GA Minutes Tue August 21 2012

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21 Aug 2012

  • In Copley Square plaza.
  • Steve R, facilitator
  • Dana M, note-taker
  • Approximately 32 people present


for Street Theater as well as banner making.

  • Nurses Union is reserving buses for S17. Maybe will allow OB to conserve resources.
  • FAWG update: Changes include Greg Murphy stepping down. Concerns regarding GA

allocation of financial resources, including recently passed proposal for radio programming on Linda from FAWG would like to revisit participatory budgeting process.

  • S30 preparations: now a thread on
  • OB Radio is moving to new E5 space: 9B Hamilton, 2nd Floor (near Orpheum Theater)
  • Dana will repost details on how to do mass-emailing to OB as set up by OBIT
  • _Update_ of above point: Send mass-emailings to:
  • Anyone wishing to help out with mass-mailing by Anarchist Black Cross of

their Prison Action News (produced by and for prisoners) Wednesday, August 22 at 6:30 in Cambridgeport should contact:

  • Rene has posted a jobs list for the un, fun, and under-employed. To subscribe,

find the link at


  • There were 2 discussion proposals:
    • A discussion proposal concerning the funding proposal for 99% Radio passed at last GA
    • A discussion proposal about the organizing for S17

1) Rene's discussion proposal regarding 99% radio funding:

  • Questions were asked about what efforts had been made to communicate the proposal

to the general OB community prior to the last GA. This included some critique about communication in the OB community in general.

  • Questions about how open this particular, funded, programming will be to the other

programs of OB Radio. The funded affinity group (Metacomet) informed that other obr programmers are solicited to come on the show, promote their own programs. It's meant to be inclusive.

  • In terms of outreach, point of information: that last week's

Thursday 6-8:00 time slot had over 5000 unique visitors.

2) Rich's discussion proposal about the organizing for S17

  • The concern is that plans are scattered and without assurances that sufficient numbers

will turn out. Also, next spokes meeting is only a week before S17 weekend.

  • Suggestion: t-shirts that affirm Occupy Boston presence
  • Using Puppet lending library to create actions
  • OWS is publishing a newsletter with some suggested itineraries for weekend
  • Planning in advance and with affinity groups will help insure people's safety
  • Housing and care of Boston people in NYC is needed
  • There was a temp check (positively passed) to inquire/suggest with the S17 transportation

proposers that some of the allocated monies could be spent on t-shirts

  • Linda from that group agreed to carry that suggest/inquiry to the other members

Greetings to visiting members from OccupySarasota