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This page was last updated on February 22, 2012.

We have finished parsing the materials removed from camp, and will shortly be compiling and posting an inventory of our supplies. These supplies will shortly be moved to a secure, T accessible storage location (as consented to by GA on 01-31-2012). If you are interested in helping out with the move, please get in touch with us at any of the contact methods listed on this page. Specifically, we need vehicles with large cargo capacity, and many hands to make light the load. The move will be happening the weekend of Feb 24-26.

Donation Requests

As we currently have no camp, there are quite a few things are not currently needed. That doesn't mean you can't help! We still burn through a lot of supplies - we will also, of course, be re-occupying in the future.

We do not have a regular location at which we can currently receive material donations. Please contact us to arrange the logistics of a material donation. As always, monetary donations can be made at the OB WePay.

The following list is the current priority:

  • Drivers: We are always looking for transportation. If you have a vehicle and are willing to give some of your time, please email us with your contact information and a rough idea of when you are available. When the need arises, we will contact you.
  • Duct Tape (all the colors of the rainbow!)
  • Batteries: AA, AAA, and D
  • Rope and String
  • Scissors, Utility Knifes
  • Signmaking Materials
    • Magnum Markers
    • Posterboard
    • Foam Paintbrushes
  • Screenprinting Materials
    • Bulk fabric, old sheets, etc.
    • Blank-ish tote bags
    • Blank-ish T-shirts
    • Blank Canvas
    • Water-based Screenprinting Ink
    • Screenprinting Screens
    • Squeegies
  • Wifi Hotspots and Data Plans
  • Smartphones (and iPod touches) with video recording capabilities

For Food related items that we need, please go to this page: http://wiki.occupyboston.org/wiki/Food_-_Post_Dewey or Food Email

Thank You for all of your support! Solidarity!

Contact Us



For the the up-to-the-minute requests, check the Occupy Boston Logistics (@OBLogistics) Twitter Feed

Passed Proposals (Selection):

January 31, 2012:


Since leaving Dewey Square, we have acquired a lot of stuff. We had an arrangement for a space through the end of January while we look for our next step. Because we are still in a state of flux in finding a permanent space for Occupy Boston, we would like to move forward as Logistics in finding a storage site for the remains of the Dewey encampment until such time as they are needed again.


Logistics proposes a budget not to exceed $450/month (plus fees) for storage. The cost of a 10X25 unit at the storage unit in mind is about $260/month. It is possible that we can get a much smaller unit but we're still in the process of downsizing our inventory so it may still take some time before we can do that. We hope to downsize significantly before we move.

Once a storage location is decided, we will return to the GA to announce the location, accessibility and final dollar amount for the unit.

Reasons for choosing this location: Cheap for the size. T accessible. This means that more than just K*** and J*****, the people in Logistics with a car, will be able to go get whatever supplies we need at any given moment. 

FA: A one time $200 for moving costs.

FA: Payment will be made with the Occupy Boston Debit Card.