Notes from 2012 0111 Meeting

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January 11 - Planning for January 20/21 Rally and Summit for Uniting Citizens for Democracy

At BU Law School 765 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 920B.  Map.

Tentative Planning Meeting Agenda

6:00 - Community Gathering Please join us for refreshments and socializing in Room 920B

6:20 - Introduction Welcome to Occupy Boston and thank you for coming to this planning meeting for “The Rally and Summit to Unite Citizens for Democracy.” The goal of this event is to educate people and see if we can inspire them to find solutions to the very complex problem of corporate and special interest influence over a government that was created for the people. All of you have a specific expertise. The goal of this meeting is for us to brainstorm ideas and figure out how to work together on this event and make sure attendees leave feeling that they have participated in a productive and meaningful way.

6:30 - Break Out Groups Please use this time to break out with representatives from other neighboring organizations and answer the following questions. Try to do this with people you don’t already know. What goals do your organizations have for participating in this day? What do you want people to leave this event knowing? What do you want to teach them? What do you want people to do when they leave this event? How can your organization help people come up with a strategy for action?

7:00 - Report Backs Please have one person from your group report back the answers to these questions. These answers will be combined with feedback from our Community Gathering on January 2.

7:30 - Create a Schedule This time will be used to create classes and breakout discussion topics for the event. Please keep in mind that the same way we are polling this group for ideas. The final schedule should also allow for some flexibility, so that attendees can also feel part of the agenda and that their ideas are incorporated.

    • What are the goals for 20th/21st event (15 minutes)
      • Get media attention
      • Bring people together
      • Brainstorm our next action collective action
      • Develop a roadmap of issues and figure out who is addressing what and how.  Make sure we work together effectively
        • Constitutional Amendment for corporate personhood
        • Constitutional Amendment (or laws) for limiting money in politics
        • Public financing of elections
        • Closing the revolving door between politics and industy
        • Ending legalized bribery and lobbying corruption
        • ...
    • Discuss Media Strategy (15 minutes)
    • Discuss materials to have on hand (10 minutes)
    • Propose that Occupy Boston Citizens United group moderate both events (5 minutes)
    • Discuss plan for Friday | 4pm-8pm | St. Paul's Church (10 minutes)
      • See above event description for speakers list
    • Discuss plan for Saturday | 10am-4pm | location to be determined (20 minutes)
      • See above event description for speakers list
      • Lots of working groups (but what should they be?  What do we hope to get out of them?)
        • Brainstorming the next big action (something related to S772?)
        • Developing a roadmap for everything (no one action will fix our system)
        • Each element of advancing reform can have it's own group (ending corporate personhood, reducing money in electiions, closing revolving door, fixing lobbying system, etc.)