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Note: View the Summit Notes from Main Room from Saturday, 19 November 2011.


Nov 19 14:11:02 <obsummit-farmerbob>	hello people.
Nov 19 14:11:13 <obsummit-farmerbob>	we're at Quincy School on Washington for the OB Summit
Nov 19 14:11:48 <obsummit-farmerbob>	we'll be streaming audio from the summit if you're interested and want to participate remotely.
Nov 19 14:15:08 <obsummit-farmerbob>	capacity crowd here.
Nov 19 14:16:45 <Occupy_365>	where in boston is this located i wanna join and pitch a tent
Nov 19 14:17:06 <smant>	Dewey Square, but I don't think there's any room left for tents, you'd have to discuss it with logistics
Nov 19 14:17:22 <Occupy_365>	well i don't want to make trouble but i will go support
Nov 19 14:20:15 <jasoni>	hi...whos
Nov 19 14:20:17 <jasoni>	here?
Nov 19 14:20:46 <smant>	hi lol
Nov 19 14:20:50 <jasoni>	hey
Nov 19 14:20:54 <jasoni>	sssup?
Nov 19 14:20:54 <christ_puncher>	who wants to pitch a tent and have rough nasty sex
Nov 19 14:20:58 <smant>	Can I help you with something?
Nov 19 14:21:54 <jasoni>	everybody good there today?
Nov 19 14:22:05 <smant>	I believe so
Nov 19 14:22:22 <jasoni>	good
Nov 19 14:23:14 <lovecrime|obsummit>	hey irc folks. anyone able to check the live stream to see if it's working?
Nov 19 14:24:00 <jasoni>	I'm wondering if anybody here can help me with something: Sage's friend from CT gave a talk ystrday
Nov 19 14:24:09 <life_panels>	At Occupy Cal Davis cops opened the mouth of a protester and shot pepper spray down his throat - he was coughing up blood
Nov 19 14:24:27 <jasoni>	wtf
Nov 19 14:25:00 <life_panels>	One woman was sent to the hospital with severe chemical burns
Nov 19 14:25:03 <jasoni>	...so related to that; this guy gave a talk and mentioned OWS posted a story
Nov 19 14:25:06 <lovecrime|obsummit>	life_panels: do you have the video to when he opened the mouth? I just saw the one on boingboing where he maced the whole group
Nov 19 14:25:21 <jasoni>	about the NYC removal of OWS
Nov 19 14:25:27 <life_panels>	YES I DO! hold on I'll get it
Nov 19 14:25:28 <jasoni>	and 2 women who were pepperd
Nov 19 14:25:58 <jasoni>	is this the 1 about the 100 cops calling in "sick" the next day to protest????
Nov 19 14:26:04 <jasoni>	I need this article!!!!!
Nov 19 14:26:10 <obsummit-farmerbob>	can you guys hear audio at occupyboston.org?
Nov 19 14:26:17 <smant>	I'm going to the summit now, peace
Nov 19 14:26:25 <jasoni>	bye smant
Nov 19 14:26:46 <ob>	 hear it loud and clear
Nov 19 14:26:54 <obsummit-farmerbob>	awesome!
Nov 19 14:26:59 <ob>	mic check
Nov 19 14:27:11 <lovecrime|obsummit>	rock on
Nov 19 14:27:22 <life_panels>	This is an open letter from an English professor to the chamcellor telling her she needs to resign. Also in this letter are the links to all the videos! http://bicyclebarricade.wordpress.com/2011/11/19/open-letter-to-chancellor-linda-p-b-katehi/
Nov 19 14:27:38 <jasoni>	cool
Nov 19 14:27:38 <obsummit-farmerbob>	if you'd like to participate with people at the summit, please stay tuned. we'll be trying to help remote people in the chat interact...
Nov 19 14:28:15 <jasoni>	does anybody have the aritcle referring to the OWS pepper-spray subsequent police protest?
Nov 19 14:28:28 <life_panels>	http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxaLKsFdcjk&feature=share   
Nov 19 14:29:38 <ob>	where is the summit being held?
Nov 19 14:29:38 <life_panels>	http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/11/19/uc-davis-police-pepper-spray-students_n_1102728.html  Here is an article at huffington post
Nov 19 14:30:06 <lovecrime|obsummit>	summit's at a high school in the community
Nov 19 14:31:01 <lovecrime|obsummit>	obsummit-farmerbob: are you on a client that logs?
Nov 19 14:32:00 <life_panels>	pepper sprayed right in the face - they are screaming for help.       http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxaLKsFdcjk&feature=share
Nov 19 14:33:34 <obsummit-farmerbob>	obsummit-MediaMatt
Nov 19 14:33:45 *	obsummit-farmerbob is now known as obsummit-MediaMatt
Nov 19 14:36:45 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	who is lovecrime?
Nov 19 14:37:28 <lovecrime|obsummit>	jared
Nov 19 14:37:39 <lovecrime|obsummit>	I'm in the crowd right now
Nov 19 14:38:01 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	Im here as well
Nov 19 14:39:27 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	I am near where Maureen is speaking
Nov 19 14:39:40 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	but towards the door
Nov 19 14:39:51 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	I am pretty sure Suzanne Lee is here
Nov 19 14:42:55 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	a Rev is speaking and he is really good
Nov 19 14:44:39 <twentythree>	is the summit organized by OB?
Nov 19 14:44:55 <lovecrime|obsummit>	speaker is reading: http://www.margepiercy.com/sampling/The_Low_Road.htm
Nov 19 14:45:05 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	"Its starts when you care to act" - love that quote
Nov 19 14:45:09 <lovecrime|obsummit>	Low Road by Marge Piercy
Nov 19 14:45:13 <twentythree>	hell yeah, marge piercy
Nov 19 14:47:15 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	The speaker Suzanne Kwon telling giving us some history right now
Nov 19 14:47:36 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	I think it is Suzanne Kwon (i dont know for sure, honestly)
Nov 19 14:47:41 <matt>	obsummit-MediaMatt: hate to say it, but I'm picking up your typing on mic. :/
Nov 19 14:48:19 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	yea, the mic is literally right next to me
Nov 19 14:48:59 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	mic is moving 
Nov 19 14:49:39 <matt>	mic now closer to the speaker.
Nov 19 14:50:20 <lovecrime|obsummit>	speaker is giving history of the local neighborhood (Chinatown), former principal of school where summit is being held
Nov 19 14:51:09 <matt>	Should I do a live transcribe or is someone else already doing it?
Nov 19 14:51:26 <jasoni>	 my daughter just lost her first tooth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 19 14:51:40 <jasoni>	here I am chatting and she comes up to me with her tooth!
Nov 19 14:52:05 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	"Those doors are closing, those doors are closing. We need to make sure that those doors remain open" 
Nov 19 14:53:12 <jasoni>	anyways, turns out that story of 100 cops calling in sick the next day inb NYC was fictional
Nov 19 14:53:22 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	that happened?
Nov 19 14:53:34 <OccupyBoston>	UC Davis, is anyone talking about UC Davis?
Nov 19 14:53:57 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	Ive been in meetings all day so I have been out of touch for a few hours
Nov 19 14:54:08 <jasoni>	no I just talked to the folks at OWS and they said there was no confirmation of that ...that was the story that someone told at freeschool yesterday who was from CT
Nov 19 14:54:16 <OccupyBoston>	UC Davis, is anyone talking about UC Davis?
Nov 19 14:54:31 <lovecrime|obsummit>	OccupyBoston: yes, a lot of people are (would it be possible to change your nick at all?)
Nov 19 14:54:32 <matt>	huh, I couldn't even tell on the stream that the speaker had moved away from the mic.  That's good I guess.
Nov 19 14:54:37 <lovecrime|obsummit>	right now it's the summit though
Nov 19 14:55:32 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	It was Suzanne Lee. She was also present at the Boston Pride LGBT Forum not long ago that I was invited to attend.
Nov 19 14:56:05 <lovecrime|obsummit>	obsummit-MediaMatt: she's fantastic. has she been to dewey yet?
Nov 19 14:56:32 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	I believe I have seen her there. 
Nov 19 14:57:54 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	The speaker a minute mentioned the team doing the Livestream. I'm sitting with this crowd.
Nov 19 15:00:13 <chronosome>	Is there really a 200 person limit at the school? Is it filled to capacity?
Nov 19 15:00:22 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	correct
Nov 19 15:00:47 <chronosome>	Okay, thanks. I was running late, so I guess I'll just participate online (for now).
Nov 19 15:01:54 <lovecrime|obsummit>	jasoni: I just saw your comment about your daughter losing her first tooth, very cool. Sorry I wasn't paying attention. :)
Nov 19 15:02:26 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	group discussion
Nov 19 15:02:54 <laiv>	Story of OB?
Nov 19 15:02:55 <glosoli22>	Once upon a time . . .
Nov 19 15:03:00 <lovecrime|obsummit>	groups splitting up into "cafes", groups of 5-6, talking about "what is occupy boston's story"
Nov 19 15:03:14 *	Occupy_727 is now known as baital
Nov 19 15:03:37 <Eli_Cohen>	we might be a bigger group than that; if our IRC chat gets difficult to follow, we can divide ourselves into chat rooms
Nov 19 15:03:46 <Eli_Cohen>	for now, let's roll with it :)
Nov 19 15:04:06 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	just spoke and now Kelly is speaking
Nov 19 15:04:08 <ross`>	can you all tell us what you think our story is so far?
Nov 19 15:04:45 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	"everybody has a voice"
Nov 19 15:04:47 <jasoni>	why not?  we are offering them better services than the city of Bosoton offers...
Nov 19 15:04:54 <twentythree>	was OB summit founded during a GA or did an outside group create it?
Nov 19 15:04:55 <jasoni>	seriously
Nov 19 15:05:01 <jasoni>	this helps us
Nov 19 15:05:22 <Eli_Cohen>	twentythree: a sub-group of occupiers started it
Nov 19 15:05:22 <glosoli22>	As someone who is from elsewhere in Massachusetts, a major theme in Boston's story is one of inspiration.
Nov 19 15:05:38 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	The first speaker was instrumental in making this happen from what I understand
Nov 19 15:05:44 <twentythree>	@Eli_Cohen thanks!
Nov 19 15:05:45 <Eli_Cohen>	maureen
Nov 19 15:05:52 <Eli_Cohen>	was one of the main people
Nov 19 15:05:58 <Eli_Cohen>	maureen white, I believe her name is
Nov 19 15:06:20 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	she is so great and does great work
Nov 19 15:06:34 <laiv>	Inspiration and awareness
Nov 19 15:06:38 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	"we have a right to free speech and a right to assmeble"
Nov 19 15:07:05 <Eli_Cohen>	I actually have a point to make about that:
Nov 19 15:07:08 *	laiv former couch activist
Nov 19 15:07:23 <Eli_Cohen>	obviously, it's very, very important that we maintain our right to free speech/assembly, because without that, nothing else can happen
Nov 19 15:07:31 <glosoli22>	No question, laiv.  Within that, Boston acting as a guide and teacher throughout the process has certainly empowered smaller communities throughout the state.
Nov 19 15:08:05 <Eli_Cohen>	but I want to make sure our WHOLE story isn't about free speech/assembly. It's also about economic fairness, getting screwed by banks, etc.
Nov 19 15:08:08 <laiv>	Yeah, I love seeing people show up being like "I'm from ___ I am hear to learn the process and go back and start an occupy"
Nov 19 15:08:37 <Eli_Cohen>	does that make sense?
Nov 19 15:09:02 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	"budget countries can do it, we can do it too"
Nov 19 15:09:04 <laiv>	Fighting for free speech assembly is the first part, so we can maintain our process of hearing voices. Then we move on to the things like economic fairness and all that
Nov 19 15:09:08 <Eli_Cohen>	I have a slight concern, actually, about becoming a "meta-protest", where the whole protest is about protesting
Nov 19 15:09:13 <pulsar->	dont let process/organization eat your goaals
Nov 19 15:09:23 <Eli_Cohen>	yeah: what pulsar said :-)
Nov 19 15:09:43 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	word
Nov 19 15:09:47 <chronosome>	Ditto for pulsar
Nov 19 15:09:55 <laiv>	Because of the response of the police, we have been delayed
Nov 19 15:09:59 <Eli_Cohen>	(thanks, voice in the speaker, repeating what I'm typing! :)
Nov 19 15:10:12 <laiv>	from talking about economy, to free speech/assembly
Nov 19 15:10:20 <ross`>	sorry...some people at the table aren't in the chat!
Nov 19 15:10:22 *	Kt is now known as Kt|Away
Nov 19 15:10:49 <ross`>	please, keep the comments/questions coming. people here are eager to hear from the INTERNET.
Nov 19 15:11:14 <Eli_Cohen>	thanks ross; got sick today, kinda frustrated that I'm not there, so it's good to be heard in this venue
Nov 19 15:12:24 <glosoli22>	Eli, delayed response, yes it does make sense.
Nov 19 15:13:14 <glosoli22>	It is like learning to weave the various threads into a story
Nov 19 15:13:50 <laiv>	I think a lot of occupy members are also coming from the story of being angry about the bush presidency and then being disappointed by the obama presidency
Nov 19 15:13:51 <glosoli22>	We feel included, don't worry!
Nov 19 15:14:22 <baital>	To me it's interesting how the movement has inspired people to really think, even if we're unable to play a larger role in activism
Nov 19 15:14:25 <chronosome>	We're here -- just getting into the tempo of the summit.
Nov 19 15:14:43 <ross`>	laiv: yeah, I agree that was certainly my experience.
Nov 19 15:15:08 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	mic is moving to another table
Nov 19 15:15:08 <baital>	I admit I haven't made it down to OB to actually do anything, but the movement got me having conversations with friends/coworkers/fellow students that needed to happen
Nov 19 15:15:15 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	Alex is on mic
Nov 19 15:15:47 <Eli_Cohen>	I'm kind of curious how people think our "story" in Boston differs from the story in New York, or Cali
Nov 19 15:15:50 *	tracy is now known as tracy_summit
Nov 19 15:15:51 <chronosome>	Question: Are we going to bring our message to corporations as well as banks and government?
Nov 19 15:16:23 <glosoli22>	Eli, and how the story is the same.  And how it connects.
Nov 19 15:16:38 <baital>	sho is speaking?
Nov 19 15:16:40 <baital>	who
Nov 19 15:16:44 <laiv>	I agree with alex, the problems are not just the global/national ones
Nov 19 15:17:30 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	ok, next question
Nov 19 15:17:36 <laiv>	People don't participate in political action/democracy at local level, or even neighborly things
Nov 19 15:17:59 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	What values do we want tolive by?
Nov 19 15:18:26 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	???
Nov 19 15:18:29 <baital>	laiv: agreed
Nov 19 15:18:35 <jasoni>	@chronosome: what message?
Nov 19 15:18:46 <laiv>	Honesty, Transparency, Horizontal Democracy, Equality
Nov 19 15:18:52 <Eli_Cohen>	either way, voice-in-my-ear
Nov 19 15:18:55 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	laiv, nice ones
Nov 19 15:18:55 <chronosome>	Ah, Jason. Touche.
Nov 19 15:19:05 <laiv>	Sure
Nov 19 15:19:16 <chronosome>	The message, to me, seems to be primarily about fairness.
Nov 19 15:19:27 <chronosome>	I'm getting my brain in order, one moment.
Nov 19 15:19:30 <laiv>	I heard an interesting thing about fairness the other day
Nov 19 15:19:34 <chronosome>	Accountability, equity...
Nov 19 15:19:40 <laiv>	So when I mention fairness I think equality
Nov 19 15:19:53 <laiv>	But the guy I was talking to was saying they are two different things
Nov 19 15:20:03 <jasoni>	the only message I want to se delivered is by some constable/law enforcment official informing them that their charter to do business has been revoked.  It may be a little too radical for some folks but they are unjust corporations and their is no reforming them.
Nov 19 15:20:13 <glosoli22_>	Fairness sometimes implies "rules."
Nov 19 15:20:27 <laiv>	Fairness is when one has more then the other, and they are being fair by say charity, or giving them some token of equality. say a right or something
Nov 19 15:20:33 <ross`>	process question: do you guys want us to stay put here and chat...or let the live audio float around the room?
Nov 19 15:20:47 <laiv>	Either
Nov 19 15:20:52 <Eli_Cohen>	ross: makes no difference to me
Nov 19 15:20:56 <chronosome>	Well, fairness to me is about a "level playing field". That economic powers take all kinds of people into account when making their business decisions. Not just their own profit.
Nov 19 15:20:58 <glosoli22_>	Yes, go with the flow
Nov 19 15:21:05 <ross`>	rock.
Nov 19 15:21:21 <glosoli22_>	chron, what if someone does not want to play on that field?
Nov 19 15:21:32 <glosoli22_>	Or play that particular game on that field?
Nov 19 15:21:42 <chronosome>	I'd like to see the alternative to it.
Nov 19 15:21:52 <glosoli22_>	Me three
Nov 19 15:21:54 *	tracy is now known as tracy_summit
Nov 19 15:22:01 <tracy_summit>	hello
Nov 19 15:22:05 <jasoni>	hi tracy
Nov 19 15:22:05 <lovecrime|obsummit>	hey tracy
Nov 19 15:22:06 <chronosome>	we're talking about capitalism, I guess
Nov 19 15:22:07 <glosoli22_>	hi!
Nov 19 15:22:12 <tracy_summit>	are you here?
Nov 19 15:22:18 <tracy_summit>	yes you are
Nov 19 15:22:27 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	sitting right next to me
Nov 19 15:23:00 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	hey brandon
Nov 19 15:23:02 <chronosome>	We should probably focus on the things we all have in common
Nov 19 15:23:16 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	mic is moving to another table
Nov 19 15:23:16 <chronosome>	I'd like to see more diversity in the movement
Nov 19 15:23:42 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	Rita is speaking
Nov 19 15:23:56 <glosoli22_>	chron, as would I.
Nov 19 15:24:54 <chronosome>	All are welcome, i believe, but I'd like to get a better grip on what it is that keeps others from joining. My guess is they're too busy working or are afraid of a backlash.
Nov 19 15:25:06 <chronosome>	Or just plain don't feel welcome. How can we combat those?
Nov 19 15:25:20 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	some are slow to change
Nov 19 15:25:29 <chronosome>	Agreed.
Nov 19 15:25:30 <baital>	I just don't know where to start, personally
Nov 19 15:25:40 <glosoli22_>	Added to that would be understanding why people would not want to join.
Nov 19 15:25:48 <Eli_Cohen>	I think education is the most important thing
Nov 19 15:25:55 <chronosome>	I had this idea -- how about a "proxy march"? Where we carry signs for others who can't make it out?
Nov 19 15:25:58 <pulsar->	lack of goals/strategy   <-- most heard as putting people off
Nov 19 15:25:58 <glosoli22_>	eli, mos def.
Nov 19 15:26:02 <chronosome>	Eli -- I couldn't agree more
Nov 19 15:26:13 <Eli_Cohen>	I'm on Outreach for a reason; I'm so much more energized by a one-on-one conversation than a rally
Nov 19 15:26:18 <glosoli22_>	Education and the desire to hear and comprehend stories from everyone.
Nov 19 15:26:32 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	El, have we met?
Nov 19 15:26:37 <Eli_Cohen>	(rallies are important, on a tactical/strategic level, I'm not knocking them. But they tire me out on a personal level)
Nov 19 15:26:43 <chronosome>	I'd like to converse sometime Eli. I'm a little slow to speak in person, but next time i'm out I'll look for you.
Nov 19 15:26:44 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	hello Summit_Overflow
Nov 19 15:27:00 <ross`>	how is the overflow location?
Nov 19 15:27:05 <glosoli22_>	pulsar, Why do you think that is?
Nov 19 15:27:05 <Summit_Overflow>	Hi everybody
Nov 19 15:27:09 <matt>	We just got a report it was full Summit_Overflow, is that true?
Nov 19 15:27:13 <Summit_Overflow>	Trying to get everything up and running!
Nov 19 15:27:32 <Summit_Overflow>	When we do reportbacks, we'll type it over IRC so you can share it over there!
Nov 19 15:27:41 <ross`>	Summit_Overflow: do you need anything from us?
Nov 19 15:27:50 <Summit_Overflow>	It's pretty full over here, are there folks there still looking to join?
Nov 19 15:27:53 <chronosome>	I'd like to combat the view that we're "dirty". People at work tend to use that word when talking about us
Nov 19 15:28:04 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	where are you overflow?
Nov 19 15:28:06 <Summit_Overflow>	(This is George by the way, typer for the Overflow room for now. =))
Nov 19 15:28:10 <Summit_Overflow>	We are at Chinese Progressive Association
Nov 19 15:28:18 <jasoni>	hi Matt;
Nov 19 15:28:26 <Summit_Overflow>	28 Ash St
Nov 19 15:28:27 <glosoli22_>	chron, that is a media projection thing.  So, does that mean we need to do a better job creating our own outlets?
Nov 19 15:28:32 <matt>	28?  crap, I just tweeted 20
Nov 19 15:28:35 <chronosome>	We need to reach out to minorities, a LOT
Nov 19 15:28:41 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	oh
Nov 19 15:28:55 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	I agree
Nov 19 15:29:15 <tracy_summit>	who is overflow
Nov 19 15:29:16 <chronosome>	I'm not sure glos. I just know that in casual conversation, people equate the whole occupy movement to joblessness and filth.
Nov 19 15:29:23 <glosoli22_>	No doubt.
Nov 19 15:29:34 <glosoli22_>	As for outreach to everyone, that is paramount.
Nov 19 15:29:37 <Summit_Overflow>	Folk at main Summit location -- we are on the second small group question about Values, is that where you are at?
Nov 19 15:29:39 <chronosome>	Whether they get that from Breitbart, et al, I don't know.
Nov 19 15:29:40 <cykros>	is the summit chat in here? or is there a separate channel?
Nov 19 15:29:46 <ross`>	we
Nov 19 15:29:48 <jasoni>	that is because of the media war against us.  But you cant expect the media to help us with social/political revolution
Nov 19 15:30:00 <chronosome>	Re; chat, I have no idea. I'm just chatting. :)
Nov 19 15:30:03 <ross`>	cykros: we're doing it here
Nov 19 15:30:04 <Eli_Cohen>	I go both ways on the media issue. Part of me is perpetually annoyed that our message is being distorted via the "they don't have a message" often-repeated lie. On the other hand, I don't want to just use that as an excuse
Nov 19 15:30:06 <glosoli22_>	jason, understood.
Nov 19 15:30:07 <cykros>	thanks ross
Nov 19 15:30:15 <Eli_Cohen>	we sort of knew that was going to happen, so we just have to... work harder, I guess?
Nov 19 15:30:21 <glosoli22_>	How does this distortion fit into our story?
Nov 19 15:30:52 <glosoli22_>	Could it be viewed as our conflict with an antagonist?
Nov 19 15:31:35 <glosoli22_>	It might be important to ask, do any of these "distortions," hold any truth?
Nov 19 15:31:37 <chronosome>	I wonder sometimes if we should project a more "dignified" appearance. Whatever that is, somehow.
Nov 19 15:31:41 <jasoni>	why not concentrate our resources into building an "Occupy" in a smaller city/municipality?
Nov 19 15:31:50 <glosoli22_>	And what does it mean that people believe them as truth?
Nov 19 15:32:15 <chronosome>	I'd like to cite "good news" sources on signs.
Nov 19 15:32:17 <Summit_Overflow>	MAIN LOCATION:
Nov 19 15:32:19 <ArmyVet2008>	hello all, great job on the streaming audio
Nov 19 15:32:20 <Summit_Overflow>	Are you ready for us to report back soon
Nov 19 15:32:23 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	its busy at the board
Nov 19 15:32:23 <Eli_Cohen>	jason: there's an Occupy Harvard, Occupy Amherst, Occupy Worcester... is that what you mean?
Nov 19 15:32:26 <Summit_Overflow>	So that someone there can record it on charts?
Nov 19 15:32:34 <Summit_Overflow>	When are you reporting back?
Nov 19 15:32:36 <Eli_Cohen>	it's sort of happened without us
Nov 19 15:32:50 <jasoni>	no a municipality that we can eventually "take over" i.e. force a general election
Nov 19 15:33:02 <Eli_Cohen>	ah, intersting
Nov 19 15:33:05 <jasoni>	create a political crisis in leadership
Nov 19 15:33:08 <matt>	Summit_Overflow: are you guys able to get the live audio feed piped in?
Nov 19 15:33:14 <chronosome>	We're part of something bigger than us -- the best we can do is steer our pary
Nov 19 15:33:15 <chronosome>	part
Nov 19 15:33:24 <ArmyVet2008>	www.movetoamend.org
Nov 19 15:33:25 <chronosome>	Over -- yep
Nov 19 15:33:36 <chronosome>	Try refreshing?
Nov 19 15:33:49 <jasoni>	you know right now @Boston we are providing counseling services to folks, 24 hr.a day LICSW, drug srvs
Nov 19 15:33:50 <jasoni>	etc
Nov 19 15:33:52 <Summit_Overflow>	Yes we can get live audio
Nov 19 15:34:04 <glosoli22_>	jason, that is important.
Nov 19 15:34:06 <jasoni>	we encamp in a small municipality and start this stuff
Nov 19 15:34:08 <jasoni>	right
Nov 19 15:34:12 <jasoni>	that's what I mean
Nov 19 15:34:26 <jasoni>	people start to flow into OCcupy for serivces 
Nov 19 15:34:31 <Summit_Overflow>	STORY SO FAR
Nov 19 15:34:32 <Summit_Overflow>	* More than just economics * People empowerment * Class, race, gender
Nov 19 15:34:39 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	I like to live by honesty, integrity, solidarity
Nov 19 15:34:40 <glosoli22_>	Through that, I feel that it is important to link with systems and mechanisms already in place
Nov 19 15:34:43 <chronosome>	Counseling is good. I fear that most ordinary bluecollars don't much care about that part of the movement.
Nov 19 15:34:43 <jasoni>	create a viable community
Nov 19 15:34:49 <glosoli22_>	that support the ideas and intentions of this movement
Nov 19 15:34:57 <glosoli22_>	def
Nov 19 15:34:58 <chronosome>	Right on, Matt.
Nov 19 15:35:05 <Summit_Overflow>	* Short discussion about whether we're the left or not
Nov 19 15:35:06 <lovecrime|obsummit>	update: folks are starting to read out the things they believe are core values of Occupy
Nov 19 15:35:09 <ArmyVet2008>	WOOT, saw on Fox news, the occupy movement has gotten people looking into Nacy Pelosi's insider trading and other congressmen involved in insider trading
Nov 19 15:35:20 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	and community wellness is also very importsnt
Nov 19 15:35:28 <tracy_summit>	overflow
Nov 19 15:35:30 <Summit_Overflow>	* No issue is secondary to another, including more of oppression and environmental issues
Nov 19 15:35:32 <chronosome>	Oh, yes, wellness is important
Nov 19 15:35:35 <lovecrime|obsummit>	Nancy Pelosi insider trading? huh
Nov 19 15:35:37 <lovecrime|obsummit>	links?
Nov 19 15:35:43 <tracy_summit>	???
Nov 19 15:35:51 <tracy_summit>	overflow?
Nov 19 15:36:05 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	love that one
Nov 19 15:36:06 <cykros>	i see no need to define occupy as being leftist. while most people are, it seems to be an unnecessary limitation to place
Nov 19 15:36:07 <glosoli22_>	Asking people what community wellness means to them
Nov 19 15:36:09 <ross`>	class solidarity.
Nov 19 15:36:12 <chronosome>	Haven't seen any Pelosi insider thing here, either.
Nov 19 15:36:13 <cykros>	not to mention, it's definitely not 100% leftists.
Nov 19 15:36:26 <ArmyVet2008>	one sec, they were speaking to an author of a book, I'll find it, brb
Nov 19 15:36:33 <lovecrime|obsummit>	no, but some of us are pretty damn left ;)
Nov 19 15:36:40 <Summit_Overflow>	* Corporate power is what dominates  * It's okay not to have one answer figured out, we're setting up a process that'll take time
Nov 19 15:36:41 <glosoli22_>	We are ambidextrous!
Nov 19 15:36:41 <cykros>	i personally don't call myself a leftist, though most would probably categorize me as one.  
Nov 19 15:36:45 *	lovecrime|obsummit is left of left
Nov 19 15:36:55 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	I was just on mic with "Transparency and Integrity"
Nov 19 15:37:00 <jasoni>	counseling is a social service that occupy offers right?  eventually as "Occupy small___municipality" blossoms folks will turn to occupy for other services
Nov 19 15:37:00 <Summit_Overflow>	* Occupy Boston is supporting marginalized communities which are so often segregated from our culture
Nov 19 15:37:12 <jasoni>	so who needs the local municipal gov't anymore?
Nov 19 15:37:12 <laiv>	http://www.thestatecolumn.com/articles/rick-perry-slams-nancy-pelosi-over-congressional-insider-trading-scandal/
Nov 19 15:37:15 <ArmyVet2008>	http://nation.foxnews.com/nancy-pelosi/2011/11/14/60-minutes-exposes-pelosi-corruption
Nov 19 15:37:18 <laiv>	Found that on a google search
Nov 19 15:37:30 <life_panels>	http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/11/19/occupy-sec-volcker-rule_n_1102842.html
Nov 19 15:37:31 <ross`>	the summit is being translated in five or six languages...
Nov 19 15:37:37 <chronosome>	Ah. Thanks, Laiv.
Nov 19 15:37:37 <Summit_Overflow>	* Corporate power is what dominates  * It's okay not to have one answer figured out, we're setting up a process that'll take time  * Occupy Boston is supporting marginalized communities which are so often segregated from our culture  * Democracy is too strong to be (trounced by?) capitalism  * People are fed up -- started with banks and corporations, branched out to other inequalities
Nov 19 15:37:38 <cykros>	i like to look at a lot of post-leftist anarchist thought, as well as the standard material. that, and the "left" has gotten so vague as to include everything from totalitarian socialist dictatorships to democrats to green party members to all sorts of different types of anarchists, etc
Nov 19 15:37:39 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	haha
Nov 19 15:37:42 <ArmyVet2008>	that is awrsome Ross
Nov 19 15:37:42 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	it is it is
Nov 19 15:37:47 <cykros>	seems like an all but useless label
Nov 19 15:38:01 <Summit_Overflow>	MediaMatt - can you help let me know when we can share our reportbacks so folks there can hear them
Nov 19 15:38:07 <cykros>	also, kind of pushes the myth of one dimensional politics.
Nov 19 15:38:08 <lovecrime|obsummit>	LOL. I like that Rick Perry, a man who has a racial slur int he name of his hunting lodge, is criticizing anyone
Nov 19 15:38:36 <Summit_Overflow>	=== STORY SO FAR ===  * More than just economics  * People empowerment  * Class, race, gender  * Short discussion about whether we're the left or not  * No issue is secondary to another, including more of oppression and environmental issues  *  * Corporate power is what dominates  * It's okay not to have one answer figured out, we're setting up a process that'll take time  * Occupy Boston is supporting marginali
Nov 19 15:38:37 <life_panels>	He's not even close to being presidential
Nov 19 15:38:38 <ArmyVet2008>	Capitalism isn't the problem, the problem is "Croney" Capitolism, the good ol boy system
Nov 19 15:38:56 <life_panels>	Exactly Armyvet.
Nov 19 15:39:00 <jasoni>	If we can concentrate  our resources and win just one victory it will be like the domino effect
Nov 19 15:39:02 <chronosome>	I agree very much, ArmyVet.
Nov 19 15:39:06 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	sure Summit_Overflow
Nov 19 15:39:11 <Summit_Overflow>	Thank you
Nov 19 15:39:17 <cykros>	ArmyVet2008: well, the thing is, even words like capitalism aren't used with the same definition by everyone.
Nov 19 15:39:23 <glosoli22_>	Where does economics fit in with Boston's story?
Nov 19 15:39:29 <chronosome>	What does it matter if we're left or not? I don't think it's our job to define ourselves that way.
Nov 19 15:39:35 <cykros>	to many of the early socialists, it wasn't about doing away with property or trade, but about doing away with capital as being the be all end all decider.
Nov 19 15:39:35 <glosoli22_>	Is there an overall consensus on that?
Nov 19 15:39:40 <chronosome>	L/R is just a measurement for talking heads
Nov 19 15:39:42 <life_panels>	Anyone see the pepper spraying of students at UC Davis?
Nov 19 15:39:52 <cykros>	Proudhon (an early anarchist) was totally down for property and trade.
Nov 19 15:39:57 <cykros>	and yet called himself a socialist.
Nov 19 15:40:01 <jasoni>	yes  saw that pepper spraying @Cal Davis
Nov 19 15:40:15 <cykros>	though his school of thought these days is called mutualism
Nov 19 15:40:29 <chronosome>	I don't think capitalism is the problem, it's its corruption
Nov 19 15:40:31 <life_panels>	My best friends daughter just graduated from Davis. They are all appalled
Nov 19 15:40:48 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	so true about oppressed people becoming leaders
Nov 19 15:41:01 <ArmyVet2008>	I was disgusted with that, the police said they were in fear of thier safety, ha ha ha they were sitting down and sisn't even react to the pepper spray, pretty obvious who the instigators were there
Nov 19 15:41:18 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	"redefining violence as not just a visible ____"
Nov 19 15:41:33 <life_panels>	I am so incredibly impressed with this movement. I can't say enough great things about it.
Nov 19 15:41:57 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	Inclusion is so so important
Nov 19 15:42:03 <life_panels>	A professor is asking for the chancellor's resignatio
Nov 19 15:42:18 <lovecrime|obsummit>	ArmyVet2008: it does beg the question, if they're afraid of people sitting down, should they be police officers?
Nov 19 15:42:31 <ArmyVet2008>	exactly love
Nov 19 15:42:38 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	yup
Nov 19 15:42:49 <life_panels>	I agree Armyvet Those cops were not threatened in any way.
Nov 19 15:42:53 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	Quality housing for all I agree
Nov 19 15:42:57 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	and living wages too
Nov 19 15:43:17 <Summit_Overflow>	IMediaMatt any word on when we can report back?
Nov 19 15:43:18 <ArmyVet2008>	when I was in Iraq we would have people throw rocks at us , and a man whined they got hit with a rock we would pick on the soldier and say"be happy they aren't throwing grenades"
Nov 19 15:43:22 <ross`>	Summit_Overflow: please give us your feedback!
Nov 19 15:43:24 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	without Living Wages, it can to homelessness or o remain in homelessness
Nov 19 15:43:24 <Summit_Overflow>	We are done with the "STORY" reportback
Nov 19 15:43:30 <life_panels>	We have to get money out of congress so that they start governing on behalf of the people.
Nov 19 15:43:30 <Summit_Overflow>	=== STORY SO FAR ===  * More than just economics  * People empowerment  * Class, race, gender  * Short discussion about whether we're the left or not  * No issue is secondary to another, including more of oppression and environmental issues  *  * Corporate power is what dominates  * It's okay not to have one answer figured out, we're setting up a process that'll take time  * Occupy Boston is supporting marginali
Nov 19 15:43:36 <jasoni>	I think we should be saying "Look at who becomes police officers and look at their behavior when you have corrupted, unjust systems..."  
Nov 19 15:43:53 <Summit_Overflow>	Do you want the values reportback yet?'
Nov 19 15:43:54 <lovecrime|obsummit>	ArmyVet2008: that's the big difference between people who have seen combat and people who watch it on TV
Nov 19 15:43:58 <chronosome>	Agreed, Life Panels. There should be no profit in government
Nov 19 15:43:58 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	What values do we want to live by?
Nov 19 15:43:59 <ross`>	Summit_Overflow: yes
Nov 19 15:44:01 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	is the next one
Nov 19 15:44:01 <ross`>	we
Nov 19 15:44:09 <ross`>	we'll post them on the board!
Nov 19 15:44:11 <life_panels>	EXACTLY!!
Nov 19 15:44:35 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	I type it as they come up, im sorry I wasnt more loud that is the next question
Nov 19 15:44:41 <Occupy_820>	what's the purpose of these terms
Nov 19 15:44:52 <Summit_Overflow>	=== VALUES WE WANT TO LIVE BY ===  * Nonviolence * Inclusion * Justice * Environmental sanity * Balance * Solidarity * Citizenship * Change * Compassion * Listening * Collective bargaining * We don't have to accept what's given, we have choices including DIY, celebratory, creative, agile, strategic * Two short ones but important -- anti-racism, changed that to equal rights for all * Acknowledge complexity of pro
Nov 19 15:44:58 <ArmyVet2008>	I feel we should eliminate the ability to hold office in a company or be a consultant or hold stock in a company while in public office
Nov 19 15:44:59 <chronosome>	For lack of a better word, we still have to "sell" this movement to the city and world.
Nov 19 15:45:12 <twentythree>	#OccupySF is being raided right now
Nov 19 15:45:13 <Summit_Overflow>	OH WAIT
Nov 19 15:45:19 <Summit_Overflow>	Did you all read off all are values? =)
Nov 19 15:45:22 <chronosome>	How do we get Bostonians to stand up for us (and themselves)?
Nov 19 15:45:25 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	everyone is moving
Nov 19 15:45:26 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	yes
Nov 19 15:45:35 <Summit_Overflow>	ecognizing and communicating the fragility of the livelihoods of our friends, neighbors, and families * Clarity * Focus * Discipline * Transparent, democratic decision-making * Addressing existing divisions so they don't weaken us further * Anti-oppression * Respect, equality, fairness, compassion * Peace and prosperity for all not just few * Economic justice * Fairness * Fairness in wages * Access to education 
Nov 19 15:45:39 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	except i cannt because we are livestream
Nov 19 15:45:42 <Summit_Overflow>	manity * Participation in government * Love and respect * Building trust through transparency and openness * Acknowledging historical and current realities of oppression and the way that makes up the 99% * Solidarity * Treating others the way you want to be treated * Actively participating * Community * Becoming more socially useful - Starting with the movement transferring into the rest of the world * Share res
Nov 19 15:45:45 <life_panels>	agreed chhromosome the name calling to us is a sign of a lack of understanding what this moevement is about
Nov 19 15:45:46 <Summit_Overflow>	e food and medical for everybody
Nov 19 15:45:48 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	livestream is remaining in location
Nov 19 15:45:50 <ArmyVet2008>	we must educate them, overwhelm public areas with criers
Nov 19 15:46:05 <life_panels>	Education is the key!
Nov 19 15:46:11 <Eli_Cohen>	==PROCESS QUESTION== Now that we've got about a dozen people actively participating, do we want to divide into chat rooms with groups of four or so, like they are at the summit?
Nov 19 15:46:11 <ArmyVet2008>	we must explain it is plain simple language
Nov 19 15:46:19 <chronosome>	We have to change the common view of the movement
Nov 19 15:46:22 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	Education is one of the main solver of poverty
Nov 19 15:46:27 <life_panels>	Exactly! A Vet
Nov 19 15:46:59 <jasoni>	Listen: there is something I think is paramount to prepare for: the dissolution of all physical occupy locales... and the real threat this could have to ending the movement/ the movement running out of steam and just fizzling out...we cannot and we will not win a war against a superior force; i.e., we will not be able to withstand the evictions once they come to Boston in particular
Nov 19 15:47:02 <cykros>	i think anyone talking about educating the public would be wise to get a copy of Paulo Freire's "Pedagogy of the Oppressed" and read it.
Nov 19 15:47:03 <baital>	I dunno, it seems like MediaMatt et all are having a hard enough time keeping up with what's going on here
Nov 19 15:47:12 *	seekr|away is now known as seekr
Nov 19 15:47:15 <cykros>	it is important that education be engaging, rather than indoctrinating.
Nov 19 15:47:20 <cykros>	for obvious reasons.
Nov 19 15:47:26 <life_panels>	I love and adore everyone involved in learning about how our lives are governed-
Nov 19 15:47:35 <chronosome>	I've explained it to friends as "Instead of shrugging and saying 'that's just the way it is'" when you're presented symptoms of corruption, know that there are people out there fighting to change that
Nov 19 15:47:41 <chronosome>	Don't shrug, occupy
Nov 19 15:47:45 <Summit_Overflow>	Haha okay
Nov 19 15:47:51 <ArmyVet2008>	see the average american doesn't understand how all of this affects them, we have to break it down for them
Nov 19 15:47:57 <life_panels>	 Education should be fun! Loving to learn should be fun!
Nov 19 15:48:05 <Summit_Overflow>	MediaMatt: When the main room is ready for our feedback, Bhavin there will call me.
Nov 19 15:48:13 <Summit_Overflow>	Then I'll paste in our feedback here or on pastebin
Nov 19 15:48:16 <chronosome>	AVet -- right on
Nov 19 15:48:19 <Summit_Overflow>	So that you can read it out loud
Nov 19 15:48:20 <pulsar->	Summit_Overflow, thanks for the summaries, they really help
Nov 19 15:48:20 <Summit_Overflow>	Is that cool
Nov 19 15:48:29 <jasoni>	AV Matt please help me out here...read what I wrote above there and comment please
Nov 19 15:48:32 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	Third question
Nov 19 15:48:37 <ArmyVet2008>	the problem is, CSPAN is Booooooring, people want to be entertained when they see the truth, makes it not as hard to chew
Nov 19 15:48:51 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	I hear you jason and it is being discussed
Nov 19 15:49:04 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	Third Question: What do we need now?
Nov 19 15:49:08 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	(on any level)
Nov 19 15:49:49 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	John Ford was on mic
Nov 19 15:49:52 <chronosome>	Edu-tainment first, then "for more info", etc?
Nov 19 15:49:54 <pulsar->	you need occupyusa
Nov 19 15:50:12 <ArmyVet2008>	I think what I have heard across the spectrum in conversation is to end fractional banking and the federal reserve
Nov 19 15:50:13 <life_panels>	Occupy Bostong needs a space to congregate. A building of some kind
Nov 19 15:50:51 <chronosome>	It'd be great if we could occupy a building.
Nov 19 15:50:52 <life_panels>	The KOCH brothers! Yes!
Nov 19 15:51:08 <cykros>	ArmyVet2008: yea, +1 from me on that one. the issue isn't even fractional reserve banking though, it's fiat, debt based currency in general.
Nov 19 15:51:09 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	Summit_Overflow
Nov 19 15:51:16 <cykros>	fractional reserve banking is bad, but what we have is worse.
Nov 19 15:51:17 <ArmyVet2008>	I did suggest projecting documentaries onto the side of the federal building, have some big ass speakers, pop some popcorn, have a show
Nov 19 15:51:20 <life_panels>	I think that might be the eventual place to allow the movement to grow.
Nov 19 15:51:28 <laiv>	Organization, and a better image
Nov 19 15:51:31 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	please report back on this, because we are including your reponses on this question
Nov 19 15:51:32 <cykros>	ArmyVet2008: +1
Nov 19 15:51:38 <chronosome>	Better image is important
Nov 19 15:51:45 <baital>	Occupy TD Bank North during a Bruins game.
Nov 19 15:51:58 <chronosome>	Baital--scary!
Nov 19 15:52:05 <life_panels>	Are you still allowed in Dewey Squarw??
Nov 19 15:52:11 <laiv>	yes
Nov 19 15:52:32 <ArmyVet2008>	We need to send a message, our signs are limited, but by standing behind some educational documentaries about the greed and corruption in america would go farther
Nov 19 15:52:33 <chronosome>	After the march, there we drunk B fans jeering. I talked to a few and they laughed in my face. Sigh.
Nov 19 15:52:56 <life_panels>	good-for how long? did that meeting take place with the rose kennedy foundation and the police?
Nov 19 15:52:57 <ArmyVet2008>	we need more celebrity faces as well
Nov 19 15:53:00 <chronosome>	We need a list of videos -- one site of embedded videos or something
Nov 19 15:53:30 <matt>	chronosome, we have a torrent out there that has Chomsky and some other videos in it, and we live stream video every GA, if we can.
Nov 19 15:53:42 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	lovecrime, do you facebook?
Nov 19 15:53:47 <chronosome>	True, true. That's got to be publicized.
Nov 19 15:53:58 <ArmyVet2008>	money masters is a Very good one
Nov 19 15:54:05 <Eli_Cohen>	yeah, the howard zinn lecture series is all on one page now
Nov 19 15:54:27 <baital>	Occupy Copley Square
Nov 19 15:54:28 <life_panels>	I just posted at the OB facebook page some of the videos of the UC Davis pepper soraying
Nov 19 15:54:31 <cykros>	bleh, my issue with the whole "end the fed" is that it doesn't address what to do instead.  these days i've been more on the "nationalize the fed" bandwagon
Nov 19 15:54:37 <lovecrime|obsummit>	obsummit-MediaMatt: yup I'll pm you the name
Nov 19 15:54:46 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	k
Nov 19 15:55:15 <cykros>	it'd get rid of the debt based aspect of it, but would avoid having to reinvent the wheel. as it is, we don't have enough metals to switch back to metal based currency on a large scale, and i haven't seen any other really good alternatives to fiat currency for now
Nov 19 15:55:15 <Eli_Cohen>	I think we need increased relationships/community. At the risk of sounding wishy-washy.
Nov 19 15:55:19 <baital>	Occupy the Back Bay, on Black Friday
Nov 19 15:55:22 <chronosome>	Re: "End the Fed". Consider those who don't know what the Fed is. If we could explain it simply...
Nov 19 15:55:29 <chronosome>	Eli, i agree
Nov 19 15:55:33 <ArmyVet2008>	we should also be sending news releases to major media constantly, we dont pick leaders but we pick spokes people serving the majority
Nov 19 15:55:35 <lovecrime|obsummit>	Eli_Cohen: I don't think that's wishy washy at all
Nov 19 15:55:40 <lovecrime|obsummit>	I think it's right on
Nov 19 15:55:52 <Eli_Cohen>	not that the idea is wishy-washy, I just haven't defined it yet :)
Nov 19 15:56:00 <life_panels>	Excellent idea ArmyVet
Nov 19 15:56:08 <cykros>	ArmyVet2008: what i'd like to see is media that will actually treat articles from individuals as individual stances, rather than being vague and appearing to generalize it as an official occupy stance
Nov 19 15:56:14 <lovecrime|obsummit>	any ideas? the IRC ideas are being reported back to the Summit :)
Nov 19 15:56:15 <chronosome>	If we could donate to clean up or help build things, I think that'd help immensely
Nov 19 15:56:24 <cykros>	if we can get that, i see no problem with anyone writing stuff about why THEY are at occupy, and what their views are.
Nov 19 15:56:30 <chronosome>	By donate, I mean person-power, of course
Nov 19 15:56:37 <ArmyVet2008>	Our economy has hurt our families, we can no longer afford to have men or women to staty at home as homemakers anymore
Nov 19 15:56:40 <cykros>	not that i'd stop anyone anyway, but i wouldn't do it personally largely because of the issue of appearing to talk for occupy.
Nov 19 15:57:20 <chronosome>	maybe we need to be a little more pushy -- not as vandals, but as ambassadors to a better future
Nov 19 15:57:20 <cykros>	ArmyVet2008: well, i'm not sure how much we should, in the end. but with 2 incomes and people STILL barely making do, now that i have a problem with
Nov 19 15:57:42 <cykros>	i mean, i'd LIKE to be wealthy enough to have a one income family.  but looking at fairness across the globe, to do that, you generally have to prop it up by exploiting foreign workers.
Nov 19 15:57:46 <cykros>	idk, could be wrong
Nov 19 15:57:49 <cykros>	i'd have to really examine the math
Nov 19 15:57:55 <jasoni>	Pooling resources in a smaller occupy-community will give us a great advantage
Nov 19 15:58:08 <ArmyVet2008>	we have to gather all the complaints, then have a scaled paper ballot vote on what issues are most valid, pick the most pressing to least pressing, that way we have a stance of common ground
Nov 19 15:58:10 <life_panels>	I agree that the Occupy movement needs to be understood.The more the written word gets outt there, the more people will understand
Nov 19 15:58:13 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	so the question is: What do we need now at any level? I will speak on the mic some responses from IRC
Nov 19 15:58:21 <cykros>	i guess that's probably not all that accurate anyway. basic home ownership should cost no more than a starting price of $20,000
Nov 19 15:58:24 <cykros>	if not lower.
Nov 19 15:58:29 <jasoni>	we need to prioritize
Nov 19 15:58:32 <jasoni>	or do triage
Nov 19 15:58:35 <cykros>	just a basic 2 bedroom, one bath, one kitchen building
Nov 19 15:58:41 <cykros>	running water, electricity
Nov 19 15:58:51 <cykros>	get some housing like that going on, and one income is easy to swing.
Nov 19 15:59:02 <Eli_Cohen>	read lots of books in the past year about how *obvious* and clear mathematically  it is that there's enough food/houses for everyone to live in at least relative security throughout the world
Nov 19 15:59:10 <baital>	Epathetic Engagement: Yes
Nov 19 15:59:12 <Eli_Cohen>	but it requires totally retooling our economy
Nov 19 15:59:22 <chronosome>	I have an idea of maybe having a symbol or mark on clothing that would identify an occupier as someone you can ask for more info about injustice and Occupy
Nov 19 15:59:30 <life_panels>	totally retooling our government too
Nov 19 15:59:43 <baital>	chronosome: Yes
Nov 19 15:59:44 <chronosome>	So conversations can start in bars, convenience stores, wherever
Nov 19 15:59:45 <jasoni>	why not have occupy officially request that we be allowed to live, say, at a specific location indefinitely so there is a base?
Nov 19 16:00:00 <matt>	Can the Summit_Overflow folks start coming down to a few bullet points to announce?
Nov 19 16:00:06 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	what is Epatheic Engagement?
Nov 19 16:00:11 <baital>	Empathetic, sorry
Nov 19 16:00:12 <chronosome>	I think that's what Dec. 1 basically is right now, Jason.
Nov 19 16:00:17 <Summit_Overflow>	Matt, are you already on harvest
Nov 19 16:00:19 <life_panels>	bastards raiding Sand Fran?!?!?!
Nov 19 16:00:28 <jasoni>	My first choice, btw, would be in Maine or CT on tribal lands...I am sure folks there would be extremely sympathetic to us
Nov 19 16:00:29 <baital>	Someone on mic was discussing walking up to people and asking what skills they have
Nov 19 16:00:59 <matt>	No, but we have enough lag that we need you to get to the points soon.
Nov 19 16:01:04 <life_panels>	Maine tribal lands-that would be awesome!
Nov 19 16:01:06 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	they will come to me about Summit_Overflow and IRc
Nov 19 16:01:08 <Summit_Overflow>	Thanks matt we're collecting them now
Nov 19 16:01:08 <matt>	And it looks like we're about to harvest.
Nov 19 16:01:12 <jasoni>	and then rent a loft/warehouse space in the big city
Nov 19 16:01:15 <chronosome>	I'd like there to be one-stop location for interested surfers to see both the police action vs. the movement and the movement's ideals. Like, side by side
Nov 19 16:01:15 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	once i raise my hand and we have bullet points
Nov 19 16:01:20 <ArmyVet2008>	I feel that we as American dont really care about national boundaries as much as we care about people, we dont agree with our govt. we have spoken out and it has fallen upon deaf ears
Nov 19 16:01:42 <ArmyVet2008>	Democracynow.org has been a real support for the movement
Nov 19 16:01:54 <life_panels>	Yes, many deaf ears.we need to teach
Nov 19 16:02:11 <Summit_Overflow>	Matt, let us go toward the end so I can get everyone's
Nov 19 16:02:17 <jasoni>	I think our resources are way-too-scattered and too often folks dont listen to other, more-experienced folks
Nov 19 16:02:26 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	k
Nov 19 16:02:53 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	I was just communicating with the SF Occupy
Nov 19 16:02:54 <chronosome>	I agree, Jason. People want bite-size info
Nov 19 16:03:01 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	ugh
Nov 19 16:03:22 <ArmyVet2008>	Education for the People on the current situation in our nation and that politics and business as usual will not cut it anymore, our president promised us change, we said that in 2008 and he failed us, now its our turn
Nov 19 16:03:43 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	we are sending our greetings in solidarity for the 65 overflow group
Nov 19 16:03:48 <Summit_Overflow>	We're through two groups
Nov 19 16:03:48 <jasoni>	I think the most important thing for us right now is survival and everything else- and I do mean everything - is secondary
Nov 19 16:03:50 <Summit_Overflow>	GREETINGS! =)
Nov 19 16:04:13 <ArmyVet2008>	Jason, dont worry, we will survive
Nov 19 16:04:14 <life_panels>	I agree ArmyVet-but the worst thing we can do would be to have one of the republican candidates in the WH
Nov 19 16:04:22 <jasoni>	I mean the Movement Matt
Nov 19 16:04:35 <jasoni>	look at what is happening right now in SF
Nov 19 16:04:37 <cykros>	i disagree there...i think Ron Paul, while far from perfect, would be much better than having Obama in the white house again.
Nov 19 16:04:52 <ArmyVet2008>	well we need to stop looking at parties and start looking at people
Nov 19 16:04:53 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	we are going to share now on points
Nov 19 16:04:58 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	on mic
Nov 19 16:05:06 <Summit_Overflow>	Three groups done
Nov 19 16:05:09 <cykros>	but, anyway, that's not intended to start a debate, just let you know that the viewpoint you just expressed is not universal out here
Nov 19 16:05:09 <life_panels>	I like RP honesty but he's too radical with his ideas
Nov 19 16:05:47 <gbot|obsummit>	1 group wants a mission statement
Nov 19 16:05:59 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	better communication
Nov 19 16:05:59 <gbot|obsummit>	and better internal communication
Nov 19 16:06:02 <cykros>	life_panels: well, for one, just because he's president, doesn't mean he's passing everything he has a view on.  
Nov 19 16:06:02 <gbot|obsummit>	jinx
Nov 19 16:06:05 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	and better communcation outside the movement
Nov 19 16:06:10 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	physical location
Nov 19 16:06:18 <cykros>	and secondly, that he's talking about Kucinich as a running mate seems like a good way to bring some balance to the ticket.
Nov 19 16:06:21 <ArmyVet2008>	Well none of us are perfect, but Ron Paul is the closest we have to what we want, Americans aren't perfect and neither is our society, we have to accept that and work with what we have, not with what just what we wish we had
Nov 19 16:06:23 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	spokes people
Nov 19 16:06:37 <life_panels>	true that, but I fear he'll do too much
Nov 19 16:06:41 <cykros>	i doubt i'll be voting for ron paul anyway...idk, i'll have to see how the race goes up to that point.
Nov 19 16:06:46 <ArmyVet2008>	we have to start at point a and work towards point b
Nov 19 16:06:58 <cykros>	but if i don't vote for ron paul, it'll probably be for a dead british guy :-P
Nov 19 16:07:24 <tracy_summit>	hey brandon
Nov 19 16:07:36 <gbot|obsummit>	hey brandon
Nov 19 16:07:53 <ArmyVet2008>	a moratorium on foreign aid redirected to rebuilding american infrastructure is a quick fix to our current situation
Nov 19 16:07:59 <life_panels>	hehe! @ cykos
Nov 19 16:08:09 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	we are ready for you Summit_Overflow
Nov 19 16:08:16 <cykros>	idk. personally, i don't think the next president is the biggest issue by any means anyway.
Nov 19 16:08:24 <cykros>	howdy life_panels 
Nov 19 16:08:29 <cykros>	do i know you?
Nov 19 16:08:42 <Summit_Overflow>	http://pastebin.com/XNwpWePa
Nov 19 16:08:44 <life_panels>	It's congress that is in lockstep
Nov 19 16:08:45 <Summit_Overflow>	Is part One
Nov 19 16:08:46 <Summit_Overflow>	Part two is coming
Nov 19 16:08:49 <lovecrime|mobile>	Trmp check: is everyone listening to the audio or should we continue to update thr irc
Nov 19 16:08:57 <baital>	Listening to audio
Nov 19 16:08:58 <life_panels>	I don't think so
Nov 19 16:09:00 <baital>	Or trying, at least
Nov 19 16:09:00 <cykros>	i'm on the audio
Nov 19 16:09:25 <cykros>	oh, okay, just checking...that greeting made me think you were like, pleasantly surprised to see me, as someone you know.
Nov 19 16:09:26 <ArmyVet2008>	No our issues are far deeper than that, our issues pertain to us as a society as a whole, we are on the brink of a new age, a new renisance if you will in the electronic era, what we do from here is all of our responsibilies to our country and our children
Nov 19 16:09:29 <life_panels>	I'm just doing audio too
Nov 19 16:09:34 <chronosome>	Still here. I think we were all a little sidetracked by SF.
Nov 19 16:09:41 <chronosome>	Well, I speak for me.
Nov 19 16:09:42 <smant^>	who is at the occupy summit progressive Chinese association site?
Nov 19 16:09:43 <chronosome>	Not all.
Nov 19 16:09:44 <Summit_Overflow>	ME
Nov 19 16:09:46 <Summit_Overflow>	=)
Nov 19 16:09:48 <Summit_Overflow>	and 65 or so people
Nov 19 16:09:49 <matt>	That's a bit long to read Summit_Overflow … :)
Nov 19 16:09:55 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	can we list points in cat
Nov 19 16:09:57 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	chat*
Nov 19 16:10:00 <Summit_Overflow>	It's everyone's point sorry
Nov 19 16:10:06 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	and its taking a long time to load
Nov 19 16:10:08 <matt>	Ah.  How many groups did you guys have?
Nov 19 16:10:18 <smant^>	who is at the occupy summit progressive Chinese association site?
Nov 19 16:10:18 <Summit_Overflow>	8-12
Nov 19 16:10:25 <ross``>	Summit_Overflow: we need you to paste it here https://pad.riseup.net/p/summit_overfleow
Nov 19 16:10:26 <Summit_Overflow>	8-12 groups
Nov 19 16:10:31 <cykros>	i like the sound of the talk going on at this summit...all of a sudden, we finally have a big discussion about the issues
Nov 19 16:10:32 <life_panels>	Well said ArmyVet I agree- our problems are deep.  and global economy is too uneven
Nov 19 16:10:36 <cykros>	first time i've seen it happen
Nov 19 16:10:38 <smant^>	Summit_Overflow ?
Nov 19 16:10:39 <ross``>	Summit_Overflow: pastebin is blocked from here
Nov 19 16:10:42 <chronosome>	Is there a list of current points online somewhere? Other than this chat window?
Nov 19 16:10:47 <ArmyVet2008>	I gave 19 years of my life and youth for this country, I'll be daned if Im handing it over to a group of families who earned thier fortune from birthright not hardwork
Nov 19 16:10:52 <cykros>	we're always so caught up in camp issues, action issues, outreach, etc, that we forget to talk about the crisis :-P
Nov 19 16:10:54 <Summit_Overflow>	Do you see it?
Nov 19 16:11:00 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	we are live and it is still loading
Nov 19 16:11:13 <cykros>	not that the talk doesn't happen on small scales, but it's good to see it finally happening as a big talk
Nov 19 16:11:38 <life_panels>	Here here AV-ArmyVet can I call you AV?
Nov 19 16:11:40 <cykros>	i think a lot of people may be surprised at some of the diversity of opinions going around.
Nov 19 16:11:57 <life_panels>	Love the diversity
Nov 19 16:11:58 <cykros>	life_panels: you know, hitting tab after beginning a name will complete it for you
Nov 19 16:12:18 <ArmyVet2008>	we all see it, we see it in our home towns, our streets, and even our homes, we dont need the media to tell us there is something wrong. Our constitution has been trampled on, and to even raise your voice now is an arrestable offence.
Nov 19 16:12:22 <Summit_Overflow>	Can yo usee it Matt?
Nov 19 16:12:23 <cykros>	the issue with shortening a nick like that is that unlike with the full name being typed, a shortened version won't notify the person that a message was directed at them
Nov 19 16:12:25 <life_panels>	Ar
Nov 19 16:12:26 <matt>	you're live overflow, picking and choosing a bit.
Nov 19 16:12:31 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	no, someone else is though
Nov 19 16:12:33 <cykros>	though, idk, that's true in full irc clients...idk if it holds on the web client.
Nov 19 16:12:36 <matt>	ross is the one reading it Summit_Overflow.
Nov 19 16:12:36 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	it wouldnt load for me
Nov 19 16:12:50 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	that is ross
Nov 19 16:12:53 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	i didnt know that
Nov 19 16:12:58 <life_panels>	cykros: OMG you are a genious! 
Nov 19 16:12:59 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	and hes only 2 feet from me
Nov 19 16:13:11 <cykros>	life_panels: nope, i'm just a nerd. there's a big difference.
Nov 19 16:13:16 <life_panels>	cykros: Thank you!
Nov 19 16:13:23 <matt>	Yes!  Let's make a nativity scene!
Nov 19 16:13:28 <ArmyVet2008>	War Criminals should be tried not hidden away and executed, we are America! We did this in WW2 why not now?
Nov 19 16:13:30 <Summit_Overflow>	We hear you all reading it thank you =)
Nov 19 16:13:31 <smant^>	ross you're so good at reading
Nov 19 16:13:32 <life_panels>	hehe! They're very close!
Nov 19 16:13:35 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	excellent
Nov 19 16:13:37 <ross``>	w00t!
Nov 19 16:13:45 <chronosome>	I like intergenerational dialog. Yes.
Nov 19 16:13:45 <ross``>	:-)
Nov 19 16:13:45 <smant^>	ross you're so good at reading
Nov 19 16:13:46 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	go ross
Nov 19 16:13:48 <smant^>	ross you're so good at reading
Nov 19 16:13:59 <smant^>	SO GOOD
Nov 19 16:14:01 <ArmyVet2008>	good jjob Ross
Nov 19 16:14:06 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	i was going to say bromance
Nov 19 16:14:09 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	lol
Nov 19 16:14:10 <chronosome>	Thanks, Ross.
Nov 19 16:14:10 <ArmyVet2008>	LOL
Nov 19 16:14:19 <cykros>	i like addressing divisions, but i think important in that is recognizing diversity of approaches. i think occupy the hood uninviting occupy boston was far from a bad thing, but rather gave us both room to be ourselves
Nov 19 16:14:27 <cykros>	rather than getting angry at each other over demands of each other.
Nov 19 16:14:37 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	agreed cykros
Nov 19 16:14:48 <ross``>	my pleasure...glad we can get everyone connected.
Nov 19 16:14:50 <cykros>	it's good to have some cross-communication/planning, but we should all remember to not crawl up each others' asses.
Nov 19 16:14:50 <life_panels>	yes cykros 
Nov 19 16:14:54 <chronosome>	OB has to visit OTH, often and vice-versa.
Nov 19 16:15:26 <life_panels>	I didn't realize they had separated-OTH and OB
Nov 19 16:15:27 <cykros>	i'd rather split into separate groups than try to force unity and result in everyone giving up at once, heh
Nov 19 16:15:31 <cykros>	seen that happen before to a movement.
Nov 19 16:15:32 <Eli_Cohen>	chronosome: outreach team is working on rebuilding that relationship
Nov 19 16:15:34 <cykros>	it's unpleasant.
Nov 19 16:15:45 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	so am i
Nov 19 16:15:50 <chronosome>	Spirit's there, but physical is important, too.
Nov 19 16:16:19 <cykros>	well, i don't think OTH should officially endorse occupy boston, or vice versa. we should be up on what each other is doing, and endorse specific actions where they have cross interest
Nov 19 16:16:25 <ArmyVet2008>	Please tell the crowd this, As a soldier in Iraq I lost faith in my Govt and thank the occupy movement for helping the little mans voice be heard, when I was in Iraq I witnessed civil affairs officers paying warlord sheiks that had killed americans and were attacking us millions of dollars not to attack us. So they turned their weapons on the civilians, this is not what I am defending, this is not my govt anymore!!!! T
Nov 19 16:16:31 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	its been one of the bullet points of my work
Nov 19 16:16:32 <cykros>	but the idea of endorsing another group in general always kind of struck me as silly
Nov 19 16:16:39 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	to solve internal communcation
Nov 19 16:16:46 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	or lessen the issues of it
Nov 19 16:16:46 <cykros>	and honestly, that even applies to the various groups that endorsed us, such as the unions, companies, etc. 
Nov 19 16:16:50 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	as best as possible
Nov 19 16:16:55 <cykros>	it almost seems more like advertising than anything of much use.
Nov 19 16:16:57 <chronosome>	But we're calling ourselves the 99%, cy. We should act like it, I think.
Nov 19 16:16:59 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	and hope others will follow and understand
Nov 19 16:17:28 <chronosome>	Not endorsement, per se, but connection.
Nov 19 16:17:32 <cykros>	chronosome: as the 99%, it's important to recognize that diversity, not just of individuals, but of tactics and ways of addressing things. it would be foolish to suggest that all of the 99% should be camping, for instance.
Nov 19 16:17:57 <cykros>	i mean, it'd be interesting to see everyone involved in occupy, but i don't see it as realistic, or even ideal.
Nov 19 16:17:58 <chronosome>	I agree. But there should be some cross-over, no?
Nov 19 16:18:00 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	more participation in GAs is huge
Nov 19 16:18:00 <life_panels>	Thank you ArmyVet2008  for your service. You cannot be thanked enough.
Nov 19 16:18:05 <cykros>	yes, cross over, communication, cooperation
Nov 19 16:18:07 <cykros>	all very good
Nov 19 16:18:15 <cykros>	i guess what i'm emphasizing is space for individuality.
Nov 19 16:18:21 <life_panels>	common ground
Nov 19 16:18:31 <ArmyVet2008>	as much as I would love to camp my combat wounds dont allow that right now, you are my heros on the front lines now...Thank You
Nov 19 16:18:35 <jasoni>	we are all individuals!  We are all different!
Nov 19 16:18:51 <chronosome>	I agree with individuality, but checking in is nice. That's all i meant. :)
Nov 19 16:18:55 <cykros>	when oth first started, it seemed like a lot people wanted us to be all but one organization. i think that was a flawed way to approach it.
Nov 19 16:18:57 <jasoni>	except for me...
Nov 19 16:19:09 <cykros>	we're two quite different organizations, with some common goals and methods
Nov 19 16:19:20 <chronosome>	And the publicity of actually physically visiting is important, imo
Nov 19 16:19:32 <cykros>	so we can work towards those common goals, with our common methods, and cooperate for that...but we needn't sacrifice our differences to do it.
Nov 19 16:19:36 <life_panels>	there should be commonalities AND differences.
Nov 19 16:19:38 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	Kelly: Like the EMMYs
Nov 19 16:19:40 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	lol
Nov 19 16:19:41 <jasoni>	exactly well said
Nov 19 16:19:47 <chronosome>	Right. 2 distinct groups that respect each other
Nov 19 16:19:48 <ArmyVet2008>	forget the isms, remember the people
Nov 19 16:19:55 <Eli_Cohen>	cykros, yeah, there was division over that, and a few other communication issues. We're not trying to re-merge the organizations, but Outreach is trying to work to at least build solid communication and mutual respect
Nov 19 16:19:56 <chronosome>	And work toward a common future
Nov 19 16:19:58 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	I live on site and feel safe
Nov 19 16:20:01 <Summit_Overflow>	Hi Matt, how many points get read out loud over there?
Nov 19 16:20:01 <cykros>	at the end of the day, it's all individual humans anyway
Nov 19 16:20:06 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	ask ross
Nov 19 16:20:07 <Summit_Overflow>	We have about 60 people so trying to figure out how much to send over
Nov 19 16:20:11 <cykros>	occupy boston is not a person any more than bank of america is a person.
Nov 19 16:20:13 <Summit_Overflow>	Or Ross I mean sorry
Nov 19 16:20:31 <chronosome>	Agreed
Nov 19 16:20:45 <ArmyVet2008>	Let the crowd know there is a huge movement inside the military ranks watching this very closely and are on the Occupy Movements side
Nov 19 16:20:50 <Eli_Cohen>	folks interested in working on OB/OTH connection should totally get into the POC or Outreach groups
Nov 19 16:20:57 <ross``>	Summit_Overflow: I say send whatever you have...we can selectively share it.
Nov 19 16:21:04 <cykros>	heh, sorry, i often get on these rants that generally can be summed up as "i don't want to be the borg".
Nov 19 16:21:07 <Summit_Overflow>	Got it thanks
Nov 19 16:21:11 <KevinInfoTent>	so what am I missing
Nov 19 16:21:12 <chronosome>	Eli, I think I will.
Nov 19 16:21:26 <baital>	Eli, I definitely will
Nov 19 16:21:36 <ArmyVet2008>	heh heh Cyros, resistance is futile lol
Nov 19 16:21:48 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	Next question Summit_Overflow: What must we do to take OB to the next level?
Nov 19 16:21:50 <life_panels>	yeah!!
Nov 19 16:22:02 <chronosome>	Oh, it's cool. Cy. I'm definitely anti-hive, too. But the togetherness of this movement is its strength, I think.
Nov 19 16:22:07 <ArmyVet2008>	Occupy Home town America
Nov 19 16:22:17 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	a college in DC has been occupied
Nov 19 16:22:20 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	nice!
Nov 19 16:22:23 <cykros>	to some extent. unity/togetherness can be a double edged sword sometimes.
Nov 19 16:22:48 <cykros>	solidarity is something i've always felt to not be the same as unity, but instead acknowledgement of working towards the same goals, non-interference, etc.
Nov 19 16:22:49 <ArmyVet2008>	As people head home for the holidays from school, it is a great oportunity to teach our families and friends back home about what the movement is about
Nov 19 16:22:52 <chronosome>	Right, Cy, but if we're fractured we're nothing. We have a purpose. Isn't that enough?
Nov 19 16:23:09 <chronosome>	Heh. I'd like to talk to you sometime. I dig the conversation. :)
Nov 19 16:23:27 <cykros>	chronosome: i'm not sure that being fractured would mean we're nothing. i'd seek to avoid fractures for the most part, but i can imagine situations where it's better to let one happen than try to force it not to.
Nov 19 16:23:34 <chronosome>	Solidarity is an excellent word for it.
Nov 19 16:23:58 <chronosome>	agreed. No "forcing", no. Not ever.
Nov 19 16:23:58 <cykros>	where we may be quite effective in a more decentralized structure. as long as the relative unity lasts, i'm cool with working with it, and hopefully it'll continue to last.
Nov 19 16:24:05 <cykros>	but if it doesn't, well, that's not the end of the world either.
Nov 19 16:24:12 <ArmyVet2008>	the movement is at home and abroad, the whole world really is watching, they want to know if Americans actually do care what are govt is doing, the occupy movement is giving other nations hope, we can not give up and can not forget
Nov 19 16:24:15 <chronosome>	Agreed again.
Nov 19 16:24:18 *	OccupyBoston835 is now known as Rich
Nov 19 16:24:18 <cykros>	what would kill us if we fractured down to the level of individuals
Nov 19 16:24:28 <Summit_Overflow>	Hi Matt: (1) We are going to first get highlights here, and send them over, then (2) send over additional points. So we'll do some filtering on our end first (just to make sure folks can choose what they want shared over there instead of sending you a ton of stuff for you to guess what people think is most important.)
Nov 19 16:24:30 <Summit_Overflow>	Is that cool?
Nov 19 16:24:32 <Summit_Overflow>	Or Ross
Nov 19 16:24:36 <Summit_Overflow>	Or MattRoss =)
Nov 19 16:24:36 <cykros>	a few groups working separately towards the same goal is fine in my book though
Nov 19 16:24:39 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	k
Nov 19 16:24:45 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	i hear ya
Nov 19 16:24:45 <cykros>	as long as they don't get caught up on their differences with each other.
Nov 19 16:24:51 <Summit_Overflow>	Many thanks
Nov 19 16:24:53 <chronosome>	yep
Nov 19 16:24:54 <life_panels>	As a teacher I needed to allow each child their own developmental needs and goals, but we also had to learn as a group -co-operation isn't necessarily conforming.
Nov 19 16:25:03 <matt>	ok Summit_Overflow, someone will make sure your points are heard.
Nov 19 16:25:11 <cykros>	heh. we're really starting to all say the same thing :-)
Nov 19 16:25:11 <ArmyVet2008>	thanks
Nov 19 16:25:22 <ArmyVet2008>	YAY mic check
Nov 19 16:25:54 <Rich>	I need subtitles. Damn my congested ears.
Nov 19 16:25:55 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	i love mic check
Nov 19 16:25:56 <ArmyVet2008>	please speak of my experience in Iraq 
Nov 19 16:26:08 <KevinInfoTent>	mic check
Nov 19 16:26:11 <ArmyVet2008>	the people need to know this is what our govt is doing
Nov 19 16:26:33 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	hey OBcamp1
Nov 19 16:26:33 <chronosome>	Too true, Cy. I have to restart my browser -- brb
Nov 19 16:26:38 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	who is typing?
Nov 19 16:26:39 <baital>	Yay Safe Spaces
Nov 19 16:26:43 <ArmyVet2008>	heh heh
Nov 19 16:26:49 <KevinInfoTent>	is it worth it to drop in late? I can arrive at 5pm
Nov 19 16:26:58 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	hey Kevin
Nov 19 16:27:02 <ArmyVet2008>	Im not leaving lol
Nov 19 16:27:04 <life_panels>	If only those on the outside looking in were as intelligent as the members of Occupy we'd be much closer to accomplishment
Nov 19 16:27:05 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	it is a full house over here
Nov 19 16:27:14 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	and we have an overlflow crowd as well
Nov 19 16:27:17 <ArmyVet2008>	I so wish I could be there
Nov 19 16:27:21 <baital>	Wasn't there a Diversity WG?
Nov 19 16:27:33 <life_panels>	Are they in a building?
Nov 19 16:27:47 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	yea, i believe
Nov 19 16:27:47 <ArmyVet2008>	LYNN
Nov 19 16:28:33 <ArmyVet2008>	You are reaching middle America, we just need a single Idea to stand behind, we need a sort of Magna Charta
Nov 19 16:29:03 <life_panels>	 ArmyVet2008 yup!
Nov 19 16:29:22 <chronosome>	I'm not sure if this is the place to recommend lit, but: "The Shock Doctrine' by Naomi Klein. And while I'm at it, "No Logo".
Nov 19 16:29:37 <KevinInfoTent>	Matt: so not worth going down at 5pm?
Nov 19 16:29:43 <Summit_Overflow>	How long till the next harvest?
Nov 19 16:29:45 <life_panels>	Love Naomi Klein!
Nov 19 16:30:01 <chronosome>	life_panels: *fist bump*
Nov 19 16:31:16 <Eli_Cohen>	so, to reiterate, the quesiton is "what do we do to bring Occupy Boston to the 'next level'"?
Nov 19 16:31:44 <ArmyVet2008>	the best tactic is mass numers
Nov 19 16:31:44 <Eli_Cohen>	the group speaking into the mic is talking about defining what we mean by "violence" and "non-violence". I like that thought, but I want to hear others
Nov 19 16:31:44 <cykros>	the idea of working class folks being represented much at the camp is hard to begin with...most working class people don't have the time or ability to go camp, or even spend much time out in a park. we have some...but yea...
Nov 19 16:31:47 <chronosome>	What is the "the next level"? Growth? I believe its community outreach
Nov 19 16:31:51 <life_panels>	Non violence as in Ghandi non violence?
Nov 19 16:31:58 <cykros>	hell, i'm working class, but i only work 3 days a week, which is really the only reason i get out as much as i do.
Nov 19 16:32:12 <ArmyVet2008>	why not put out an ad campaign?
Nov 19 16:32:24 <chronosome>	How about getting the idea out of a "part-time" occupier?
Nov 19 16:32:27 <chronosome>	i'm one.
Nov 19 16:32:37 <life_panels>	ArmyVet2008:  Yes! I love the commercial done by OWS
Nov 19 16:32:41 <cykros>	that, and i don't have a kid, my significant other is at work most of the time i'm out at camp, etc. it can get damn near impossible for a lot of people to ever get out to Dewey.
Nov 19 16:32:56 <cykros>	i know long time active anarchists in the area who haven't even gotten out for such reasons.
Nov 19 16:33:04 <baital>	I've gone down to Dewey twice and didn't really know what to do
Nov 19 16:33:16 <cykros>	baital: that, on the other hand, is something we can work on
Nov 19 16:33:21 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	hey KevinInfoTent, did you get the place cleaned up?
Nov 19 16:33:35 <chronosome>	Baital -- that's a great point.
Nov 19 16:33:48 <chronosome>	Should there be "greeters" at Dewey?
Nov 19 16:33:51 <life_panels>	I'm disabled and can't drive but the wifi era is upon us to allow for communication in the most universal way!
Nov 19 16:33:53 <cykros>	people shouldn't show up and feel like they're out of the loop because people are just sitting in groups of people they know and not really engaging new folks. which is hard, because we have no way to know someone is new.
Nov 19 16:34:03 <baital>	I don't like to make excuses for myself, but I am a little shy and didn't really know how to break the ice
Nov 19 16:34:14 <ArmyVet2008>	I say we need billboards with the occupy website
Nov 19 16:34:16 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	I use to be shy
Nov 19 16:34:24 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	Im not as shy anymore
Nov 19 16:34:25 <Summit_Overflow>	Matt how long till harvest?
Nov 19 16:34:28 <cykros>	i mean, i talk to anyone when the opportunity presents itself...but that probably doesn't include people too shy to come up and start talking
Nov 19 16:34:28 <life_panels>	Billboards ! YES!
Nov 19 16:34:35 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	probbale 10 mins
Nov 19 16:34:37 <chronosome>	Life -- I'm with you. I can't make it out too often. I have MS, but the internet's a beautiful thing.
Nov 19 16:34:44 <matt>	It seems to be coming closer Summit_Overflow.  It was 15 minutes from when she said "In 15 minutes from now…" :)
Nov 19 16:34:53 <Summit_Overflow>	Haha cool
Nov 19 16:34:53 <baital>	I'd love to see "Greeters"!
Nov 19 16:34:54 <smant^>	Summit_Overflow hi
Nov 19 16:34:59 <cykros>	idk...maybe a certain time of day for orientation (or dis-orientation :-P) for new folks, with perhaps tours, etc
Nov 19 16:35:00 <Summit_Overflow>	Hi smant how are you?
Nov 19 16:35:01 <ArmyVet2008>	Also I love the mobile projectors, we can also rent trucks with mobile billboards
Nov 19 16:35:04 <baital>	Co-opt WalMart tactics :)
Nov 19 16:35:07 <smant^>	good
Nov 19 16:35:12 <smant^>	George?
Nov 19 16:35:14 <chronosome>	haha...it's a thought
Nov 19 16:35:14 <cykros>	active greeters...
Nov 19 16:35:16 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	Id love to occupy Wal-Mart
Nov 19 16:35:18 <Summit_Overflow>	Yep =)
Nov 19 16:35:23 <smant^>	hi
Nov 19 16:35:25 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	dont they already have tents set up?
Nov 19 16:35:27 <cykros>	shit, i might start doing the greeter thing...
Nov 19 16:35:30 <Summit_Overflow>	I was planning to participate and then the Overflow happened haha, who are you?
Nov 19 16:35:37 <smant^>	I'm watching you Summit_Overflow
Nov 19 16:35:42 <ArmyVet2008>	OH Man we occupy walmart Im so there, they killed my home town in West Virginia
Nov 19 16:35:49 <baital>	A big sign that says "Are you new? Start here!"
Nov 19 16:35:53 <cykros>	though, i suppose i probably look moderately intimidating to people with the all black i always wear....and sorry, those are the clothes i wear to work too...it's my whole wardrobe :-P
Nov 19 16:35:56 <life_panels>	chronosome: Agreed! Ive been able to donat a little money and sent in the hats and blankets and I try to keep up with OB and post info over the net
Nov 19 16:35:58 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	i think i just made feed eating a pear
Nov 19 16:36:24 <cykros>	baital: that is actually a very good idea
Nov 19 16:36:30 <cykros>	it could go right by the info tent
Nov 19 16:36:38 <ArmyVet2008>	Or a billboard that says, Do you think it's wrong to pay people to kill Americans, we do to..... occupyboston.org
Nov 19 16:36:38 <baital>	I remember seeing a sign that said "Here's *stuff* we need"
Nov 19 16:36:50 <chronosome>	I dig the talk here. brb all
Nov 19 16:36:51 <Summit_Overflow>	I will watch you too smant^ haha
Nov 19 16:36:51 <baital>	but I don't remember seeing one that said "Here's *skills* we need"
Nov 19 16:36:52 <cykros>	i've just noticed the info tent, for all it's success in being in a good location, having stuff, etc, could definitely be improved as a greeting point
Nov 19 16:37:06 <life_panels>	Clothes or hair shouldn't matter! remember the 60's and HAIR!! lol!
Nov 19 16:37:06 <baital>	I don't have stuff, but I have skills
Nov 19 16:37:12 <cykros>	of course, meeting schedules being very public is also a big help in getting people involved
Nov 19 16:37:28 <Summit_Overflow>	matt FYI in the pad.riseup.net I'll put the new notes near the top.
Nov 19 16:37:28 <cykros>	because if you show up at camp, you might not know that there are all sorts of meetings every day
Nov 19 16:37:38 <ArmyVet2008>	I think more media, lets create our own entertainment news online
Nov 19 16:37:40 <chronosome>	I agree with Cykros.
Nov 19 16:37:47 <cykros>	we have a whiteboard, buti don't think it's been getting upkept as best as it should (might be lately, i haven't paid enough attention
Nov 19 16:37:53 <chronosome>	Had anyone with meetings gone out to "advertise"?
Nov 19 16:37:57 <cykros>	i know for awhile it was a miserable failure
Nov 19 16:38:16 <Summit_Overflow>	Hey hey, ho ho!
Nov 19 16:38:19 <Summit_Overflow>	We're the room that overflowed!
Nov 19 16:38:21 <chronosome>	Like, walk to the Common and back, telling folks about talks (e.g., FSU)?
Nov 19 16:38:22 <Summit_Overflow>	Ho ho, hey hey!
Nov 19 16:38:26 <cykros>	chronosome: i know with DA, it took us a little while to get on the official web calendar...idk how much our meetings get on the whiteboard calendar, but i know the web helped a lot in bringing people out
Nov 19 16:38:27 <ArmyVet2008>	I have been spreading word of mouth via internet in dozens of Veterans organizations
Nov 19 16:38:29 <Summit_Overflow>	Is the main room doing okay?
Nov 19 16:38:30 <cykros>	the volunteer emails help a lot too
Nov 19 16:38:32 <life_panels>	This is so incredibly organized. Those on the outside have no clue about how organized Occupy is.
Nov 19 16:38:42 <matt>	drop a link Summit_Overflow?  I've only got the paste bin one.
Nov 19 16:38:43 <ArmyVet2008>	no they do not
Nov 19 16:38:51 <chronosome>	Cy--no doubt about it.
Nov 19 16:39:08 <life_panels>	ArmyVet2008:  Thank you! I post a lot of info where ever I can too
Nov 19 16:39:12 <chronosome>	All, is there a way to "whisper" at someone? I'd hate to clog up the chat tube. :)
Nov 19 16:39:31 <Summit_Overflow>	Matt and Ross
Nov 19 16:39:34 <Eli_Cohen>	yep! / msg name message (but without htat space after the slash)
Nov 19 16:39:42 <Summit_Overflow>	we're going to try to listen to you all
Nov 19 16:39:48 <Summit_Overflow>	and then give you our report back live
Nov 19 16:39:52 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	k
Nov 19 16:39:57 <Summit_Overflow>	we will type FAST
Nov 19 16:39:58 <chronosome>	thanks, Eli
Nov 19 16:39:59 <Eli_Cohen>	or click their name on the right and "query"
Nov 19 16:40:02 <Summit_Overflow>	and limited points
Nov 19 16:40:10 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	ross you hear that?
Nov 19 16:40:19 <ross``>	Summit_Overflow: I don't see anything new on the pad
Nov 19 16:40:21 <Summit_Overflow>	IRC us if it's hard
Nov 19 16:40:27 <life_panels>	I adore just listening to these very intellligent people and their ideas!
Nov 19 16:40:27 <Summit_Overflow>	They're not up yet we'll do it live
Nov 19 16:40:49 <matt>	How will you do it live Summit_Overflow?  Do you have a phone here or something?
Nov 19 16:41:00 <Summit_Overflow>	No I mean we will type it realtime
Nov 19 16:41:03 <Summit_Overflow>	We will listen to your reportbacks
Nov 19 16:41:09 <Summit_Overflow>	Then quickly report back on our end and type it live into the pad
Nov 19 16:41:09 <chronosome>	brb'
Nov 19 16:41:10 <ArmyVet2008>	msg/ summit_overflow Please tell the crowd this, As a soldier in Iraq I lost faith in my Govt and thank the occupy movement for helping the little mans voice be heard, when I was in Iraq I witnessed civil affairs officers paying warlord sheiks that had killed americans and were attacking us millions of dollars not to attack us. So they turned their weapons on the civilians, this is not what I am defending, this is not 
Nov 19 16:41:12 <Summit_Overflow>	Is that okay?
Nov 19 16:41:13 <matt>	That sounds like a recipe for disaster, :)
Nov 19 16:41:40 <matt>	Ross will do the reading, it's his call, but remember you're 15 seconds behind at least.
Nov 19 16:41:49 <ArmyVet2008>	k
Nov 19 16:41:54 <Summit_Overflow>	Hmm
Nov 19 16:42:01 <cykros>	i think it's funny...people are talking about how to make gender/race/class invisible in discussions, and nobody has yet mentioned the benefit of online discussion :-P
Nov 19 16:42:06 <matt>	we're moving
Nov 19 16:42:06 <baital>	So...everyone at tongiht's GA?
Nov 19 16:42:07 <life_panels>	ArmyVet2008:  OMG! I'm so sorry you saw just like that!
Nov 19 16:42:24 <cykros>	i mean, sure, at this point, many of y'all know i'm a white guy. but it wouldn't be hard to get anonymous chats going as a method of perhaps getting ideas out
Nov 19 16:42:28 <cykros>	scheduled times, etc.
Nov 19 16:42:32 <ross``>	Summit_Overflow: it might be better to go ahead and put a few things up just in case.
Nov 19 16:42:43 <cykros>	might bring some interesting stuff to the table by literally making gender/race/class invisible.
Nov 19 16:43:05 <cykros>	well, maybe not class entirely, as there are certain language difference across classes that you can usually pick up on...
Nov 19 16:43:11 <cykros>	but, meh, it's a good start
Nov 19 16:43:53 <Eli_Cohen>	cykros, I understand the temptation to go in that direction, but colorblindness (or genderblindness, etc.) doesn't actually make everyone heard in practice
Nov 19 16:44:11 <life_panels>	Has anyone signed Dylan Ratigans "Get Money Out" initiative?
Nov 19 16:44:16 <Eli_Cohen>	unfortunately, in this society, we end up assuming people are white males until told otherwise
Nov 19 16:44:27 <Eli_Cohen>	in a totally anonymous chat room, especially
Nov 19 16:44:47 <Summit_Overflow>	matt check out the pad I'm going start typing when you all give the cue
Nov 19 16:44:51 <OccupyBoston746>	The goal needs to be inclusion or appreciate of diversity not colorblindness.
Nov 19 16:44:52 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	k
Nov 19 16:45:01 <Eli_Cohen>	exactly.
Nov 19 16:45:11 <Summit_Overflow>	Can you ask them to speak more clearly and loudly?
Nov 19 16:45:18 <Summit_Overflow>	matt can you ask people to speak more clearly and loudly?
Nov 19 16:45:21 <gbot|obsummit>	a chat room gives you the option o fpretending to be a white man, which can be helpful but it doesn't really promote "diversity"
Nov 19 16:45:29 <baital>	What Eli said
Nov 19 16:45:39 <Summit_Overflow>	there's also a lot of murmuring them
Nov 19 16:45:43 <matt>	Not easily.
Nov 19 16:45:57 <baital>	Also white males are culturally reinforced to believe it's okay for them to speak up all the time
Nov 19 16:46:01 <OccupyBoston746>	FYI:  I'm from this group called The Occupation Party which started out in OH ,but we've been working in concert with OWS and trying to build alliances with everyone.
Nov 19 16:46:10 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	i can try to make it known
Nov 19 16:46:12 <life_panels>	Our biggest problem is the money corruption in government. I think that should be a primary goal. 
Nov 19 16:46:24 <baital>	Whereas women, POC, and LGBTQ minorities are reinforced to stay silent
Nov 19 16:46:31 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	they are
Nov 19 16:47:09 <Eli_Cohen>	occupyboston746; I'm going to send you a private message; check the top of your IRC chat window for my name
Nov 19 16:47:11 <OccupyBoston746>	Agreed about money. 
Nov 19 16:47:11 <life_panels>	I'm a woman and I refuse to stay silent! ;) Not that society doesn't try to shut me up!
Nov 19 16:47:24 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	same here as a gay male
Nov 19 16:47:32 <OccupyBoston746>	I've never been able to stay shut up.  I'm a woman.  
Nov 19 16:47:36 <Summit_Overflow>	That's nice and loud
Nov 19 16:47:38 <Summit_Overflow>	Let us know when you're ready
Nov 19 16:47:55 <life_panels>	hehe! GOOD for you!
Nov 19 16:47:58 <baital>	I'm a woman and I'm inclined to stay silent, despite really not wanting to. It's been ground in to me that I shouldn't.
Nov 19 16:48:11 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	we are ready
Nov 19 16:48:14 <baital>	Occuptain Orientation tomorrow 11am?
Nov 19 16:48:14 <chronosome>	I want every kind of person bellowing in my white ear. ;)
Nov 19 16:48:20 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	correct
Nov 19 16:48:21 <baital>	Did I hear that correctly?
Nov 19 16:48:30 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	yes
Nov 19 16:48:45 <Summit_Overflow>	* Neighborhood assemblies like in Spain
Nov 19 16:48:45 <baital>	Perfect.
Nov 19 16:48:45 <cykros>	eh, there's something to be said for the power of only saying things when it's very pertinent. people learn to tune out people who talk a lot. things can be made more poignant when said by someone who is quiet.
Nov 19 16:48:59 <life_panels>	baital: I hope you shout from the highest cloud everything you want to!
Nov 19 16:49:00 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	Angela is speaking
Nov 19 16:49:01 <ArmyVet2008>	I feel we should have an educational and welcoming for people who are in the greater boston area where people can get involved in local communities to spread the message
Nov 19 16:49:06 <Summit_Overflow>	* Build on our groups that we've already mobilized - students, unions, veterans, anti-war movement, to move toward national general strike
Nov 19 16:49:12 <life_panels>	I love mic check!
Nov 19 16:49:15 <cykros>	i think embracing diversity should include embracing introvertedness 
Nov 19 16:49:25 <Summit_Overflow>	* Bridge-building with people of different ethnicities
Nov 19 16:49:25 <baital>	ArmyVet2008: Sounds like it's happening tomorrow!
Nov 19 16:49:33 <chronosome>	AV -- so agreed.
Nov 19 16:49:34 <ArmyVet2008>	sweet
Nov 19 16:49:57 <cykros>	idk, i'm bad at not talking quickly and not giving people a chance to get a word in edgewise...not as bad as my girlfriend is about it, but it's definitely an issue
Nov 19 16:50:05 <Summit_Overflow>	* Narrow down what is attainable now and figure out long term through popular education
Nov 19 16:50:09 <Summit_Overflow>	* We need a multi-prong approach: hold current site as long as possible, look for permanent indoor sites for winter, and have spontaneous action and spread of smaller Occupations all over
Nov 19 16:50:11 <life_panels>	I have a tshirt store and made a mic check design and an "arrested yesterday, back today design
Nov 19 16:50:19 <cykros>	heh, my sister is like that too...we're all fairly good with sales, incidentally.
Nov 19 16:50:25 <Summit_Overflow>	* Effective broad communications of Occupy Boston's decision-making - invitations, meetings, etc.
Nov 19 16:50:44 <Summit_Overflow>	* Make case on basis of information and not just ideology - facts speak for themselves
Nov 19 16:51:05 <Summit_Overflow>	* Announe there's a trans awareness workshop tomorrow at 11 - Transgender Day of Remembrance tomorrow - PLEASE RESCHEDULE OCCUPATION ORIENTATION!
Nov 19 16:51:18 <ArmyVet2008>	Alot of veterans equate what the movement is doing is equal to the contential army, even they had people laughing at them and struggled through harsh winter
Nov 19 16:51:32 <Summit_Overflow>	* Cement relationships with Occupy the Hood and Ocupemos el Barrio and repair relationships * Community accountability process to address oppressive language and behavior in camp
Nov 19 16:51:36 <OccupyBoston746>	The Occupation Party is trying to gather all this together into a national presence.  We're convinced we need the energy of the Occupies--community to community--but we also need national change.
Nov 19 16:51:40 <life_panels>	cykros:  you know yourself-that's important!
Nov 19 16:51:41 <Occupy_463>	are there any events tomorrow?
Nov 19 16:52:24 <Summit_Overflow>	* Connections with other organizations that share our values for specific projects such as service projects,protest actions (e.g., foreclosure demonstrations) * Tell the story better * Assess what we've done * Simplify our message * Educate - pass things out at T stations, make newsletter and newsletters
Nov 19 16:52:51 <matt>	Summit_Overflow: Got one thing?
Nov 19 16:53:03 <Summit_Overflow>	Just one point ou mean?
Nov 19 16:53:11 <pulsar->	<Summit_Overflow> * Announe there's a trans awareness workshop tomorrow at 11 - Transgender Day
Nov 19 16:53:15 <matt>	Yep.
Nov 19 16:53:16 <pulsar->	you are doomed
Nov 19 16:53:20 <ArmyVet2008>	hey, we could go all Jehova Witness on them and do some door knocking.....
Nov 19 16:53:23 <baital>	<Summit_Overflow> * Announe there's a trans awareness workshop tomorrow at 11 - Transgender Day
Nov 19 16:53:33 <life_panels>	ArmyVet2008:  hehe!
Nov 19 16:53:36 <matt>	I'm not really sure what's going on Summit_Overflow, hard to keep track of this and listen locally and to live stream :)
Nov 19 16:53:38 <pulsar->	Occupy the Hood and Ocupemos el Barrio
Nov 19 16:53:46 <pulsar->	you are *seriously* doomed
Nov 19 16:53:52 <Summit_Overflow>	Do you see in the pad.riseup.net?
Nov 19 16:54:01 <life_panels>	who is doomed?
Nov 19 16:54:02 <chronosome>	What's "doom" -- huh?
Nov 19 16:54:06 <Summit_Overflow>	https://pad.riseup.net/p/summit_overfleow
Nov 19 16:54:06 <baital>	Can the Orientation NOT step on Trans Awareness Day event?
Nov 19 16:54:25 <ArmyVet2008>	ha ha we were doomed long ago, why you think we live in the hood? because we like it?
Nov 19 16:54:35 <matt>	The other matt just read your stuff, sorry.
Nov 19 16:54:39 <Summit_Overflow>	All good
Nov 19 16:54:42 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	yes, that was me
Nov 19 16:54:42 <matt>	That's the best we could do :)
Nov 19 16:54:45 <life_panels>	Are there plans to get to the core issue of money in government?
Nov 19 16:54:48 <matt>	Thanks obsummit-MediaMatt  :)
Nov 19 16:55:00 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	and i was really big into making sure you were heard as well
Nov 19 16:55:21 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	even if you arent hear physically, you should be heard
Nov 19 16:55:23 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	;)
Nov 19 16:55:24 <life_panels>	obsummit-MediaMatt: thank you!
Nov 19 16:55:27 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	no problem
Nov 19 16:55:45 <ArmyVet2008>	and that is why I am stading behind the movement, everyone gets a voice
Nov 19 16:56:01 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	great mic check there
Nov 19 16:56:20 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	occupying a home foreclosure of a police officers home who was being closed on
Nov 19 16:56:28 <life_panels>	MIC CHECK IS brilliant!
Nov 19 16:56:35 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	it is
Nov 19 16:56:43 <Summit_Overflow>	Matt and Matt did that work ago?
Nov 19 16:56:58 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	i didnt click link
Nov 19 16:57:51 <Summit_Overflow>	Did that work for us to listen to some of yours and then share ours?
Nov 19 16:57:57 *	ross`` is now known as ross`
Nov 19 16:58:01 <Eli_Cohen>	anyone know the name of the guy who just brought up co-ops?
Nov 19 16:58:13 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	mic check is powerful
Nov 19 16:58:15 <life_panels>	Summit_Overflow: Yes it did! Thank you!
Nov 19 16:58:16 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	indeed
Nov 19 16:58:34 <Summit_Overflow>	Thanks, because it was helpful for us to listen to what folks said too
Nov 19 16:58:37 <ArmyVet2008>	mic check powah!
Nov 19 16:58:57 *	ross is now known as remote-ross
Nov 19 16:59:05 *	ross` is now known as ross
Nov 19 16:59:05 <life_panels>	Just the "idea" of mic check is brilliant!
Nov 19 16:59:26 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	Im not a "community member", I am an "on site occupier"
Nov 19 16:59:29 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	ha!
Nov 19 16:59:48 <chronosome>	Yeah, but it's stepped on my plans of changing my name to Michael Check.
Nov 19 16:59:51 <chronosome>	:-P
Nov 19 16:59:58 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	haha
Nov 19 16:59:59 <ArmyVet2008>	lol
Nov 19 17:00:05 <life_panels>	Summit_Overflow:  That;s what integration and acceptance of all does poositively for a movement
Nov 19 17:00:39 <life_panels>	chronosome: lol!
Nov 19 17:00:59 <life_panels>	chronosome: copyright it!
Nov 19 17:01:04 <baital>	YAY 
Nov 19 17:01:15 <matt>	gbot|obsummit is the awesome sauce.
Nov 19 17:01:16 <baital>	Thank you whoever just mic checked
Nov 19 17:01:18 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	mic is going mobile
Nov 19 17:01:24 <ArmyVet2008>	heh heh
Nov 19 17:01:29 <ArmyVet2008>	power to the people
Nov 19 17:01:32 <life_panels>	going mobile?
Nov 19 17:01:46 <chronosome>	brb all
Nov 19 17:01:55 <life_panels>	ArmyVet2008:  Lennon lives!
Nov 19 17:02:30 <ArmyVet2008>	I just feel some John Lennon, Imagine running through me now
Nov 19 17:02:38 <life_panels>	chronosome: bathroom break?
Nov 19 17:02:47 <ArmyVet2008>	dunno
Nov 19 17:02:50 <matt>	no, breakout on the "what story do we want future generations to tell of the movement"
Nov 19 17:02:55 *	ross is now known as farmerbob
Nov 19 17:02:59 <Summit_Overflow>	Did you already breakout?
Nov 19 17:03:03 <life_panels>	ArmyVet2008:  I hear ya and feel ya!
Nov 19 17:03:24 <matt>	Summit_Overflow, yes.
Nov 19 17:03:39 <Summit_Overflow>	How long have you broke out for?
Nov 19 17:03:50 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	are all your coversations getting documented?
Nov 19 17:03:58 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	summit_overflow
Nov 19 17:04:04 <farmerbob>	last round at the summit
Nov 19 17:04:11 <farmerbob>	very lovely and lively crowd
Nov 19 17:05:32 <Summit_Overflow>	We don't have flipcharts in each group
Nov 19 17:05:40 <Summit_Overflow>	So we only have the large reportbacks which I'm documenting
Nov 19 17:05:46 <Summit_Overflow>	How long have you been on the fifth question,
Nov 19 17:05:49 <Summit_Overflow>	and how long are you going for?
Nov 19 17:05:56 <ArmyVet2008>	http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXt1cayx0hs good video to watch for history lesson
Nov 19 17:05:59 <farmerbob>	fifteen
Nov 19 17:06:01 <Eli_Cohen>	to sum up the story I want to hear in one paragraph: "For about thirty years, our economic situation got increasingly more and more unequal, until one day a group of people stood up and said "This system does not work for us any longer" then thousands of other people, who knew it all along but wasn't sure what to do, started conversations, banded together, scrapped that system, and created a new one that worked for all of us
Nov 19 17:06:05 <Eli_Cohen>	"
Nov 19 17:06:07 <farmerbob>	Summit_Overflow: fifteen minutes.
Nov 19 17:06:17 <life_panels>	Is Occupy going to try to find someone to run for a senate or representative politician?
Nov 19 17:06:17 <Summit_Overflow>	Fifteen more minutes?
Nov 19 17:06:49 <life_panels>	I mean, one that understands our movement and values
Nov 19 17:06:59 <gbot|obsummit>	+1 eli_cohen
Nov 19 17:07:09 <ArmyVet2008>	it's common sense, they are calling it a worldwide ressesion, well common sense tells us, thats not impossible unless we have been had, we are in the Midst of Plutocracy, and I do not feel Americans realize this
Nov 19 17:07:18 <baital>	+1 eli_cohen
Nov 19 17:07:41 <Summit_Overflow>	Hi matt and farmerbob
Nov 19 17:07:44 <Summit_Overflow>	Is it fifteen minutes total
Nov 19 17:07:46 <Summit_Overflow>	Or fifteen more minutes?
Nov 19 17:07:47 <life_panels>	ArmyVet2008:  it IS a world wide Plutocracy
Nov 19 17:07:48 <Summit_Overflow>	How many more minutes?
Nov 19 17:07:49 <Summit_Overflow>	Thanks.
Nov 19 17:08:04 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	like 10
Nov 19 17:08:06 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	or 7
Nov 19 17:08:14 <Summit_Overflow>	Thanks.
Nov 19 17:09:04 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	Robin is here
Nov 19 17:09:11 <Eli_Cohen>	life_panels: many feel that electing an Occupier to senate (or someone who speaks for us) is just too small of a goal
Nov 19 17:09:52 <Eli_Cohen>	as we change the society and politics through our movement, I'm confident congress will lean slightly more in our direction. But it's not a question of just getting the right person in office
Nov 19 17:10:04 <life_panels>	yup I understand that, but isn't government corruption the ultimate crime ?
Nov 19 17:10:11 <ArmyVet2008>	the Average American need to know that the federal reserve bank is exactly the type of bank the colonists went to war with the british during the first american revolution
Nov 19 17:10:53 <ArmyVet2008>	that the fractional banking scam is not a new thing and we have benn made fools of
Nov 19 17:11:09 <life_panels>	I know it won;t be easy, but I don't think congress gives a shit about this movement. FOX feeds that story
Nov 19 17:11:19 <Giovanni>	Oh shit.
Nov 19 17:11:27 <Giovanni>	Is t the "mediation" tonight?
Nov 19 17:11:30 <Giovanni>	*it
Nov 19 17:11:48 <chronosome>	Summit.
Nov 19 17:11:58 <ArmyVet2008>	Congress doesn't care until we get into the primarys, thats why I feel we need to Occupy The Debates, do a little mic check on national television
Nov 19 17:11:59 <chronosome>	http://www.occupyboston.org/2011/11/19/occupy-boston-summit-live/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter
Nov 19 17:12:20 <Giovanni>	Oh, I see. Cool.
Nov 19 17:12:27 <Giovanni>	When does it go until?
Nov 19 17:12:33 <Eli_Cohen>	6:00
Nov 19 17:12:33 <Giovanni>	Oh, six.
Nov 19 17:12:35 <Giovanni>	I see.
Nov 19 17:12:43 <chronosome>	Seems we're taking a short break. yep, 6
Nov 19 17:12:48 <Giovanni>	It's really cool we're getting neighboring building space.
Nov 19 17:12:52 <life_panels>	Yes, Mary whats her name of SEIU wants to bring as many occupiers to washington to OCCUPY CONGRESS!
Nov 19 17:13:00 <Giovanni>	I heard media has a space in a building now
Nov 19 17:13:01 <Giovanni>	??
Nov 19 17:13:24 <chronosome>	Oh, really -- didn't know that. Can anyone confirm?
Nov 19 17:13:37 <Eli_Cohen>	yep!
Nov 19 17:13:47 <chronosome>	Nice
Nov 19 17:13:50 <Giovanni>	Oh, wow! OK, I wasn't positive, myself.
Nov 19 17:13:51 <ArmyVet2008>	if you can get a date I can try and get as many vets I can down to DC
Nov 19 17:13:53 <Giovanni>	Where are they?
Nov 19 17:13:54 <life_panels>	ArmyVet2008:  mic check on national tv sounds awesome!
Nov 19 17:14:24 <Eli_Cohen>	don't remember, but I think it was approved by GA and posted to the website. I can dig around, but not right now.
Nov 19 17:14:40 <life_panels>	ArmyVet2008: Not sure of dat yet but I'll get a link for you if I can
Nov 19 17:14:42 <ArmyVet2008>	can we get on public broadcasting?
Nov 19 17:15:11 <Summit_Overflow>	matt and ross, let us know when you are ready
Nov 19 17:15:19 <Eli_Cohen>	They're renting a space for cheap from a local organization who supports us (might be E5? not sure.)
Nov 19 17:15:20 <Giovanni>	We need more diversity in the movement (more rich people, policemen, people that seem to be an exception to the "hippie/hipster/homeless/lazy" stereotype. But I think we can count on more people coming out int the spring.
Nov 19 17:15:26 <gbot|obsummit>	we need to take over the media - every successful revolution does it...
Nov 19 17:15:31 <Summit_Overflow>	We need to catch up but will send you points realtime again
Nov 19 17:15:36 <Giovanni>	I think it may be E5. That rings a bell.
Nov 19 17:15:52 <Summit_Overflow>	Probably about 10 main points or so (maybe with a little time lag)
Nov 19 17:15:55 <Summit_Overflow>	and then we'll do a little more talking on our side
Nov 19 17:16:07 <farmerbob>	Summit_Overflow: i think they're beginning to wind it down...no rush...
Nov 19 17:16:09 <life_panels>	She said so on The Ed SHOW THIS PAST WEEK
Nov 19 17:16:23 <life_panels>	FF
Nov 19 17:16:27 <Summit_Overflow>	Thanks farmerbob
Nov 19 17:16:37 <Summit_Overflow>	We started like 5-7 minutes late though
Nov 19 17:16:41 <Summit_Overflow>	on thist last question
Nov 19 17:16:54 <farmerbob>	Summit_Overflow: sure thing!
Nov 19 17:16:57 <Eli_Cohen>	anyway, we've been off-topic for the past few minutes: anyone want to throw out other thoughts on "what do we want the story future generations tell about this movement to be?"
Nov 19 17:16:57 <ArmyVet2008>	we need to see this through as long as people are willing
Nov 19 17:17:39 <chronosome>	This document's a fair summary of what's been discussed so far, Giovanni: https://pad.riseup.net/p/summit_overfleow (Thanks, Summit.)
Nov 19 17:17:47 <Giovanni>	Apparently there are *lots* of 99%, etc. posters in the Cast Member areas in Disney World it's really cool.
Nov 19 17:17:50 <ArmyVet2008>	I would like to leave them with the speech from JFK
Nov 19 17:17:53 <Giovanni>	I've seen a bunch of photos.
Nov 19 17:18:00 <Summit_Overflow>	The summit overfow is the only notes there though
Nov 19 17:18:04 <Summit_Overflow>	It doesn't have everyone else's!
Nov 19 17:18:14 <farmerbob>	Eli_Cohen: I submitted your comments...
Nov 19 17:18:22 <life_panels>	thanks for the link
Nov 19 17:18:23 <brandon>	gbot|obsummit: are you there?
Nov 19 17:18:33 <gbot|obsummit>	yes
Nov 19 17:18:39 <gbot|obsummit>	'sup
Nov 19 17:18:41 <Giovanni>	(Also, anyone know a way around security at Occupy Harvard?)
Nov 19 17:18:46 <brandon>	gbot|obsummit: PM, if you have the time
Nov 19 17:18:47 <Giovanni>	A way around Checkpoint Charlie?
Nov 19 17:19:13 <ArmyVet2008>	sewers
Nov 19 17:19:15 <Summit_Overflow>	farmerbob how close to harvest?
Nov 19 17:19:17 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	2 mins Summit_Overflow
Nov 19 17:19:23 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	then its harvast time
Nov 19 17:19:26 <Summit_Overflow>	Thank you obsummit-MediaMatt
Nov 19 17:19:38 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	np
Nov 19 17:19:49 <Summit_Overflow>	Y'all are bringing out the tech nerd in me haha
Nov 19 17:20:05 <Summit_Overflow>	I haven't touched IRC ever really, I've been focusing more on the community organizing front of things...
Nov 19 17:20:11 <Summit_Overflow>	Is there a GA tonight?
Nov 19 17:20:23 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	i like some tech nerd in me
Nov 19 17:20:25 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	yes
Nov 19 17:20:29 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	7pm
Nov 19 17:20:31 <Summit_Overflow>	Also did folks get the message about Trans Day of Remembrance tomorrow and the 11:00 conflict with Orientation?
Nov 19 17:20:36 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	yes
Nov 19 17:20:39 <Summit_Overflow>	Thanks.
Nov 19 17:20:48 <Summit_Overflow>	If it's schedule for a different time can you let us kno?
Nov 19 17:20:51 <Summit_Overflow>	*know
Nov 19 17:20:58 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	ill do my best
Nov 19 17:21:14 <ArmyVet2008>	i honestly feel what needs to be said was said 40 years ago.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhZk8ronces&feature=fvsr
Nov 19 17:21:44 <matt>	No one seemed to offer a new timeslot but everyone heard it and cheered the idea of not having them overlap Summit_Overflow 
Nov 19 17:21:51 <Summit_Overflow>	matt Thanks
Nov 19 17:22:13 <ArmyVet2008>	nice
Nov 19 17:22:27 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	mic check
Nov 19 17:22:31 <OccupyBoston754>	Good evening, Occupy Boston
Nov 19 17:22:37 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	hello
Nov 19 17:23:06 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	feel free to harvast
Nov 19 17:24:01 *	farmerbob is now known as ross
Nov 19 17:24:16 <chronosome>	Well, this was a great chat all, now I've got to head out. I hope to see lots of you at Dewey and around the city. Peace.
Nov 19 17:24:19 <life_panels>	ArmyVet2008:  thanks for that Kennedy link
Nov 19 17:24:29 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	this rice and mashed potatoe is amazing after not eating all day
Nov 19 17:24:40 <life_panels>	chronosome: take care and solidarity!
Nov 19 17:24:46 <ArmyVet2008>	everyione should hear that, it resounds true now as it did then
Nov 19 17:25:03 <ArmyVet2008>	later chronos
Nov 19 17:25:07 <Giovanni>	Get more people from Chinatown involved!
Nov 19 17:25:22 <life_panels>	it does! openness in a free society is important
Nov 19 17:25:31 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	im ready to share if you are Summit_Overflow
Nov 19 17:26:01 <Giovanni>	We have an outreach department, right?
Nov 19 17:26:11 <OccupyBoston754>	I am really from Occupy Charleston in SC. We are small, but active. Our Direct Action group Mic Check Michelle Bachmann about a week ago.  We are growing every week.
Nov 19 17:26:12 <Summit_Overflow>	It's coming live!
Nov 19 17:26:31 <ArmyVet2008>	nice
Nov 19 17:26:42 <life_panels>	gotta go, folks! the family is howling for food! Take czare everyone!
Nov 19 17:26:43 <smant^>	Summit_Overflow I'm watching you
Nov 19 17:26:45 <Summit_Overflow>	Y'all getting them?
Nov 19 17:26:51 <Summit_Overflow>	Me too smant^
Nov 19 17:27:07 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	im not watching summit overflow
Nov 19 17:27:10 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	so i dunno
Nov 19 17:27:15 <ross>	yeah gottem
Nov 19 17:27:18 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	but someone is looking for stuff here
Nov 19 17:27:20 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	k
Nov 19 17:27:21 <Summit_Overflow>	Thanks ross
Nov 19 17:27:31 <matt>	Congrats OccupyBoston754!
Nov 19 17:27:32 <ArmyVet2008>	mic check
Nov 19 17:28:00 <Giovanni>	I live in Brighton; biking home from work (Cambridge), I noticed "OCCUPY BOSTON" stencil spraypainted onto a bridge in Allston that crosses over I-90.
Nov 19 17:28:01 <smant^>	hehehehe stalker
Nov 19 17:28:07 <OccupyBoston754>	Any plans for a march on Washington DC?
Nov 19 17:28:27 <OccupyBoston746>	Have good dinners and a safe night, people. :)
Nov 19 17:28:45 *	OBcamp is now known as bookoftigger
Nov 19 17:29:00 <bookoftigger>	is anyone at the summit?
Nov 19 17:29:22 <ross>	there are tons of people at the summit.
Nov 19 17:29:42 <bookoftigger>	i meant in the chatroom
Nov 19 17:30:06 <Giovanni>	Is Occupy Boston still accepting clothing donations?
Nov 19 17:30:11 <Eli_Cohen>	bookoftigger, there's a couple poeple relaying information
Nov 19 17:30:18 <Giovanni>	I am getting rid of a bunch of jeans and a few pants.
Nov 19 17:30:18 <bookoftigger>	ok 
Nov 19 17:30:21 <lovecrime|mobile>	Bookoftigger: im at the summit
Nov 19 17:30:31 <bookoftigger>	whats your name?
Nov 19 17:30:43 <lovecrime|mobile>	Jared
Nov 19 17:31:25 <ArmyVet2008>	I think that we should be helping our fellow person, if we know someone with need and others have, help, we are a community of peaceful souls and we can lead by example
Nov 19 17:31:46 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	ross has it Summit_Overflow
Nov 19 17:32:26 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	Jared is a cool name
Nov 19 17:33:28 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	on air overflow
Nov 19 17:33:30 <matt>	Ross starts talking overflow.
Nov 19 17:34:13 <smant^>	you're sooooooooo good at speaking Ross!
Nov 19 17:34:19 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	woooo
Nov 19 17:34:25 <Summit_Overflow>	We love the sound of your voice reading our stories.
Nov 19 17:34:25 <Summit_Overflow>	Haha
Nov 19 17:34:28 <matt>	Spoiler: He gets a big whoop!
Nov 19 17:34:33 <ArmyVet2008>	nice
Nov 19 17:35:25 <ross>	:-)
Nov 19 17:35:58 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	Ive got so many e-mails when I get back to camp
Nov 19 17:38:06 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	The revolution has lots and lots of meetings and e-mails... just saying
Nov 19 17:38:53 <lovecrime|mobile>	Yeah no kidding. Revolution is super tiring.
Nov 19 17:39:07 <Summit_Overflow>	Who should I e-mail notes too?
Nov 19 17:39:36 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	It is super tiring.
Nov 19 17:39:41 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	and its wonderful.
Nov 19 17:39:46 <matt>	Heh, I like this.  You are not just agreeing but committing to do.  That's what "+1" means in many orgs, like Apache, IETF, etc.
Nov 19 17:40:10 <ArmyVet2008>	from the Veterans network in Afghanistan to the Occupy Movement in hearing of the summit, " People 1- 1% PWNED
Nov 19 17:40:31 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	Making a commitment can be really good.
Nov 19 17:40:51 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	so I try to procrastinate things that wont hurt the revoution
Nov 19 17:40:56 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	Eden is speaking
Nov 19 17:41:02 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	she is so nice
Nov 19 17:41:05 <ArmyVet2008>	Solidarity from Bahgram
Nov 19 17:41:50 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	Ga particpation, whoop whoop!
Nov 19 17:42:52 <Summit_Overflow>	obsummit-MediaMatt matt and ross do you know where to send notes?
Nov 19 17:43:21 <ross>	Summit_Overflow: I think you've already done that on the etherpad....we'll take care of it from there.
Nov 19 17:43:35 <Summit_Overflow>	ross: Got it cool
Nov 19 17:43:52 <Summit_Overflow>	obsummit-MediaMatt matt ross and farmerbob: Thank you a lot for all your help tday
Nov 19 17:43:53 <Summit_Overflow>	*today
Nov 19 17:44:02 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	no problem Summit_Overflow
Nov 19 17:44:09 <ross>	glad to be here
Nov 19 17:44:10 <Summit_Overflow>	Meant a lot to be able to keep everyone helped involved, we were a little sad at first when we thought people couldn't participate
Nov 19 17:44:18 *	ross is now known as farmerbob
Nov 19 17:44:19 <Summit_Overflow>	And then we got the new room and everything worked out =)
Nov 19 17:44:24 <farmerbob>	me too!
Nov 19 17:44:28 *	farmerbob is now known as ross
Nov 19 17:44:28 <Summit_Overflow>	ros you're cheating
Nov 19 17:44:30 <matt>	Sorry couldn't be of more help Summit_Overflow.  My brain is shutting down trying to listen to reality lagged 15 seconds.
Nov 19 17:45:00 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	when I get out of here, I am getting some tea
Nov 19 17:45:25 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	need to relax after all these meetings
Nov 19 17:45:27 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	haha
Nov 19 17:46:01 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	Synergy is an awesome word
Nov 19 17:46:16 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	I first read about in "7 basic habits of highly effective people"
Nov 19 17:48:19 <ywwg>	ohhhh way to start listening 10 minutes before the end.  go me.
Nov 19 17:48:29 <Eli_Cohen>	hehe
Nov 19 17:50:11 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	I think this was an amazing summit
Nov 19 17:50:16 <obsummit-MediaMatt>	I am so energized
Nov 19 17:54:54 <Eli_Cohen>	thank you, voice in the mic!
Nov 19 17:56:05 <ArmyVet2008>	Im pumped now heh heh
Nov 19 17:56:33 <Eli_Cohen>	mediamatt: thanks for all your work!
Nov 19 18:02:52 *	obsummit-MediaMatt is now known as obsummit1
Nov 19 18:03:02 <obsummit1>	rawr
Nov 19 18:03:03 <obsummit1>	george
Nov 19 18:03:05 <obsummit1>	where are you
Nov 19 18:03:06 <obsummit1>	rawrrrr
Nov 19 18:03:09 <obsummit1>	I dont see you anymore
Nov 19 18:03:31 <obsummit1>	later people.