Occupy Strategic Planning, Meeting Notes, June 10, 2013

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During this call we did an exercise regarding values we individually believe are important when interacting in a group.

Homework to be complete before next weeks call Homework from June 10th call

Question raised about values: Haven't figured out what to do when there are conflicting values.

Aria: These rules come from the center on non-violent communication: No putdowns – If you don't have anything positive to say don't say anything I statements - Speak for yourself Making a framework and sticking with it

Michael: Integrity (tricky because only the individual knows whether they are integrity)

Cal: Ability to give and receive feedback - missing from Occupy Flexibility & Fluidity

Tara & Darin's Group Consistency Openness Agree on the deliverable a product Responsibility to the group Alignment on end products (agree on the product)

Dennis & Iwanka's Group Task oriented looking for goals If people want to be recognized before getting into the task it puts him off (emotional needs, responded to in certain ways) this creates a conflict with me