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Optimistic Visions

The purpose of this page is to compile things we, as occupiers, would like to see in the world. This may (or may not) evolve into a set of Occupation demands or goals, but for now the primary idea is to generate a store of positive ideas that we can contemplate, share, and work to manifest. Please add your own. They can be small. The idea is to have a thousand of these things.

What would you like to see? Please add it here, and read others' visions too. This way we can all lend our mental faculties to making everyone's hopes and dreams a reality. What else are we here for? Will someone more familiar with economics please add some stuff about the Fed and the various taxation schemes and economic bills in congress right now? Be sure and state them as things that are actually happening. That helps the subconscious soak it in more deeply.

a secure and reliable voting system

Every voting district in the United States of America uses a standardized, open-source, open-design polling system that records all votes accurately and operates transparently. Through use of printed receipts and a whole truckload of really ingenious methods of encryption, distributed storage, etc, a system has been created such that any form of tampering or any vote totals that do not represent a sum of the actual votes taken, immediately displays a red flag which is visible to anyone interested. Perhaps similar to the bitcoin system, vote totals are stored in a distributed fashion which is impossible to hack without taking over at least 51% of the computers in the USA. World-renowned software security experts have tested and re-tested and designed and re-designed the system so that it is one of the most secure software systems in the history of mankind. The documentation of the system is also open-source and expanding. Even though some of the most esoteric computer science concepts are at use in its design, any child can understand its workings and why it's trustable, by reading the documentation which is layered to be accessible to any level of education.

no US wars

It's now 2015, and the USA has been in a state of peace and economic prosperity for 3 years. In early 2012 all US forces (except the Army Corps of Engineers) have pulled out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Veterans of the 9-year war are treated with the utmost respect and every form of medical and psychological treatment available to mankind is offered free of charge to them. Not only because they are veterans, but because they are US citizens and as such have access to free healthcare. Veterans are highly engaged in civilian and political life, forming a deeply war-skeptical government which has as its stated foreign policy goals to steadily seek reduction not just of nuclear arms, but of all weapons worldwide. Reparations and reconstruction taxes are levied on manufacturers of all weapons classes and much of this new revenue stream is being channeled to fund the Army Corps of Engineers which is steadily constructing millions of acres of solar panels and other infrastructure elements in the countries who have been without electricity, water, or freedom of movement for so many years.

healthy living at Occupy Boston

It's now November 10, 2011. After about a month of occupation, those who have been spending significant time at the occupation find they have better nutrient levels, are more in shape, and happier than ever due to awesome food, exercise, meditation, and of course the raw sense of involvement in the use of real power.

The Dignity of Work and of Workers

I start out with the observation that the market value of the 400 wealthiest individuals seem to be worth as much as 150 Million of the poorest Americans, which I find demeaning to the work and the contributions the 150 Million. The 150 Million work making businesses run. They study be better themselves and the rest of us (for which they make a considerable investment). To think that the contribution of 400 people can ever possibly make could ever come close to that of 150 Million is insane, but the market values the work of the 99% in precisely this way. My optimistic vision is about restoring the dignity, in the workplace and in society, of those who contribute with their daily labor. Never mind the economic arguments, which are compelling enough in themselves, the dignity of working people is a goal we all ought to share and insist upon as we proceed.

We have lives, goals and dreams for ourselves and our children. The well being of the 99% can only strengthen the society in which we live and cannot be measured by dollars alone. This needs to be celebrated and to be central in all we stand for. We should not be silent about this. We cannot let it be assumed that it is understood by others. We must be explicit, concrete and unrelenting.

Based on: optimistic visions at wikispaces