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Super Form

  • Dan: Media has created it and it will be rolling it out shortly.
  • it's an omnibus form that anybody can fill out.
  • If you need a press release, blog post, a calendar event, or live stream coverage.
  • (at least a week for live stream coverage)
  • This would let us know in advance when folks need an event livestream.


  • Rene: seems like there are 3 roles:
    • Producer: chilling behind the computer
    • Streamer: streaming the stuff!
    • Support: somebody who follows the streamer & handles communication (live tweeting, txt messages, irc)
  • [Link To Rene's Descriptions]

Upcoming Events

  • Feb 25th: Occupy the T
    • Rene volunteers to produce
  • March 1st: Rally at Dewey, at 1PM, followed by a march.
    • Rene volunteers to produce
  • March 18th: VFP March


  • Media had asked us to do a livestream training on the 25th.
    • This might not be the best day because of the T action as well as OBR construction in e5
    • Let's push it back to Sat the 3rd, 2:30 to 4:30, e5
  • We should have a meeting to dedicate to planning the training session

Livestream Ethics

  • Tracy: Don't talk about your boyfriend.
  • If you're with the OB Live team you should remain neutral.
  • Rene: we should right down points of behavior that we're all consenting to follow
  • Rene: When we do the training it would be good to get somebody from Media who deals with external media to talk about how to "look professional and shit"
  • Be aware that you might get harassed by the police if we're livestreaming.
    • Rene: Perhaps, as livestreamers, we shouldn't even talk to the police.
  • If the event has a chance of arrest we should prepare for the consequences
    • Back Up phones before the event
    • Install remote-wipe software on the phone
    • Give the producer access to wipe your phone with a certain code-word
  • How should we handle the streaming of possibly illegal actions? Consent?
    • Livestreamers should be respectful (and not assholes)
  • What do we do in situations where we're asked to stop streaming? At a meeting? At an action?
    • At a meeting we should respect the wishes of the group running the meeting.
    • At an action, perhaps the livestreamer can move to exclude the person who doesn't want to be streamed.
  • Is it our responsibility to make ourselves known as a livestreamer?
    • Legal or ethical responsibility?
    • If we're at a grey-area event we should actively seek the consent of the group to get permission to stream.
    • Perhaps we can get stickers for our phones that say "Occupy Boston Livestreamer"


  • Battery Packs:
    • Media has a bunch of battery packs, but they're sometimes difficult for some members of the live team to get a hold of
    • Rene: Logistics and inventory & store them, and we can use a sign-out method.
    • Maybe we should have a joint meeting with Media to sort out equipment issues. Perhaps on Wednesday, 22nd.

Livestreaming at GA

  • Do we do it anymore, or does facilitation take care of it?
  • Doesn't really matter, as long as it gets done.