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We are part of a growing culture aligned with the principles of the Earth.

We will relocalize our economies and reconnect to our sources of food and life.  We will disconnect from the poisons of globalized, homogenized, corporate-controlled food supplies, take back our health and true wealth, and diminish corporate control over our lives in very real ways. 

We will help to create resilient, interdependent communities to meet the twin crises of climate change and peak oil. We seek to restore our connection to the Earth and her cycles.  We will start by Occupying the Farms and reclaiming the food supply for the 99%.

Urban gardens and rural farms will serve as both retreats and teachers for the broad network of occupiers and solutionaries who are currently hard at work; a chance to build community, take direct action, learn valuable skills and contribute to the Occupy movement.   We will support and build with existing land-based programs, projects and initiatives across the region, as well as create new ones.   These places will help to incubate and deploy new ideas and recover old wisdom.

First we need to connect with others who want to help make this happen.  We need everyone’s help, from aspiring farmers to grandmas to activists and everyone in between. 


Request to join the google group, here http://groups.google.com/group/occupy-the-farms/subscribe?note=1


[Urban Farm in Milwaukee feeds 10,000 people]

[3 minute video of what you can do with a half acre, grossing $50,000/year]

[This is the group that produced the 3 minute video above]

Occupy the Food Supply Chain



Boston Urban Farms

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[The Food Project] in Dorchester allied with the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative. Seed to Plate food chain, with children learning and growing the food that ends up on the plates at schools.

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[MetroPedal Power deliverying organics via bike]

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