GA Minutes Tue August 7 2012

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Matt anarchist black cross meeting Wednesday 6 central square contact matt

March on wall street north + act up Protest check out "jobs with justice" facebook page,

Centro Presente is organizing pickets in front of restaurants owned by a parent company "One World Cuisine" that has been involved in exploiting and withholding pay to immigrant workers. Local restaurants include: Diva in Somerville and Bukhara in Jamaica Plain

OBIT has brought a new site online for threaded discussion forums and blogs at:

Talk about s17 e t Facilitation meetings change next month: shorter, like 15 minutes prior to GA Info to help new facilitators will be uploaded to the wiki Joan: Update on MBTA- fairsrike meetings every thursday behind park st T (not gazebo) Friday action locations will no longer be made in advance. International chalkupyday Friday/security culture meeting soon w/BB

Update S17 , S30 see last saa August 18 and 19th will be planning meetings for S17 -Will tentatively include puppet making workshops with people from Bread and Puppet OWS S17 will actually take place over 3 days: Sept. 15, 16, and 17 Sept 22 Boston Feminists for Liberation, Saturday leaving from bandstand.

Three Agenda items: One proposal and two discussion items

Proposal: Requested reimburesment for the political prisoners calendars that were misplaced by OB (and therefore not sell-able) until mid-year. The misplaced calendars were the main fund-raising source for Anarchist Black Cross's prisoner support programs (letter correspondence, bail funds, etc.). Matt money proposal: 250 dollars for above


Discussion topics:

  • 1- Idea show to retool Ob meetings for the long term (in years!) and

brainstorming connective tissue between different organizing groups

  • 2- How do we feel about Ob Occupier newsletter endorsing candidates?

note: The proposer of the second topic withdrew it in order to lengthen the discussion on the first topic, which took up the remainder of the GA.

Some things from the discussion:

  • occupy Umass tactics alternative social networks aka twitter
  • Inspiring observations from Miguel, visiting from Spain
  • value in regular social gatherings for outreach and bringing people together
 Decided to have a potluck/book swap in Copley Square Saturday, Sept. 8th
 Details to be worked out online, contact person is Justin:

GA ended with friendly information exchange with 3 visitors from OWS, NYC.

  • Next GA will be Sunday, August 12 in Copley