Notes from 2012 0116 ConferenceCall

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Agenda for Jan 16 Conference Call at 7pm (218-844-3377, access code 735433#) 1) Discuss and approve the schedule (30 minutes) Go around each to each group on the call. Who can provide speakers for which break out session? How many tables will we need on Friday? Do we have one registration (sign in) table, or sign in tables for each group? Should we try and have one email list that will contain information about all the different groups? 2) Plan the next action (30 minutes) <divA common theme from Wedensday's meeting was that we need to have clear actions for what the Rally/Summit attendees can do next. One idea is a concerted lobbying effort to get a hearing for S772. We are open to discussing other ideas, but whatever is decided, it should be determined which group(s) will take the lead.</div> MassVOTE has been talking about making a petition for people to do on/offline to the legislature on the resolution. They could bring that as a first step for people to do on the 20/21st and then reach back out to people about hearing dates, lobby dates, etc. Alternatively they could have the petition and maybe already have a lobby day scheduled that people can commit to. Should we collect signatures as part of our lobbying effort? 3) Any other remaining issues that need to be discussed (up to 30 minutes) <div </div> 4) Occupy Working Group issues

On the day of the events, what jobs do we need done and who is assigned to do them. Food (Food WG) Collect Donations (Info Tent) Registration Table (Info Tent) Help with Group Discussion Facilitations Set Up (Laura, Andy, ...) Take Down (Laura, Andy, ...) Anything else? Prior to the events, what do we need people to do? Get the $ from GA to pay St. Paul and Suffolk U. (?) Figure out MC and who will introduce speakers (?) Print Flyer (is this done?) Make sure to get on the Occupy Calendar (?) Make Donations Box Washer/Dryer (Casa) Media (Laura and Terra) Contact public radio (Laura? Terra?) Post our event on people's facebook pages (Laura tells Kevin or Gunner) Food (Laura + Food WG) Art (Mark) Get Facilitators to Come (Terra) Organizing the entertainment for Friday (?) Also, can some go on during the gathering time (4-4:30?) Notebooks for working groups 9 pm - Conference call with Citizens United Occupy DC chapter