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The following is a copy of the document received from the Philadelphia Occupy National Gathering. Please respect it and leave it like it is. If you don't like it, please organize a group to coordinate a well thought out revision, or join the group at www.interoccupy.org.


A VISION FOR A DEMOCRATIC FUTURE: Work in progress, Occupy National Gathering Visioning Group


When the powers and practices of the prevailing society fail to support our fulfillment as equal participants in life, we the People need to proclaim our shared vision of the world yet to be and reaffirm the values that inform us.

We affirm the inherent worth, dignity, and potential of all existence and our profound connection to the web of all existence of which we are a part. Therefore, we are guided by a vision that includes:

A world where the water, air, and food are clean so that both our planet and its people may be healthy. Free education for all, so that information can be shared and used to benefit and enrich our society. A world without war, so that people of every culture and nation may be free to develop and learn from one another without the distortion and exclusion that results from seeing one another as enemies. A sustainable human society, where people are respected, valued, encouraged, and recognized as our first priority. A culture of direct democracy and universal participation, where political and social decisions are made in a transparent manner for the common good. Free universal physical and psychological healthcare, so that all people may be able to use their abilities and enjoy their lives as fully as possible. Economic equality, so that all people may have the opportunity to have sufficient material resources for their needs, free from exploitation by others. Freedom, so that all people may be empowered and included in the future we envision.

We recognize that each person is endowed with a unique perspective and potential that adds to the sum total of our world, and that by working together we achieve our vision.

We invite all to join us, contribute to it, and participate in it as we and it change and grow.


Since OWS began one year ago, many individual Occupy groups around the country have developed various statements or declarations of goals, issues, and actions. Some Occupy groups developed vision statements.

Recognizing the importance of an overall vision, the organizers of the Occupy National Gathering in Philadelphia in July of 2012 included a visioning process. Three days of teach-ins, workshops, and speak-outs on many topics vital to Occupy led up to Independence Day, when about 250 persons at the National Gathering participated in a group vision exercise that resulted in a 7 page list of vision elements.

Subsequent to the National Gathering, those interested in vision follow-up formed a work group. This group has developed the draft material being shared in hopes of engaging more persons in developing an Occupy Vision, obtaining valuable feedback, and moving forward towards a draft Vision Statement that can be shared broadly for Occupy consideration.

We welcome you to join the Occupy visioning experiment!


Illustrative Vision Categories that were derived from the National Gathering Visioning List. For the complete list, see the National Gathering Vision Hub Wiki at http://interoccupy.net/vision.

CLEAN AIR, WATER, FOOD: ENVIRONMENTAL Local food production, community gardens, permaculture agriculture access to real nourishing, non-chemical, non-GMO food food supply that is humane and natural environmental justice environmental awareness and respect healthier diets and lifestyles affordable healthy food clean water as a right end hunger connection to earth

FREE EDUCATION FOR ALL: CULTURAL all airwaves public end to intellectual property, such that there is free and open sharing of information free and open communications real education, free and equal, democratized universal access to data

NO WAR: PEACE AND SECURITY/POLITICAL peace, nonviolence, no war or death machines no military no need for violent conflict or guns no global us vs them nonviolence friendship, rather than strangership, as the default relationship among people mutual respect between cultures or trading nations nonviolent interpersonal and international conflict resolution world peace

SUSTAINABLE HUMAN SOCIETY: CULTURAL/ENVIRONMENTAL a world where basic needs are met all cultures respected equally people feel empowered, free, and unafraid a strong sense of community safety for everyone from domestic violence and fear all human life valued equally all decisions considered for seven generations in the future more humanity, compassion, kindness, and selflessness mutually beneficial relationship between humans, the earth, and its inhabitants acting with consideration for the community, world, and everything else

A CULTURE OF DIRECT DEMOCRACY: DEMOCRACY AND SOCIAL JUSTICE/POLITICAL no money in politics end two-party system local community control consensus based democracy just and fair legal system truth in journalism/illegal to lie minorities have power and voice (rule by diversity) no tax without representation a fair electoral system accountable government democratic process that works for all

FREE UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE: CULTURAL/ECONOMIC healthcare emphasizes preventative and alternative measures free healthcare (accessible and state of the art) full control of our own bodies, including shared ownership of the means of preventative healthcare free therapy and emotional/mental healthcare

ECONOMIC EQUALITY: VIBRANT AND SOUND ECONOMY/PROSPERITY localized economies no corporate personhood fairness and equality for all beings (including ecosystems, resources) banks and corporations required to act responsibly, answering to many, not few radicalized labor unions international corporate accountability fair trade and fair working conditions

FREEDOM: POLITICAL/CULTURAL freedom to live anywhere: no borders, no nations freedom of knowledge and press freedom of religion freedom of expression protected free equal access to opportunity derived from the Visioning Activities at the OCCUPY NATIONAL GATHERING Philadelphia, PA – July 2012