Media Strategy

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The Media strategy working group host 3 hour monthly work sessions to create, craft and implement a cohesive strategy.

These are in addition to the media working group meetings are every Wednesday at 7pm at E5. Which are all opened to the public, who is highly encouraged to come and participate.

The goals and visons of these summits are:

  • To democratize OB media by increasing participation and ownership of Occupy Boston's public image and community relationships.
  • To give all the diverse groups, backgrounds and views that make up the Occupy Boston a voice.
  • To create the needed working infastructure and system to have rapid resonses to, profesional quality work that puts the Occupy community is the best light possible in the public's eye in order to earn their trust and support.  

All who wish to attend are extremely encouraged to:

  • Come prepared with practical ideas, tools and resources ready to present to the group.
  • Come with a collaborative attitude which will help us as a group pool all our ideas and resources into a comprehensive practical strategy we can implement.
  • Come with updates, pictures, videos, writing of the great work your working group is doing that the public needs to know about.

The meetings are held off site in a conference room environment, with whiteboards, TV screens, fast, reliable wifi, coffee, tea and snacks.

The first meeting was held on Sunday November 20. It dealt with the creation of a strategy in case of an emergency and/or crisis situation at camp.

The second meeting which deals with sourcing, crafting and implementing OB's comprehensive media strategy will be held:

This coming Sunday, November 27 from 2pm to 5pm  at E5 (33 Harrison Ave, 5th Floor. in China Town) 


For more info and how to get involved please contact Martin at

Thank you!

We very much so look forward to see as many of you there as possible!