GA Minutes Tue Sep 18 2012

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Minutes for 18 Sep 2012


Note taker: Rich

Working Group Announcements

  • OB Radio is planning to do election night coverage – if interested contact Alex
  • FAWG will meet at Transportation Building Wed 4:15
  • remember 9/24 is occupy Monsanto
  • OWS has offered to help with our birthday celebration
  • Debt Resistors Operation Manual (which is great) is available online. written by strike/debt OWS
  • demonstration against AIPAC 10/13-15 Ridgely will provide more info
  • 11/5r Possible Occupy Congress
  • 9/30 OB Radio Fundraiser at 9:30 at All Asia Cambridge

S17 Report Backs

Proposal re: S30 (which proposer does not want addressed tonight) "Taking Back Boston for S30" argues it is important enough to be a GA not a small group coordinated meeting - suggest small encampments around the City will require $ for tents and fliers


  • we already set aside A$ for such a possibility so don’t need to reallocate
  • There was a big discussion in July about re-encampment which brought back a number of people who hadn't been at GA's for a while - it was more focused on occupying an unoccupied building and houses that were foreclosed
  • Proposer- it should come now because of S30 so should be focused
  • should be very cautionary about this.
  • there are key logistical issues, i.e.;, tents locations so we might end up back in a situation in which day to day events are the key focus of Occupy a la Dewey Square
  • Some folks want to occupy harbor islands
  • there is a Facebook events for a march on S30 but no one here knows who posted it
  • this brings up the issue of autonomous actions and the notion of using it responsibly

Brief discussion of whether reporter who came for last 15 minutes of the meeting. By the time the issues was discussed, the facilitator decided not.