GA Minutes Tue Oct 16 2012

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Minutes for 16 October 2012


Location: City Place
Time: 7:30 - 9:10 pm
Note taker: Bil
Facilitator: Mike
Stack: Carolyn

9 people attended

Acknowledgments of Good Stuff

  • Maurice -- new to Boston, shooting video, many occupations
  • Honk Costumes!
  • Bil -- Dalai Lama rocks


  • Eden -- InfoTent WG resurrected. She has a notebook of fliers.
  • Eden -- on OBR w/Danny Bryck 7pm Weds, 17 Oct (TODAY). Call in: 617 902 0627
  • Friday 19 Oct: "No Room for Wishing" at BCC
  • Sunday: Crypto Party
  • Discussion on InterOccupy
  • Ruby: Create a Marching Band!

Individual Announcements

  • Carolyn transferring Stack Sheets etc to Eden
  • Eden: Troops in Jordan
  • Eden: Plenty of Occupier newspapers at OBR office
  • Michael: Consider renting meeting space
  • Bil: Visiting Florida, Talking about values to clubs & visiting Imokalee workers
  • Michael: Vigil planned by


  • Wide ranging discussion on GA dates.
  • Passed: moving the 6/Nov GA to 4/Nov (4-5pm, in BCC)
  • 28/Sept is FAWG meeting in BCC
  • Bil: Who will bottom line creating a GA schedule past 6/Nov.? TOTAL SILENCE


  • OB FB page is owned by individuals, not OB
  • Many people are tired of going to every GA they can