Notes from Nov. 30 BAAC Meeting

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Meeting of the Boston Amendment Action Committee.


Helene reported for the Education Committee and had prepared a 4 page education sheet that the group reviewed. Comments related to having a short brochure with only 3-4 items listed for each topic and then a longer form that would give more information. A resource list and websites would be included. The information was presented with 1) Background on the Citizens United Decision on Jan 21, 2010, 2) Why we oppose it, 3) Possible solutions (An amendment, new legislative bills possible and those pending) and 4) Actions we could take. The Committee will take the suggestions and revise their work for the next meeting.

Bills Being Submitted

See This was essentially covered by the Education Committee with the listing of the current bills, both state and federal. ( The three Mass bills were 304,305,308 and S772- asking that Congress propose a constitutional amendment. Bills regarding campaign finance would come from the Federal Election Commission but none have been proposed.)

Demonstrations for January 20th and 21st

Jenn Joy presented the work of this committee. MoveTo Amend asks that we commit our group to supporting the national group to “occupy the Federal Court on Friday, January 20th. We agreed to do this. This would probably be preceded by a march from the Boston Commons to the Federal Court Building on the waterfront. During this event a skit would be performed using ideas from the game Monopoly and we would “auction off” some of our national resources and coming elections. People dressed as bankers and corporations would purchase them. A “barker” would be identified to carry out this performance. Six to 8 people with boxes that identified specific corporations would parade with the group and take part. Sayings would be written on the back of the boxes. Other posters would be developed. The walking route to the Federal Court building would be determined by Occupy Boston and we will work with them to coordinate this project. Jenn Joy will be submitting a grant proposal to cover some of the expected expenses. Up to $5,000 will be given. A meeting is scheduled next week to follow-up on this work. An additional demonstration, march, activity will also be scheduled for Saturday in the Boston area. This will be coordinated with Occupy Boston.

Wording of the proposed Amendment

There was a great deal of discussion on this topic but no final decision. We will check with the MovetoAmend group to read their wording and stay in touch with other proposals to determine what wording is best. This is currently unclear. We expect that the national organization have lawyers working on this. The bills being introduced into Congress will be collected and reviewed at a later date, but this is not the priority for the activities in January.


A new committee to help Mobilize people for the January demonstration was set up. The following ideas were suggested and people were identified to contact each of the groups. . Cambridge group that had a host party (Fred) . Students (Honi) . Ethical Society of Boston (Margo) . Humanist Chaplaincy of Harvard (Margo) . Occupy Direct Action . Churches, Boston Interfaith . Green Rainbow Party (Francoise) . Watertown Citizens (Fred) . Coffee Party-(Helene) . Mass Vote (Helene) . Contact Politicians: Elizabeth Warren (Margo), Markey, Mc Govern, Capuano , etc.

Plan: Get out the message before Xmas and follow up again 2nd week in January.

Next Meeting

December 15 for Move to Amend conference call. May or may not be in concert with the local Move to Amend chapter's meeting.