GA Minutes Tue Sep 04 2012

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Minutes for 04 September 2012


Location: Copley Square (Community Church)

Facilitator: Bil Lewis
Note taker: Dana M

Around 9 people attended.

We decided that we didn't have sufficient numbers to decide policies or financial issues for OB, but shared announcements and report-backs. (A Boston Globe reporter, Martine Powers, was present, working on a story about the Occupy Boston one-year anniversary. We agreed to let her observe and take notes but also agreed to observe security culture concerns in terms of what we discussed in the reporter's presence.)


  • Rally for accused whistle-blower Bradley Manning: ---

  • Boston Feminists for Liberation (Formerly Slut Walk):

Saturday, September 22 at noon at the Boston Common Band Stand = March and Speak Out against Rape Culture and Gender Inequality ---

  • S17 Spokes meeting = Saturday, Sept. 11 at 2:00


  • City Life / Vida Urbana Fanny Mae/Freddy Mac demonstration in NYC: Sept 12 ---

  • Wednesday, September 5th at City Place 4:15: FAWG Meeting



  • Rich and Carolyn had attended the planning meeting for S17 by Occupy Wall Street August 27th in NYC.

It was an energetic, diverse group with around 100 poeple. There were break-out groups, and being only two people, they couldn't observe everything, but they tried to check out the things many people in OB asked them to find out about: housing and logistics.

  • The Nurses Union that had originally offered to provide buses, is apparently not doing so. It was suggested that groups traveling to NYC should find their own way (financially). Also suggested that large vans might be more cost-effective than buses.
  • Housing: Little progress seems to have been made here. It seems like most people will have to find their own accomodations or sleep in one of two places for political sleep-ins.
  • Saturday (15th) there will be Free University education and a Dance Party
  • Sunday (16th) DA Training, 1-6:00 permitted concert, possible marches. Foley Square
-Check out Facebook: Occupy Town Square
  • Monday (17th) after DA post action open space and popular assembly, possibly Battery Park or Zuccotti Park
  • ---------------------------------------------
  • Report-back from InterOccupy Conference Call August 28th
  • OWS "S17 food planning is well-organized. There will be plenty of food."
  • Participants from all over the country (Oregon, California, Maine, Mass., etc...)
  • OWS wants support to be reciprocal. They want to find ways for NYC to support OB anniversary, and others, etc.
  • Housing for Medics will be found.
  • ---------------------------------------------
  • September 3rd successful 1,000 (approx.) marched in support of SEIU workers, Janitors actions, etc.
  • OB Radio outreach at Bread and Roses 100th year anniversary in Lawrence, MA
  • Successful Medics training August 11th. 15 medics trained by skilled team brought from Portland Oregon.
  • ---------------------------------------------
  • Bil shared diital images and descriptions from the RNC in Tampa Florida.