January 2012

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This is an abridged summary of a brief livestream meeting from late December 2011

  • We discussed and delegated roles for first night 2012
  • Recruitment:
    • We need to do a production training
      • You can do it from anywhere so target off siters
      • Right now we have three producers. We need at least six.
    • Broadcasting needs
      • Either we end up having too many at a given event/night
      • Need a system of calendaring (note: lefty started a gcal that we never utilized)
    • Training
      • Need to pick a date and organize around that
      • Once we pick a date, we'll meet and hash out details
  • Equipment Needs
    • Tracy to research android tripod connectors (different for each phone!)
    • Brandon to research monopods
    • Eli to setup an equipment inventory
    • Eli to test his Verizon hotspot to see how much data is used for streams
    • Might need more battery packs moving forward
  • Community gathering
    • make it a huge collabo with other "live" groups (TV, notes, twitter, ect.)
    • IDEA: "soapbox live!" a community gathering open mic livestreamed ect.
    • part training/recruitment, part open mic
    • need to a pick date
  • Need to set a firm bi/weekly WG meeting date (doodle poll!)