communities. Worked to deepen anti-opp groups.

We want to make the group here look like the 99%.

Only been a few days, but still processing, but you should now that we're following up.

1. Notes are posted on OB wikispace, welcome to read them!

2. Collected notecards, good idea. We need more workshops like this during GA time. Also we need more time in small groups to talk and share, and to create a space to talk about all kinds of oppression.

Everyone should know that there are groups such as the women's caucus, the GLBT caucus, etc.

Boston community organization WG which tries to connect w local community groups.

Invite you to come to this event I have a flyer for. Also, I talk fast and am hard to transcribe.

We must eliminate oppression here!

This is the first Occupy movement that has addressed oppression. We've gotten calls from groups around the world who want to know!


Addressing concerns:

1. Bring it to unsafe area -- it's insensitive to characterize an entire community as unsafe…also racist. Anyway, if you don't feel safe, don't come! That's irrelevant to whether or not we show solidarity.

2. We, uh, we don't exclude muslims. The nation of islam is one of many organizations that will be there. That also has zero bearing on the rally.

3. Dudley organizations aren't involved, that's true. But when OB started we didn't have local support either. Jobs for Justice, the ACLU, City Life/Vida Urbana have all sent members, some have officially endorsed. There is some local support. But again, it should not affect whether or not we show solidarity. We should get behind it and hope others do, too.


If you want to go to other communities, please do it! We don't have to stop here. But i won't include that here, this is just a solidarity with one rally.

Meeting beforehand, that's great, show support, make signs, we encourage it. But I don't want to put in a proposal, don't want to force people to meet at a particular time.

I will change respect and humility to RESPECT AND HUMILITY. J/k, it is an important issue, we shouldn't interrupt process of self emancipation.

(restate proposal)








First, each and every person out there be proud of yourself, cause most people even aren't are taking time to see that this shit is important. This is true. What I have to say is that why most people of color, and i'm not speaking for all, but we have to come and make things more simple. A lot of people are not educated on the levels of politics and how things go down in this country socially. So we got to make things in a way that's popular, simple, and being able to make this something that is concrete and realistic of every day individuals. And that shows you reach global masses when you deal with people; you deal with certain circles who are familiar with other certain circles. I love you all! Very big of yourself.





Quorom no longer exists.

INDIVIDUAL PROPOSALS (go to top of stack to be announced)

Scott --

It seems that we should have a quorum, we had it a second ago-- (crowd disagrees, ppl have begun to leave already)

Propose that we have a right to make demands; so we invite all candidates for the US senate seat from any parties to join us for an exchange of ideas. Our movement is powerful and growing, ppl recognize our democracy. Ppl across the world are rising up to politicians. Boston is no different, we want our voice to be heard. We want politicians to listen. Sen. Brown along w/ all other are invited to come and speak to us. It would give us national coverage and a chance to express our ideas to senators. A chance to speak a group of people. (Temp check -- it's popular)

We can decide what exactly we want this event to be. I think that we should maximize our presence through this. I would love to propose this tomorrow (in the AM?), please come talk with me.


DA has two actions planned this weekend. Friday we are going to this thing in MA, we'll be making signs, etc. be here at 430! We'll take the silver line. Saturday we will be doing something in cooperation with OtH at the police station by the Ruggles stop. It is National Stop Police Brutality day, our movement has been repressed by the police and we should respond to this. The rally on this day will be to respond to this. It just so happens that we have decided to invite along OtH since they were doing something, too. It's a chance for us both to speak about our experience. Meet saturday here at 11!


Bill -- 23rd floor of that building I will be giving a speech. I want to speak to WGs about your message.

I will be buying a button machine! What do you think? Find me!

Some guy -- Tmrw 130p, say YES to AIDS drugs! Millions of ppl are dying of aids…go generic drugs! I have a flyer, meet on the green line, by Longwood medical area. See info booth for info (surprise!).

Rachel B -- I was thinking of proposing…we've been talking about lists of demands. What if we have a session where everyone proposes demands at one meeting? Then we can discuss them one by one! I'll check back later.

Medical -- there is a flu workshop this weekend. (Flu shots?)

Some guy -- Queer / Women are being treated as objects! This one girl tried to voice an opinion and someone started hitting on her. Some girl here was in her underwear and ppl were writing on her…but some guy was hitting on her! Guys come on stop hitting on girls. There are also queer issues. We need to talk about these issues, not just stupid things like what color should we wear??

Mike M. -- What's going on, ppl? I want to say something about the federal reserve, and what it's really about. The banks are owned by the Rothschild family. In 1860, Rothschilds tried to get a central bank, but President Lincoln said no. He said the bankers are the worst enemy, more than the South. Rothschild got congress to finance a central bank. Coordinated with Baron Alfred in London. The federal banks approved by Congress in 1913, when most Congressmen were absent for Christmas. President Wilson signed it an hour later. So in one day, JP Morgan/Citibank/Rothschild took over the economy! I have 30 sec? Dude what? That one lady talked way too much! What got accomplished? Do you really want to make a difference? Do you know about the Bergers? What about the real problems? (I hear you brother!) This is bullshit, nothing's going to happen. You gotta find out the real truth, nothing's gonna happen! Time is running out! The NWO exists and time is running out! Ppl are mtg up to make change but nothing's happening!

Scott Again -- I was told I have to make a working group. I am now a working group. First meeting right now by media tent