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Welcome, to the Occupy News Network Working Group! Please be patient as this wiki is being developed as a work in progress that will continually change and adapt to the needs of occupy, and the 99%. Our purpose is to start and operate a 24 hour streaming news network on behalf of OccupyBoston, for the benefit of all occupies, and all the 99%. This effort will be in collaboration with other WG's and Occupies to bring forward news and information to all occupies and the entire 99%

We are currently meeting informally at thursday GA's. Thank you all for your patience, contributions, and support.

Local News Resources

A list of currently participating Occupations.

Location Media Type Contact
Occupy Atlanta
Occupy Boston
  • radio
  • livestream
  • radio@occupyboston.org
  • live@lists.occupyboston.org
Occupy Oakland
Occupy LA
Occupy Wall Street

If your Occupation is not on this list and your media working group has media footage they would like to share please contact us.

Immediate Goals

  • Setting up a meeting scedule
  • Assistng in the search for an appropriate location for ONN
  • To begin efforts in fundraising, and aquiring donated materials neccessary to effectively accomplish the goals of ONN
  • To establish Mailing List
  • To establish Bulletin Board


  • 24/7 coverage of the movement's activities
  • Broadcast and report on feeds from around the world
  • Syndicate radio and video streams from other Occupies in exchange for reciprocation
  • To assist in building a studio, from which OBradio, OBTV, Livestream, the Occupier, Occupy News Network and other Working Groups can benefit from in electronic media production.




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