Notes from Dec. 22 CUEPB Meeting

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Return to Citizens United to End Political Bribery

Present: Laura, Mark, Susi, Jules, Heleni, Honi

1. We will invite outside groups to participate in planning and calling the Jan. 20-21 events at a meeting the week of Jan. 5. (Later note: Jan. 5 conflicts with the General Assembly and Move To Amend meeting, so we hope to pick another day that week.)

We will ask Facilitation to help us run the meeting. We listed outside groups that are either focused on the Citizens United issues or represent constituencies concerned with general rights. We decided who would call each one.

2. We clarified the schedule of Jan 20 & Jan 21 and confirmed who was getting permits for each segment. To avoid over-scheduling, we recommend that the Jan. actions do not include a march after the Courthouse event.

The events for Friday, January 20 are:

  1. 11AM rally at Government Center Flagpole rally with a few rousing speakers, the street theatre skit and the sign cart to assemble the march;
  2. 12 noon march from Government Center to the Federal Courthouse, led by fife and drums;
  3. 12:45 speakers and skit at the Federal Courthouse.
  4. Break
  5. TBD speakers at State House in Nurse's Hall?

Events for Saturday January 21 will be held indoors (Suffolk or Northeastern University,) at a time TBD.  Laura is handling this.

Laura has sought speakers for the Courthouse event, but should alert Move To Amend that she is not having success getting people's agreement to that.

4. Occupy New Hampshire Primaries is an opportunity to have a dress rehearsal for the skit and some speakers, if that would be helpful for the people involved.  If it's a burden, we will not pursue this, but it might attract more participants for Jan. 20-21.

5. We will present a proposal to OB General Assembly to support the Jan. 20-21 actions, when these are more clearly defined.