Notes from Nov. 16 CUEPB Meeting

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We are going to table discussion of our proposal to support the constitutional amendment to overturn citizens united until after we go to the Move to Amend meeting.

All should attend the Move to Amend meeting tonight (Thursday) at 7pm at the Arlington St. Church (351 Boylston St.)

Improvements to the wiki discussed and are already done! Thank you Laura!

Honi will contact Julius Levine (BU law professor; talked at OB on Sunday about campaign finance reform). as an expert, he could be a huge asset, and he seems incredibly committed to the cause. (also I met his son on the T on the way home from the meeting! what a coincidence) next meeting at his office?

legislation to ban beneficiaries of government spending from lobbying or donating to candidates?

Discussed the 99% Declaration ( The idea is to have a national GA on July 4 next year to focus on how to restructure our government so that it be responsive to the people. We consented to donate our $100 weekly allocation as a working group to it.