GA Minutes Tue Jan 24 2012

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GA 1/24/12

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Food - meeting monday at the community gathering.

Facilitation - Changed meeting schedule

  • Tues & Thurs 5:30-6:56
  • Wed 5-8
  • Sat ??
  • Sun 2-5

Did this so that we can have more discussion about process and how to fix it.

Facilitation #2 - OWS is visiting us. There’s a party Friday night with people (that’s not my announcement). We also wanted to make sure that we’d have a chance to have a discussion within GA on saturday, up to an hour, to talk to them.

We have concensus, so that’ll happen Sat.

Citizen’s United - This weekend was awesome. 12 different activist groups. Learned a lot about politics and about putting on a big event. But it still went well. Thanks to all the WG who helped us put it on.

There was some email discussion. Apparently we had a candidate for office there and we didn’t ralize it. We were in a rush, and it didn’t occur to us the potential complications about it. It would make a good discussion to make.

Spent [missed numbers] Got $200-something in from the event.

Something going on in Boston & greater MA. Gunner & others.

Also working on a grant to try to get funds for future events instead of asking for $$ from GA for this.

If you have pictures or feedback email

Peace something or another - Want to be involved in St. Patricks parade. Usually they make us march like a mile behind. Occupiers, LGBT, womens groups, any “outcasts”, JOIN US!! We will take this city down!! [cheers]

[never mind about meeting, ti’s only for veterans for peace]

[continuing on with much the same, join us]

Mass United - try to create an identity for ourselves as a group to fight corporate. Several demonstrations to support Occupy movement. We went with some of you with Occupy DC. We’re fully in support of the occupy movement. We don’t know who to go to to show our support. The quickness that OB has to organize and raise issues is awesome. We’ve been trying to do this in some other communities. I always have good things to say about OB. What you’re doing is exactly what needs to happen. Need to figure out who I can talk to (needs a point of contact). Need to move on agenda.

Looking at tax season. Corporations don’t pay taxes. We’re working towards fighting that.

Want your support. Support and solidarity. We want to ignite march, this Thurs from Dewey square. We need to get that action back. He watches on livestream & lots of emails. But I don’t like to write and I don’t like to do a lot of talking. Want to support in person. Come out this Thursday. Lots of people will be there. 1pm march will start at Dewey Sq. Lunch time.

He sent out a video. We are the 99% video. Showed all actions that took place in MA last year.

617-785-2802 - Darren - ⇐ feel free to reach out to me.

Hope to see ya Thurs.

Ideas - Ideas is NOT meeting this week. Next will be next Wed (week from tomorrow), 6pm, at BCNC center China Town, 38 Ash St.

Next weekend is the next action assembly before we temp check to continue it.

Also, announcer (Justin) specifically is trying to put together an anti-capitalist newspaper/newsletter. So if you want to get into this or have advice, let me know. Not officially Occupy, but just radical left-ish

Queer/Trans Caucus - Resurgence of the caucus. If you’re not already on that list serve, go to the page and find it. I’d tell you right now, but I don’t really have a clue. We’re trying to figure out a meeting time and want input on what times work for people.


Grow the Movement - Also Angela - Trying to grow with other organizations to expand the movement. Like working with Darren from Mass United, etc. Getting into some really interesting & thought provoking discussions about tactics. What’s the difference between different methods. Communicating with Outreach & Streets. We’re all working together, it’s not a “turf” thing. She will put her email address on the board. We’re still working on the group email list.

Occupy the T - Formed out of the SAA. Big demonstration at T Building yesterday. There was a march, lots of speeches. A few occupiers gave talks that were well recieved. Many others were using the framework/language of Occupy which was awesome (this was the earlier hearing). Then there was another one later where others gave strong speeches as well, especially for Patti.

Infront of South station 4:30-6:30 tomorrow to try to spread info.

We will discuss at next SAA on Sunday at 6.

Housing Crisis - Cheri - Changed schedule to Wednesdays at 5pm at E5. Wait half hour, then go over to meet up with City Life to help out with the fight against forclosure. They might be able to help us find houses that will help us squat.

Casa - I am here to say next Monday, we’re having an exciting community gathering at E5. DO NOT go to St Pauls. We’re going to be messy (which we can’t do at St Pauls). Some theater. Some skits.

Something big and funny thing...write Valentines to the opposition. Have some addresses. Might even display them for the 2 weeks between the 30th and the 14th. Might display at Biddy’s or at Haley House (?).

Will have some one there from street art as well.

Tiny Tents will be there. Can join in helping to make them and we can’t keep up with demand.

Will have food.


Financial - Can’t give out money b/c I can’t get any till tomrorow evening. If you REALLY need it, get in touch with me and we can try to work something out.

Have $1,300 left for the mutual aid proposal. Will only give out at GA.

Passing around something to write down their reactions to the mutual aid proposal. Explain what you thought and why. Please add your feedback.

Individual Annoucnements

Me - Proposal for some pauses during proposal process (Google doc: Also there’s a MBTA fare hearing in Salem tomorrow

Person - Discussion about tomorrow there will be a reimbursement for the window at Community Church. Repairs were less extensive than originally expected. Please reimburse Community Church as soon as possible.

POI: We already approved it. Just get us a reciept.

Zach - On behalf of OB Anarchist reading group. Mtg Saturda @1, South Station Mezzanine. We’re reading 3 texts. Manifesto of Communist party, The Coming Insurrection, Why She Doesn’t Give a Fuck About Your Insurrection. -- 2 of these are pretty long, so start reading now.

Bea - Someone is working on a proposal about process of how we deal with ammendments. We need to get more perspectives. Meeting Fri @ 6pm, south station mezannine. His proposal, some notes we’ve generated, etc. Take a look on the Wiki if you’re interested.

Alex - There’s an election coming up this year. A lot of us have NO confidence in the election. My idea is to write in something that would mock the concept of voting such as write in “Occupy the Vote”, I want to try to come to a concensus w/in OB and the greater US Occupy. Come talk to me, I want input on ideas and such.

Response: maybe “none of the above”

We need to start the conversation of how we can react. Run a pig? Elmer Fudd? [various ideas thrown about]

Person - I have been heavily involved in Arab Spring lately. THings not looking that well. Taking up a lot of my time. Basically trying to work out our next steps, etc. Transitional governments are trying to help us. Also, I was called by ____ to the biggest Mosque in all of America (Northeast??) either they’re going to scare the crap out of me or they’re going to work with me. Fortunately, they are trying to raise awareness about what the OB system is. Ultimately, I want to get to Occupy the Mosque. I’ll need lots of help for this. I got a visit from the FBI because they’re afriad because of my name, and my country...worried that my actions might lead to something violent or “more sinister”. That’s straight up racial profiling, etc. Before Occupy, I would’ve freaked out, but now I totally knew how to respond. Back in March, I was getting lots of threats, slashed tires, etc, and that they are “here to protect me”. I filed a report back in March, but now you’re coming to me in Dec. Looking for some outreach. I am happy to work as a liason.