Pre GA Minutes Sep 27-29 2011

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Pre GA: Sept 27-29

Planning #3 - Thurs Sept 29 @ Encuentro 5

[task : summary]

Planning #2 - Wed Sept 28 @ Boston Commons

  1. Each group or individual can make whatever posters and flyers they want
  2. we will not disrupt the march on Friday and the occupation is to start at 6PM right after the march at the park
  3. we will not seek a permit from the police

Planning #1 - Tues Sept 27 @ Boston Commons

  1. The occupation is to begin on Friday the 30th and will take place in dewy sq
  2. Establish working groups:
    • Legal (Training, safety, and the law of the land)
    • Food (Everyone needs to eat)
    • Arts and Culture (Occupation can be boring – the entertainment committee!)
    • Outreach (Boots on the ground, flyers, and liaise with Boston communities and colleges)
    • Media (PR and media relations with news organizations – external. Social media and blogging – internal)
    • Medical (In case of emergency)
    • Logistics (Who, What, When, How)