Press Release Process

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At the media meeting 11/23, we decided that the press release process would look like this:

1. Joe thinks of an idea for a press release.

2. If Joe can write one, he drafts it up and becomes "A Writer" (go to Step 4)

3. If Joe can not write one, he posts the idea in the wiki page: Press_Release_Ideas

4. A Writer (perhaps Joe) drafts a press release (from list or new idea)

5. The writer posts the draft to the media-list looking for someone to copy-edit

6. The writer bugs the list til someone edits.

7. After editing, the writer asks one of the posters (people who post, see functional matrix) to post.

The bottom line is that if you write it, you get it posted.

If you're writing one and it's not going out that day, please add it to the wiki, so someone else doesn't start writing one on that topic...